Crash Landing on You with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Parachutes in with 6% Episode 1 Ratings

So the verdict is in and episode 1 of Crash Landing on You got a very respectful start with 6.074% AGB ratings nationwide. Less certain is whether the ratings will hold, or even better yet increase, because the drama is how shall I put it…..likely to be polarizing to modern viewers. I guarantee this drama will be straight up love it or hate it, no in between. It’s old-fashion Hallyu K-drama romance and chaebol tropes up the wazoo and cheesy dialogue that one will either be entertained by the throwback or write it off as a waste of air space. I personally enjoyed the first episode, to a degree, it’s not enough time with the leads to really like them as characters yet and the set up crosses the line into pure stupidity territory slightly. Leads Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are as promised very very good looking in the drama but their chemistry in two scenes together isn’t enough to generate an opinion. So far so good is all I have to say. Onwards to episode 2!


Crash Landing on You with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Parachutes in with 6% Episode 1 Ratings — 26 Comments

  1. First ep was okay. Seemed abit silly and over the top but I’m thinking the chemistry and comedy will be better in the next few eps. HB is hot in uniform!

  2. Color me surprised because I expected much higher numbers considering HB’s previous drama pulled in 7.5% and this had so much mediaplay. But I guess the North Korean setting put the local viewers off.

    • MOA had something different to offer. Whereas this one is really just coasting on the star power of both leads. So 6% is a respectable start. It might increase if the story holds up the audience’s interest.

  3. I watched the first episode and I’m not blown away by anything about the drama yet..will probably continue to watch and give it a chance. I’m not from South Korea, but do the local audience really like these NoKor-SoKor love storylines?

  4. I laughed all the way in ep2
    Getting good vibes
    I like SYJ – I think her comedic sense is good and although the character is a little silly, it doesn’t put me off. She’s cute
    And those swooning eyes Hyun bin directs at her – it’s good chemistry or they are definitely dating lol

  5. As batshit crazy as Episode 1 is, I totally enjoyed every second of it. It was a laugh riot and it holds true to not taking itself seriously with that absurd plot. I am surprised at how delightful I felt watching the premiere episode. I am so waiting for episode 2.

  6. I love the premiere episode. It was a laugh riot and am totally not expecting to enjoy it that much, despite how batshit crazy it is. Definitely looking fwd to episode 2.

  7. I don’t know why people think the crash was silly. Do you know she crashed at the DMZ but on the North Side? The width of the DMZ is only 4km, 2 km to the South Korea and 2 km to the North Korea from the demarcation line.

    Anyway, I love the first 2 episodes. Hyun Bin is really killing this type of character and SYJ is doing great hers. They have good chemistry. I think this drama’s going to be a massive hit.

  8. Spoilers ahead – don’ read beyond this point if you haven’t watched the show. I love the way the writer threw in the scandal trope first thing in the show just to troll us fans who have been fed the media-play since January this year. Then the gust of fate that blew SYJ into NK is just deliciously priceless. So much like Stephen Chow type of slapstick Kungfu Hustle comedy style, lol. Never laughed so hard in my life. The 2nd episode is much more subdued with lots of scenes featuring secondary characters in the village. I also like SYJ in her comedic elements although the crying is a bit too much considering how gung-ho and confident she was in the first episode. Thankfully she snapped out of it as the story progressed. It will get more interesting as Kim Jung Hyun enters NK along with the real fiancee.

  9. Chemistry is very good and very convincing….I would believe the rumors that they are dating 🙂 they look so good together.

    The drama is very silly..but he looks good in Uniform and Son Ye Jin still looks good

  10. I watch a drama either because of the leads or the story. And i just happen to love all cliches. So, i’ll surely stick with this one. Just glad that we have another romcom from Hyun Bin and with Son Ye Jin nonetheless. What can i ask for?

  11. I liked the first two eposodes, SYJs character is very likeable and human,we got to see her vulnerable side contrary to the spoilt, vain image she has and I love that. The little scene at the end of episode 2 was so reveiling and made me feel for her more. I don’t like where they are going with “they’ve met before” story line. Like can’t leads form connections without having had some sort of prior link

    • I loved it…nothing to not love. SYJ and HB have amazing chemistry and I enjoy how the story had many layers. SYJ isn’t just some spoiled rich girl and HB isn’t just a cold hearted soilder. We are getting to see a little bit more of each of them with each episode. The case is fantastic and really help to show how very different life is in each place but how the same underlying life concerns exist no matter where you live. Super excited for next week and glad to see the ratings going up up up!!!

  12. These type of dramas, it’s better to sit out until ep 8-10 to see if it’s truly with watching. How many shows have came out this year with the first batch of episodes being really good and then it disappoints? Too many. Darn it, way too many.
    It always starts interesting and then it sputters and leaks because the tires and engine were patched up with fillers rather than actual plots and an actual story to keep the car running smoothly.

  13. I was expecting this drama to be so fantastic but to my like it’s alright. I just can’t stand Son Ye Jin in comedy because she’s either bland or over the top just like in Personal Taste which really is hard to watch. This drama has everything from cheesy to cliche scenes. As if the writer try so hard to make viewer go head over heels for the main otp. I’ll wait to see how the next few episodes are like.

  14. @Laura Yes I want to wait until ep 8 to really get a feel and to enjoy the ride! Really happy that the writer is on track with this and the leads are bringing it. So cool!

    • @gingercrunch Lolz we shall sit in the sidelines together sipping on our boba drinks and allowing others to take the risk for us hahahaha

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