First Posters of Park Seo Joon in jTBC Drama Itaewon Class Looks Heartwarming and Uplifting

The first posters are out for January 2020 jTBC cable drama Itaewon Class and I love it! Male lead Park Seo Joon went back to his army days cropped haircut and traded his suits from Why Secretary Kim for his hardworking guy threads from Fight for My Way. Itaewon isn’t about school despite the class in the name, it centers around a group of optimistic and determined young folks looking to make their marks in the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul. Park Seo Joon’s character wants to open a nighttime restaurant and works hard to make his dreams come true. The drama is based on a popular webtoon and will be directed by the PD of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and costarring Kim Da Mi, Yoo Jae Myung, and Kwon Nara.


First Posters of Park Seo Joon in jTBC Drama Itaewon Class Looks Heartwarming and Uplifting — 22 Comments

  1. Park seo joon is a good actor. Both he and jung hae in did a smart move by joining army when they were just at end of teenage and started acting career later. Which is paying off, with good lead roles in dramas as well as movies. The have become cf kings in korea too, started as side characters and made it their way to top, This show looks quite good and will work in my opinion. Ilike both of them. so happy for them as they have become A list leading men!

    • Not sure I would call JHI an A lister yet, even if so he may be the last on the list…. he was depending on the Noonas in his last two dramas although he did better in the most recent one. Let’s see if he can hardcarry a drama with a rookie actress. And I think JHI is still weak in CFs. WHY did you have to drag JHI into this article? JDY also has completed MS and he is even younger.

      • Hey candy he is A list right now and his movie with kim go eun set records for romantic movie. Yesterday KOBACO RANKED HIM , THE korean official advertising body IN Top ten annual cf stars this year along with park seo joon which gives the top 10 endorsers. He was tied with jun ji hyun at number 5. Others were park bo gum jjh , iu , shk, kim yuna etc.. So yes he is in A list and going strong in cfs.. Which is big thing.I mentioned him because they rise to top at same time frame. Simple. Though park seo joon is ahead. I was talking about nearly same career trajectory. JDY is not there yet. He carried a movie with young actress. So he is capable of carrying drama too.

      • KGE is a bigger name than JHI in movie industry. Anyways I see this guy just always sucks on more famous actresses for their box office, still not convinced he can draw crowds on his own. PSH has more successful dramas and movies as male leads on his resume. I don’t see them at the same level at all. Just my opinion.

      • It’s obvious from you comments PSJ (PARK SEO JOON)
        in not you favorite actor.
        To each his own.

        HOWEVER why make comments at all when you know so little about PSJ (PARK SEO JOON)
        you do not know his name and INITIALS! LOL

        PSJ (PARK SEO JOON) does not need to rely on his female leads. As a matter of fact,
        Kim Ji Won (Fight For My Way) contacted HIM for guidance because FFMY was her first
        leading role.

        Park Min Young, said it was nice to work with an EQUAL in WWWSK. Both of then many
        times coming me with amusing adlibs.

        And by the way Kin Ji Won, is not a NOONA to PSJ. She is 27 he is 31. Go Ara is 29,
        so she is also not his NOONA.

        He may not be on the TOP of your list but is the TOP for many around the worlds.

      • @Zelon – I hope your comment is not directed at me!!! I hate people accusing me when obviously someone cannot read. Who called KJW or GA “noonas”, WHO?? Who does not know PSJ initial? WHO?? Did you see the *??

    • Tiani A list actors get cfs. So gong yoo who topped the list park bo gum song hye kyo jun ji hyun park seo joon iu are not A list actors? Then lets agree to disagree bcoz they all are A list actors in my opinion.

      • Then Suzy already A list actress since 2013? Amazing.
        I think if we calling someone A list actor, we need to depend to their projects not their cfs. JHI’s movie just reached 1 million admission, if he A list actor we will counted it as a failure. Imagine if LMH drama just reach 6% (average rating) just like OSN, I’m sure everyone will call it flop. But yeah its just my opinion.
        PSJ is A list actor tho, I’m agree about him. And of course, I’m waiting for this drama.

      • They are all popular but I don’t think they belong to the same level. Here’s the ranking system in South Korea :
        C-tier etc.

        SHK and JJH belong to the top tier but the others aren’t there yet despite their popularity.

      • Jung Hae In is not an A lister. I put him under rising star at best.He gets CFs as his rate is not expensive like Kang Daniel. The super A listers are very picky down to what they endorse. They don’t accept everything they are offered. The superstars of korean CF world remains as Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Hye Gyo, Gong Yoo, Won Bin, Hyun Bin. I also won’t group Park Seo Joon and him in same category.

      • Also – if GY rate is in 7 figures region and he does 5 ads a year. Another actors rates is in low 6 figures region and he does a gazillion. Of course he will rank in top 10.

  2. Why under all comments regarding young actors fans always fight each other to death regarding their status, roles, a-list, b-list, cf numbers, hallyu popularity and other bs. Who freaking cares. Not like any of their status make you more relevant or rich. Move on already you all. Here is your beautiful poster, here is your talented actor. I don’t know what else do you need and why you constantly make it about wars between actors. They all doing their own thing.
    Park Seo Joon is a bae, btw. Love him. Manly, yet still cute and very much loveable and always tries his best at acting.

    • K-industry is all about status. Year end awards and polls will show you the reality. In fact, all industries are the same, no one “can do their own thing” except if you work inside the house. Be real.

      • Let’s be real, actually no. All actors doing their own thing, the one who is putting them against each other fans. Because being behind “top dog” makes them fans feel special too. A winner. Because their “favorite” is the “big A-list”. When in truth industry is the big market, that can hold 10 actors and you don’t need to put them in prefect pyramid to simply acknowledge their abilities and achievements as actors.

      • Reality is the status of a celeb defines his/her worth (ie pay, salary, rate). It is too naive to think a celeb can just do their own thing. A celeb who has no fan has no net worth as well. Everything is interlinked.

      • I feel like I’m talking about rice cakes and you’re talking about beans. That’s how different from what I’m saying your comments. I’m talking about how room is big enough for 10 guys to have their own corner, you talking about how all those 10 guys must compete for one little place, when in truth, no they don’t need to and they actually don’t. Like you that or not, the fact is they all doing their own thing. None of them can be in all dramas and movies, that SK produces. Small or big. Each of them even have their own fans. But the one, who wants have only one top dog or put them into “perfect pyramids” people like you. Even industry insiders would view 10 successful actors as 10 successful actors, that they can hire for various roles.

      • Your rice cakes and bean theory does not apply to all the year end award shows we will be reading here. You are from Mars, aliens should not tell humans to “move on”. I am specifically referring to your original message. This playground is big enough to allow everyone to comment. Telling people to move on when you disagree actually does not fit into the general rule of this place and sounds quite rude. Let’s agree to disagree and let others voice their opinions.

  3. I’ll most likely kill the buzz but I liked PSJ in that 2013 drama Pots of Gold (watched this for Kim Ye Won) and then in Hwarang but I did not expect him to cameo in Parasite actually I totally forgot he had a part but he’s just one of those all time nice guys that I admire and like.

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