Crash Landing on You Breaks 9% Ratings in Episode 6 and Continues to Delight with Entertaining Character Interactions

It’s week three of tvN drama Crash Landing on You and I am sooooooo happy that this year neither Christmas nor New Year’s lands on the weekend where this drama would be preempt for holiday programming. I don’t think I can survive a preemption because I’m barely surviving the weekly wait now. The third week episodes continue rising in ratings, hitting 8.730% in episode 5 and 9.223% in episode 6. The OTP continue to get closer, though one can see Jung Hyuk has been in love with Se Ri basically at first sight and it’s totally believable too lol. What’s even sweeter is seeing the growth and evolution of Se Ri from a porcupine into a real person with vulnerability but still plenty of sass and intelligence. The side characters remain super endearing, the village ahjummas as Se Ri’s squad against the official fiancee and the army buddies of Jung Hyuk all uniting to protect Se Ri. If I look back at the screenwriter’s last three dramas, Crash is definitely my favorite 6-episodes in.


Crash Landing on You Breaks 9% Ratings in Episode 6 and Continues to Delight with Entertaining Character Interactions — 21 Comments

  1. Lol i loving the show the last episode made sure viewers stay hooked up for next week too with all the action. Ratings
    9% and next week it will surely touch 10% This drama average is now 7.7% and the way its going up i can see it ending with average of 9 to 10% in th end ( 10 episodes left ) which will be great wim for cable show. But what will be peak rating? 15% in my opinion. I keep bashing k drama for coiches but in the end i still end up watching. It is no masterpiece for critical acclaim but it is entertaining. Someone who comes from 10 hout job want to get some entertainment not moral lectures which critics live and this drama provides that

  2. I am so loving this show. Tbf, it’s the many wonderful characters that really selling it and our OTP just have that sweet chemistry from the get go. I was basically laughing and smiling watching every episode. My fave still those scenes with the NK soldiers. The many heart fingers she gave them that led to confusion really cracked me up. Love love love. Can’t wait for next week.

  3. I think we all need to appreciate the scene of Hyun bin coming out on the motorbike without his helmet – omg PD nim knows how to work the camera for all the girls in the world. He was so hot!!! A shout out to SYJ as well, I think she has all the right expressions for the scene! I like the way she portrayed them. It goes to the show – you can have ridiculous storylines and scene – but when your 2 leads can act plus steaming with chemistry – it will work!!

  4. It is a cliche but not one that is boring or annoying. This is a proper Hallyu drama and it has the feels needed to carry it. This year CL, TTON and EY are the only dramas with old Hallyu vibes that have been entertaining even though EY failed towards the end but it’s good to see traditonal Hallyu drama formulas can still be recycled in a fun manner that keeps people hooked and entertained.

  5. Did jung hyeok remember seri from switzerland encounter(re episode 4 epilogue)? Because the way he treats her is so endearing! Like he’s totally whipped(that asking for another photo copy when he doesn’t want a memento hah!)

  6. Binnie was adorable this week! Loved his pout and his adorable jealousy when he realized that the heart sign wasn’t exclusive to him. The drama deserves its ratings. I hope they continue to climb. What’s the name of the actress that plays his future mother in law? She’s hysterical! I’m going to look her up. Chemistry between SYJ and Binnie is so on point. Looking forward to more of that next week.

    • I heart her – she’s hilarious especially with the little English she peppers in. I find that this drama humanizes North Korea in a light manner which is refreshing. People aren’t different – they are just born in different places

      • I think it romanticizes NK too much and sweeps under the fact the atrocity the NK govt has inflicted on its people. There’s no way that people in NK live the way they do. Obv this is just a drama so it’s fantasy, but I hope that it brings to light the horrible and horrific conditions NK is living under. But again, being a drama it probably won’t. I don’t want the drama to detract from the very real atrocity that is happening there.

        There was one scene that really brought tears to my eyes, when they were watching the snow fall in NK, they swept over to SK enjoying the snow as well. It just shows how close the two countries are and yet so so far. Both My paternal and maternal grandfathers are from North Korea and I may have family in NK that we have no idea are alive or not. My dad has a half brother in NK and my maternal grandfather left behind his sister and mother when the war broke out. Both of them had no idea that the two countries would be divided and they would not be able to go back to their families. I hope for a reunified NK and that it’s people can live freely one day.

  7. I have been to the DMZ and the JSA many times, the sight of the place is more heart breaking than scary.

    My thoughts about this drama that it gives the aspiration that both Koreas should unite, or the least be more friendly with each other that they can cross the border so they could visit their families for those who have been separated.

    • Reading my comments again, ‘many’ sounds exaggerated, but been to DMZ and JSA which within the DMZ more than 3x. If ever I get another chance to visit South Korea, I wouldn’t mind doing the DMZ/JSA tour again.

  8. Hyun Bin on the motorcycle reminds me of his Confidential Assignment scene where he dangled out of the car and started shooting. Totally swoon-worthy. I am loving the second male lead too. English not too bad “I am a British diplomat.” Hehe.

  9. Has anyone pick up the places where their family come from? I thought it was mentioned that Ri Jung Hyuk’s family are from the South and Yoon Se Ri’s from the North, just can’t remember which episode was it.

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