SBS Drama Hot Stove League With Namgong Min and Park Eun BinSteadily Increases in Ratings

The tripling of ratings in three weeks is something to write about. SBS Fri-Sat drama Hot Stove League premiered on December 13th with a super low 3.3% AGB nationwide ratings. It’s since only gone up and the most recent episode hot 10.1%, that’s so amazing nowadays. Starring Namgong Min and Park Eun Bin, the drama is a feel good underdog sports story but judging from the positive reviews and rising ratings it’s clearly appealing to more than just sports junkies. I love sports but the best sports dramas and movies are definitely ones that use the backdrop to tell universal tales of redemption and perseverance. Congrats to the cast and crew and I can’t wait to start my watch!


SBS Drama Hot Stove League With Namgong Min and Park Eun BinSteadily Increases in Ratings — 10 Comments

  1. Stove league started with 5.5% not 3.3%. But it is amazing that the rating doubled so fast. I’m watching stove league and I think it’s worthy of it’s ratings so far. I find it well written and intriguing.

      • Ohhh…I refer ratings on Stove League’s official Naver page and there the 1st ep rating is 5.5%. Maybe some other sites included the ratings for each part. Fyi, recently SBS has been displaying only 1 rating per 1 hour episode, instead of 1 rating per 30 minute part.

  2. It’s really emotional and surprising, the characters are really well written. If this was on TVN everyone would be taking about it, I think 🙂

  3. Good show. Solid writing. The writer is female and is either a baseball freak or has done some great research. Turning the off-season struggles of a down-and-out baseball team into compelling drama is quite a feat.

  4. I’m always looking forward to NGM’s project ever since the girl who sees smell. And yes, he’s really making good decisions on his projects. Love them all… Doctor Prisoner was daebak as well.

    Hot stove league is pleasantly surprising. I’m not into baseball, heck i don’t even know the basic rules and positions but this shows makes me interested with it. Slowly, i’m learning to understand why koreans love this sport so much enough.

  5. I think this show mirrors office politics and sk’s insidious corruption well, and how NGM’s not afraid to deal with it headfirst, with super nonchalent and deadpan delivery

  6. The show is deserving in its rise to ratings as its good. None of the main characters disappoint with NGM taking the lead. Sure the show covers sports,but there are other aspects as well that one can get a bit of clarity on especially that of the humanistic component. The last episode showed this. NGM makes smart choices with his selection of a drama, one that can brighten and challenge his talents. I’m just wondering if he will ever consider a historical? The content has to be amazing for him to consider it.

  7. Yay, i love this drama. I love sports themed movies and even dramas. I dropped it while its first week of airing but i tried again and found a gold in this drama. They deserve their rating now. I hope it gets higher. To all the whole cast and production crew : keep up the good works.

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