Second Episode of Crash Landing on You Rises in Ratings with More Interactions Between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

That this drama can get high ratings (for cable) despite the very problematic North Korean setting (during the current political climate) is a testament to the star power of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin as well as the public’s appetite for a traditional Hallyu romance. The second episode of Crash Landing on You rose in ratings to 6.845%, and if next week it breaks 7% then this is definitely a hit of the Memories of Alhambra/Boyfriend variety and not a flop of the Arthdal Chronicles level for tvN. I enjoyed the second episode, the drama is still easy to watch and entertaining enough, I’m not taking it seriously so see nothing glaring about the acting of both leads. I can’t say their chemistry is as insanely good as I was expecting given all that real life scandal hoopla, it’s just nice and good so far. The extent of the story is basically Son Ye Jin meets the love of her life who happens to be North Korean, and well who said fate isn’t a bitch lol.


Second Episode of Crash Landing on You Rises in Ratings with More Interactions Between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin — 15 Comments

  1. Watch both episodes and all I get from this drama is the milk of the Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin dating rumors and hype. The first 15th minutes of the story in episode 1 to the beginning of episode 2 where our otp negotiates were so Binjin love story. The writer really is doing his best to promote Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin dating rumors. This drama is so sugar coated that Im not buying its story line. I see so many recreations scenes of Hyun Bin dramas and MLFAS vibe all in one drama. Losing interest so hopefully the 3rd and 4th episodes can still keep me watching or else I might end up dropping it.

  2. It’s a pretty easy watch. I couldn’t get past the 3rd episode of Legend of the Blue Sea, this writer’s last work, so this one is working better so far for me. The drama has more of a comedic vibe these first two episodes than any kind of sexy romance so I’m fine with the chemistry level so far.

  3. It’s an easy watch, Rom com like these are perfect especially for this cold holiday season nothing heavy and an hour of laughs and the pretty. Everything is of good quality at the moment, nice cinematography, not bad directing, likeable heroine and Hyun Bin is looking darn good. It’s a good start for first 2 episodes. I hope we get a good one from these 2!

  4. After watching k dramas for 20 yrs, i lost interest the last 5 yrs. This yr i only watched Sky Castle and this drama is the only one i started after that for this yr cos u was damn bored. Watchable, dont love it, dont hate it.

  5. I was scared to give this drama a go because of all the media play and hyping of this drama, but I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it! It’s a very easy watch and it’s actually pretty funny and endearing! I can’t wait for ep 3!!! Ahhhhhh!

  6. The starting is alright and I love the cinematography. Somehow I don’t know why I don’t find it funny with excellent chemistry as everyone else. I’m actually glad I’m able to watch Son Ye Jin acting for once in a drama. I usually can’t stand her performance.

  7. It’s a fun drama and I’m looking for all the cohabitation tropes! At least there is a plot with the mystery about his brother’s death.

  8. I do love this drama. Though it’s too early to say because I said the same thing to Pretty Noona but lose interest midway, though, One Spring Night, by the same producers/writer, was really good.

    But seeing the amazing chemistry of the leads this early on, I think it’s gonna be a massive hit. **Fingers crossed**

  9. This drama really surprised me because I went into it expecting it to be dark and serious with North Korea being a premise. But, wow! I was quite surprised at how lighthearted it was. The funny lines cracked me up and all the hilarious little hijinks throughout the drama was really a breath of fresh air. I’m so excited for the next episodes!

    • I think there’s a misconception about the people North Korean and South Korean that they enemies. People forget that they are all Koreans that families are divided. Enemies are governments not people.

      If you go to the DMZ, you see ordinary citizens living there so they could feel nearer to their families left in the North.

  10. Why do you have to compare and brought up Arthdal Cronicles in negative way? AC is not a flop. If you like this drama then it should be about this drama, stop bringing AC. Netflix gained a lot of subscribers cause of AC so stop the nonsense flop statement.

  11. I really loving this. N i think some drama shouldnt be watched with high end critical analysis. Though i wished for serious dark themed drama but it is good si far. Son ye jin is on par with taehyeji as a stat

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