Hwang Jung Eum’s Agency Warns of Legal Action Against Netizens for Plastic Surgery Comments

Honestly, the agency doth protest too much. If it wasn’t for Hwang Jung Eum‘s agency releasing a statement this week warning K-netizens to stop discussing and speculating about the actress having gotten more plastic surgery I wouldn’t even have checked out her new pictures. But a camera is a camera, just talking a picture and it’s hard to deny that Hwang Jung Eum looks different against. I only recognized her because the latest pictures are connected to articles about her agency wanting to stop netizen discussion on her face. I forever think one’s body one’s choice and plastic surgery is totally whatever someone wants. But sometimes it doesn’t look good, or goes overboard and then it’s hard to fault the public for having opinions on stars since they are in the limelight. Perhaps it’s simpler to admit to it and put an end to speculation.


Hwang Jung Eum’s Agency Warns of Legal Action Against Netizens for Plastic Surgery Comments — 49 Comments

  1. lol it is so obvious. You are a public figue and looks are part of your profession. People are going to talk about it. You look like a different person lmao

  2. I feel sad for celebrities that people say something about their looks. The pressure to keep the youthful look must be so heavy. The thing is, she lost so much weight and lost a little of her youth, of course she would look a little different.

  3. Can they really take legal action? I mean, doesn’t S. Korea have freedom of speech?
    She looks quite scary in these photos but I think it’s more from her being so skinny than it is from the plastic surgery.

  4. She looks the same. It’s just that she was always sporting short hair or bob.

    Now she has longer hair and she even ties her hear, making her face look smaller and sharper than usual.
    And she may have lots of weight too.

    • Throwing meanie comments is really you specialty. Why don’t you look at yourself? Compare how you look 5 years ago and look forward how you would look like 5 years from now. You would probably look like having plastic surgery gone wrong.

      • She has PS done. This is the truth. It is very common in SK. Do you really think a face like her with such thick makeup is all neutral? Why are you so defensive for her? Don’t take my comment as a personal attack even though you may have PS too. Accept that some actresses have PS and there is no need to be ashamed to admit the truth. PS is as common as getting your hair dyed, it is so obvious why lie about it?

      • There are some very famous K-actresses who look the same for 5, 10, 15 years and are A-list CF stars. Not everyone changes face every 5 years. I cannot understand why you have to defend for her. There are variety of people in k-industry, some are neutral some are man made. This is just the fact. I am only a drama watcher, I don’t need to inspect my face to compare with her.

      • @MistyEyes – I am not the only one who notice her obvious PS. Why do you pick on me specifically? I don’t really enjoy your reply and your attention. You telling me to “look at yourself” has already cross the line of being a commenter here. Please do not mix entertainment and real life especially when you are replying to me from now on.

      • Sadly your comments are the most judgmental amongst the bunch. If you are young and knows nothing about life that you can’t feel empathy, I can understand a little but still no excuse for you to say spiteful things online. It’s sad notice that maybe you don’t have guidance growing up. But if you are an adult, geezz, you must have lived a very insecure life and inferior upbringing.

        And, take time to re-read your comments. You are talking as if celebrities aren’t human beings and sound like it’s ok for you to say mean things about them. Tsk tsk tsk…

      • I don’t appreciate your advice. I never use any swear words nor any profanities. My honest opinions are always written this way. Like it or not, I am not going to change because I perceive you as a Bully always picking on my words. You are a Stranger to me so mind your own business. I don’t need any of your life lessons. This is a playground for all young and old regardless. You can interpret all you want and I don’t really care. I know what I am saying so I don’t need to reread. You teach you own children but not me please. You being old does not give you the right to talk down on younger people!! You must have lots of time to analyze others upbringing, but you cannot change me.

      • If throwing spiteful comments about others makes you happy and the definition of honesty to you, good luck!

      • thank you. Still it’s really none of your business on my conduct. You can dislike me but I don’t need to know. So you seriously don’t need to reply me from now on.

      • No no don’t ignore trash candy

        Trash needs to know they’re trash so that they don’t think they can say whatever they want without consequences.

      • @Kin – NO TEACHER in the world will teach children to label someone a trash. You need REFLECTION on yourself for your own comments!

    • I’m not going to comment on the rest because there seems to be some history behind this conversation that I am not privy to. However, the very first comment by Candycane might very well be true and I do not mean this as an insult towards Hwang Jung-eum in the least. Some procedures simply may require maintenance because they are not permanent, such as botox injections or lip injections. And right after procedure their effect might look was more pronounced than expected because it will take a bit time until the effect settles into the appearance that was sought for. A collegue of mine at work took lip injections and right after the operation her lips were REALLY huge and puffy and you could immediately tell she had had a plactic operation. Now that some time has passed her lips look just full and nice.

      I’ve personally never liked Hwang as an actor and it’s partly due to how she looks like; her face looks quite uncanny due to operations she’s had. However, in no way do I judge her because the pressure in the industry must be tramendously severe and honestly, I would guess that MOST Korean celebrities have had some operations done. Hwang has simply been unlucky in that hers are so visible compared to others (I’m saying unlucky because the obviousness of her operations puts her into the limelight – I am NOT saying she is unlucky in how she looks like. Yes, personally I do not like it, but that is strictly my personal opinion and in no way do I insinuate this is some general truth. I hope she herself is happy and that is the most important thing. I am certain that there are many people who find her beautiful and that is an excellent thing.)

      Another point, though, is that I am not against plastic surgery even in general. Heck, I would do it myself if I had the money. But just in general I strongly dislike this general judgy attitude towards plastic surgery (not talking about commenters here but public attitude) and find it really hypocritical. First, women are mostly valued by their looks and youthfullness but heaven forbid they go under the knife to achive/maintain those things they are almost solely valued for. Ugh. Not to mention, if a man invests into things men are generally valued for, he is applauded for it. But if a woman works hard and then invests into her looks, that is despised and condemned for it. I feel like men are fully allowed to better their position in life but women should just be content with that they were born with and that’s it.

      • @arawn

        Your points are all valid and I agree with them personally.

        I know you don’t have any knowledge of the past history but Candy cane on the other hand, she doesn’t actually care about sharing the truth more than maliciously attacking others. In recent posts on this blog regarding deaths of celebs that took their life, she would make so many tone deaf, callous comments of them. Her posts on incidents such as this are just heavy-handed fists of meanness and snark. Her comments often irks many commentators here, so it’s normal to see her get into a war with them. It’s not even a surprise.

      • @Kin – you are a troll. Talking about past history while this article has nothing to do with deaths. I can sue you for defamation!

      • Candy trash, please learn reading comprehension. I’m talking about previous topic posts, not this topic post. I was giving him/her a history of your past, how you tend to be so callous with your comments.

        Since you act like a kid, go enroll into school and learn how to read properly, and maybe learn some common decency while at it.

  5. Her eyes, they look a lot bigger, bulgier. Could she have a health issue such as hyperthyroidism? When your thyroids are over active, you lose weight easily, eyes protrude giving you bulgy eyes. Just a couple of symptoms of hyperthyroidism among a long list. Hope that isn’t the case.

  6. I googled her name found the pics before thought she’s pretty and compared it to the ones here and it’s obvious there has been ps done plus a splash of garish red lipstick accentuates her features however the eyes and nose are prominent. Now SK is the ps capital of the world to deny it especially if you’re a celebrity is skating on thin ice because netizens will definitely prove otherwise. How and why would her agency take legal action when she has changed her features. I prefer her before photos.

  7. I saw several of her selfies and imo, it’s the app Korean Instagram use, literally can make your eyes big and slim your jaw.

    She does have surgery in the past, just her recent pictures looks all different so I thought that she just using the app rather than a new surgery.

  8. I think one thing koreans have never come to terms with is how to age beautifully. Always trying to look 20s, but just landup looking bad, like Ms. Hwang. This looks terrible.

  9. It’s okay. Even men do PS now. Why pick on her, she isn’t the only actress who has undergone PS. If their job is to look good and especially in 1080P TV then I don’t see any problem with it.

  10. If you think she has been only getting harmless comments like she had work done and such speculations then boy oh boy you gotta be the most naive person on earth, thing got ugly hence they were forced to issue a statement saying they will be monitoring for malicious comments. She lost weight and maybe had a facelift, Its SK everybody and their mothers and grandmothers do it. But they really did gang up on her. Its not about admitting to it, its about people with no shred of decency, kindness and courage getting away with nasty behavior hiding behind a keyboard. You may not like her, but there’s a line of decency and respect, nobody gives you the right to cross it in the name of free speech. That is wrong no matter what.

  11. Maybe it was the auto filter on the camera? She looks different every time a new picture is posted. As for as PS, it is so prevalent in South Korea, so why would stars not be open about it.

  12. On Netflix there is her ‘Secret Love’ drama with Ji Sung and I purposely put the pic here up against her pic on screen and it is so clear she has had ps on her eyes especially and her nose too. If you’re saying it’s due to weight loss I’m sorry but your nose doesn’t lose flab unless it’s been chilled away at. Kim Ah Joong acknowledges that she had a major face overhaul however I prefer her pre ps anyway; Jessi has had her face done and openly admits to this; Suzy had her eyes done for sure. Now that they all look gorgeous though why is HJE agency intent on suing commentators who say she has had ps done? What’s the big deal?

  13. @mistyeyes

    It’s tough trying to reason with preteen @candycane.
    She’s bonafide trash with little sense of empathy. Mostly likely she’s a robot made out of trash, that would explain her lack of compassion in numerous of posts.

  14. I don’t see you with much respect and empathy for calling me as a robot. Both you and @MistyEyes are hypocrites always bullying younger commenters probably because you are treated poorly by your elders. This is not a place for life lessons so mind your own business and leave me alone. If I am trash then you both are flies. Shoo Fly Shoo!!

    • How do you know how old I am but besides the point I don’t care if you don’t treat me with respect or empathy Esp from a trash reject like you. No trash can wants you lol

      A bully like you deserves to be bully back. Get lost weakling, this bully isn’t going anywhere.

  15. I think that the biggest change in her face is due to her eyebrows. One of my colleague had her eyebrows plucked from bushy to thin completely changed her entire look. Though I do agree that she doesn’t look quite herself in these photos. Too skinny and too much face bleaching. It’s sad because she is already pretty especially with a short bob.

  16. There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery, your body, your rules, but why can’t they just own up to it? Look at Sharon Osbourne and the Kardashians, no one really talks about their most recent PS because they’ve admitted to it a long time ago and everyone have accepted it, like PS is just getting their hair straight, it has been normal. Embrace your weakess, and no one can use it against you.

  17. I dont really think she did anything but looks like she lost a lot of weight for sure. Plus using that super red lipstick with full color. She used to paınt only half and half wıth pastels all the tıme.
    I really like this long hair on her I missed it since she had bob cuts for a long tıme wıth her latest serıes.

  18. It IS pretty obvious that she’s got a lot of work done on her face. Instead of denying it and pretending that she’s all natural, why not just admit it and move on? And if she’s not willing to admit it, then it’s probably best to keep quiet and ignore the disparaging comments. My guess is that if the agency decided to act, the comments were most likely quite vitriolic and toxic. Celebrity life in S. Korea must be very hard.

  19. I am watching her drama She Was Pretty right now. Can still recognise HJE straight away without any problems. She has darker and thicker eyebrows here, a different hairstyle that shows too much of her forehead and makes her face looks thinner than usual. It’s entirely possible that she does not have PS but some Botox injections that make her face looks frozen. Don’t think that she and her agency that stupid to deny PS if she had done it because if word got out that she had really done it, it may end her career for good as nobody would trust her word/reputation anymore. Even actors have had PS and got bashed for it like Seo In Guk (nose job). Just ride this out HJE, don’t cave in to the hate and vitriol, hold your head high and I like your acting in She Was Pretty. She had a baby 2 years ago and maybe wants to make herself look good, feel good, go ahead, pamper yourself. Your body, your choice.

    • According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Botox is considered an non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure needed to be performed by a physician.

  20. I… was shocked. Watching mystic pop-up bar and was so happy when I found out the lead actress was Hwang Jung Eum in the opening. Then BAM. I was like, who is this??? Where’s that familiar and pretty face from KMHM? Now, for most of the show, I end up looking at her face than the show…

    I mean, if you squint hard enough, you can still see her original look. But wow. Being her drama fan since KMHM, I want to say she didn’t PS (I mean, with her looks, there wasn’t any need to??) but I myself can’t really convince myself she didn’t as I continue watching this drama… Haiz

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