Im Soo Hyang in Talks for Female Lead of MBC Drama My Most Beautiful Time

K-actress Im Soo Hyang as quietly but steadily carved out her own niche. Her last two dramas were smaller cable fare but both did well whether it was ratings in Graceful Family or being a cult hit in My ID is a Gangnam Beauty. She’s now in talks to headline the MBC romance drama My Most Beautiful Time by the screenwriter of Grand Prince and Maids with the PD of Bad Thief, Good Thief. It’s a love triangle between a woman and two brothers – she’s the younger brother’s first love but married to the older brother. Things come to a head when the older brother suddenly disappears and it’s about what happens when a woman thinks she’s already found her happily ever after. Sounds super makjang but just up Im Soo Hyang’s alley for sure.


Im Soo Hyang in Talks for Female Lead of MBC Drama My Most Beautiful Time — 5 Comments

  1. I do love her and am a huge fan of hers. She’s one of those actresses who have the ability to elevate the script just by her performance. It’s just a pity that MBC dramas don’t always have the best scripts so I wish it was on another network. Still, I am curious to see how this Makjang drama will play out.

  2. I have became her fan after watching her last 2 shows. She has build her career brick by brick without any big support. 2 cable hit dramas and now she has Big channel drama proving she can make her dramas hit, She diversify her roles .. Gangnam beauty was different so was graceful family and she is very nice. If u watch her press conferences. She has such in demand actress. I hope she keeps rising

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