Lee Min Ho’s SBS Drama The King: Eternal Sovereign Likely to Air Opposite tvN Drama Secret Forest 2 with Jo Seung Woo

Talk about counter-programming lol! K-ent is reporting that Lee Min Ho‘s high profile SBS drama The King: Eternal Sovereign penned by mega hit maker Kim Eun Sook and costarring Kim Go Eun will now be pushed from a March 2020 airing to a July 2020 premiere to give it more time in post-production. That means it will likely air opposite anticipated tvN sequel drama to the critically acclaimed Secret Forest with Jo Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na. Secret Forest 2 is currently filming as well so the two dramas will both be pre-produced. I’m good with this match up since the viewers for the two dramas are likely very different demographics and won’t be interested in the other anyway.


Lee Min Ho’s SBS Drama The King: Eternal Sovereign Likely to Air Opposite tvN Drama Secret Forest 2 with Jo Seung Woo — 31 Comments

  1. I loved the first season so good i will watch both. Anyways both dramas will perform will if story line is good. The kings writer rarely gave any flop in years, and the hype of lmh conemeback, will be good. International rights will be sold out like usual as its lmh show and writer knows what sell in korea! Both dramas can do well. Kings target will be 20% like cameilla blooms which will be win for sbs whereas secret forest rating average was 4.6 % so anything over it will be win for tvn. Both can be successful at same time

    • I agree, Secret Forest is a cable drama so the expectations should not be the same as for The King. The first season was so freaking good though, I hope S2 lives up to it.

      Kim Eun Sook has never written a flop drama and while I criticise her plenty, I have to acknowledge she always casts leads with at least a baseline of acting ability, which The King has. Camellia’s success was incredible though, I don’t think anyone expected it to get 20 percent like that even though the writer’s previous drama was also a sleeper hit..

  2. Shin Hye Seon is in promo posters for Stranger 2? Maybe they ARE trying to compete for the fantasy audience, if they’ve resurrected her character.

  3. Both dramas can be successful. Secret forest rating average was 4.6 so they have to match that. Kings audience is different and lmh coneback with koreas biggest writer amd kim go eun after goblin is enough to start on good ratings. Even legend of blue sea wasnt that good but still had good ratings on sheer star power of leads. This drama has buggest writer in korea with hits like dots , mr sunshine. So it will be hit. Anything over 20% is blockbuster in todays time. Amd i think it will hit that for atleast couple of episodes. And production is spending so much budget because it will be sold out overseas on lmh stat power. His drama sell for high rates and recover budget nboz of his popularity overseas.

      • ? In my opinion, LMH basically carried all his dramas. He has been leading man basically since boys over flowers

      • I have watched his 3 dramas Boys over Flowers, City Hunter and Faith. He pretty much carried them himself. He’s been a leading man for more than 10 years so I think he has already proved himself alright.

      • So u think park shin hye carried heirs? Ok. He was star of that show.. He has hwo hit movies legend of blue sea was both jun ji hyun and him carryjng it. Boys over flowers was him carrying with go hye sun and that abuser.and the akount of money he brings from overseas sales is out of this world ajyways u can agree to disagree

      • @Sd – so u think LMH carried Personal Taste? Lol what a joke ?? His acting is sooooo bad in there that you might have forgotten.

      • Uh I think his acting is overhyped but you have to be living in another world to think he hasn’t been carrying his dramas from BOF onwards.

      • @ tiani Netlfix will pay big money to them. Sbs wont be selling this show cheaply to Netflix at all until they recover their budget. It is buggest drama next year and netflix knows hoe kucb crowd lmh show bring. In somr countries netflix dont broadcast shows. That will bring additional monry

    • He became popular because of Boys Over Flowers and Kim Hyun Joong was more popular than him back then as SS501 was still at their peak. Faith was carried mainly by Kim Hee Sun. In City Hunter, it was a co-billing with Park Min Young who’s been established much longer than him. He has never starred in anything nor co-starred with someone having lower profile than him.

      • Sorry mistyeyes we have agree to disagree. Park min was jot big draw when city hunters aired and it was lee min ho who was the draw and he made it hit pan asia. Kim hee sun career was not successful since laat 5 or 6 years . Yes lmh was bigger name. Park shin hye was not lee min ho level stat. It was LMH who had biggee profile. Only jun ji hyun is one who is on same level field when it comes to stat power. Next time if king becomes hit u will credit KGU i guess. But not lmh. But producers and top writer knows he is a big draw and raying magnet pan asia. The drama will be sold at higher rates because it has lmh. So yes lmh has carrried his dramas on his own. We have to agree to disagree

  4. At the very least KES new drama should get 15%-20% in nationwide ratings since it’s going to be compared to Heirs, LMH’s first KES drama.

  5. Rating is just a number these days. People ways of viewing have changed from tv to streaming. Unless the drama captures the older audience, tv rating of 20% is just a dream.

  6. You all delusional if you think KES drama would be anything, but a hit. It’s not even about LMH, the real deal here is KES, she makes dramas popular and she will be the biggest factor why The King will be another of her hits too. 20%? Easy. I expect 25-30% Maybe even more, since it’s public channel. People can curse her as much as they want and call her dramas cheesy and overrated, but she knows how to make hits and all those people inside just love to watch her works. Because her dramas usually not only big in SK, but also overseas too. That’s a simple fact.

    • True, KES dramas have been a hit since Lovers in Paris. But we will see how’s this drama gonna perform considering LMH has been away for quite a long time and though KGE became more popular because of Goblin but I don’t find her charismatic who someone who can pull rating. So basically, KES is relying on LMH and vice versa. But then money can make magic, if this drama has a huge budget on marketing and promotions, then… nothing to worry about rating. l

      • @mistyeyes just my opinion. After watched DOTS, GOBlIN, MS. I think KES always need to work with a great actor who CAN act. I’m sure KES is relying to KGE acting more than LMH, because She will take on two different roles, as detective and a criminal. Its not right, if You discredited her especially for this drama.
        Btw KGE other drama CITT was a rating hit.

    • @elyas It goes both ways. U think she cast some new actor and drama will be hit? No. It is combination of big star plus big writer which well sell the show domestically as well as overseas.
      Fact is she alsl needs an A list actoe to create the hype and initial ratings as well. All her dramas had A list actor and it payed off to both her and actor. Win win situayion for both. Ask her to cast a newbie. And drama wont even get sponsors because it would be risk. Star acyor and star writer bith r equally needed

  7. OFF of topic but ” The New York Times” has listed the best 30 international tv dramas of the decade and” strong woman Do Bong Soon” made it ! Sherlock, the Crown , Le bureau des légendes, Happy Valley,… Congrats .

    • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? It had a cute OTP and Park Bo Young was great but with that ‘humour’….best of the decade? Ahead of Secret Forest? (Which the NYT mentioned in 2017 as one of the year’s best dramas worldwide).

  8. Secret Forest is the same as Stranger, right? It’s one of my favorite kdrama of all times! The story, acting, script, directing etc was just amazing!! Can’t wait for SF2!

  9. Not crazy about LMH, but I’ll be the first to admit, he has starpower and carries his own dramas. He’s done that since BOF – good examples are City Hunter and Faith. And KES is a ratings magnets plus she DOES choose capable actors in her dramas. I’m just wondering if the chemistry between KGE and LMH will feel real or contrived? I disliked his last drama Legend of the Blue Sea and couldn’t feel anything between him and his co-star. I didn’t like his chemistry with PSH in Heirs either. Come to think of it, I think his best chemistry with his leading actresses were City Hunter (PMY) and Faith (KHS). My guess is with all KES dramas, curiousity will drive me to start watching and good acting & script will keep me engaged. Fingers crossed.

  10. LMH was never my pick for good actor but hell the boy is endearing, he seems nice, he acted fair enough, he pick good stories.

    Faith is my guilty pleasure of all time because of him.

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