K-actresses Shin Mina and Oh Na Ra Wear the Same Striking Yellow and Black Designer Dress the Same Week

Both women are beautiful as is so this one comes down to styling the entire package. Shin Mina attended a Roger Vivier event in Seoul wearing the brand’s new dress a dramatic mustard yellow with floral black patterns billowing dress. The same week actress Oh Na Ra donned the same dress for the press conference of new KBS drama 9.9 Billion Won Woman. I’m a Shin Mina fan but this round goes soundly to Oh Na Ra who belted her dress and went with chic pumps. Conversely Shin Mina let the dress drape around her and kinda bisected it with a black choker on her beck and black tights with rhinestone heels combo. It goes to show that even the same outfit styled differently really makes a visual difference.


K-actresses Shin Mina and Oh Na Ra Wear the Same Striking Yellow and Black Designer Dress the Same Week — 17 Comments

  1. the edgier look may be enhanced if the model is much taller & slimmer (like a stick). Mina looks pregnant in that dress without a belt. Sorry I don’t mean to be body shaming, I think her curvy body shape looks better with a belt to feminize the look, it can be a thin belt or even a silver chain for a younger look. just my opinion.

  2. I prefer Oh Nara’s, because I’m common, normal people. But to be honest, Jo Yeo Jeong’s outfit in photo above look more simple and it’s just so my style.

    • @diradio , agree Jo Yeo Jeong’s outfit , is more my style. I’m more into Inès de La Fressange style. But i appreciate to see some styles on others. Here , i’ll go for Oh Nara’s Diane von Furstenberg style.

  3. I preferred Shin Min-ah’s too. It’s more hip styling.
    Choker was fine too. Maybe what she should have done is to wear it with edgier boots. (like Blundstone’s or Dr Mart’s).

    The other one is very conventionally lady-like and Aunty-like. It is an aging look.

    • Aunty-like is ok with this dress. TBH younger girls won’t choose this dull yellow color, looking like a queen bee is not what the 20 year olds like to be. We like the brighter yellow, as bright as possible…. just saying. The more I look at this dress, the more ajumma it should belong. Again just my opinion… just ask yourself if you will spend money on this shade of yellow…

  4. I prefer ONR.
    Didn’t like SMA wearing the black stockings or the choker.
    In any case this type of outfit is more suitable for a more mature person.

  5. ONR since she owns the dress, tame it and make it classy. As much I like SMN, the dress overshadowed her. Clothes are for humans and not the reverse. Probably the latter is better for the brand she everyone will talk about the dress and forgets who wore it.

  6. Oh Nara rocked the dress! Looks like she wore the dress and did not let the dress wear her. Personally, I always prefer the classic, conventional look.

  7. Even me as an ahjumma would not have chosen this dress to wear. Yellow is a notoriously difficult colour to pull off for Asian females whether young/middle aged/old. I love SMN but her version got bogged down by the black leggings, diamante heels and too many accessories. Keep the choker but lose the gold necklace and hoop earrings. Less is more. In some western countries, old ladies wear black leggings with heels in winter. Whole look is a hot mess. I would have asked a dressmaker/seamstress to shorten the dress until above the knees like a baby doll dress. Pair off with black strappy high heels with no leggings. The puffy sleeves make it look 1950s. For Oh Nara version, it would be suitable for a World War 2, Elvis or vintage 50s themed party.

  8. If someone wants to see a celebrity who wore nicely a yellow outfit, see Gong Hyo jin at MBC drama awards in 2011 . If i’m not mistaken @Koala wrote a post back then.

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