Episode 9 of Crash Landing on You Maintains 11% Ratings and Finally Gets Son Ye Jin Back to South Korea So Hyun Bin Can Pine Beautifully

I don’t think this is anything remotely worth spoiling about tvN drama Crash Landing on You because every single plot point has been cribbed from something before yet stitched together in such an addicting way. This Saturday’s episode 9 continued the high ratings of last week taking in 11.516% as the OTP was reunited from a brief separation only to step willingly into what seems like a permanent separation. Son Ye Jin‘s Se Ri meets Hyun Bin‘s parents (and wins mom over) before the she finally steps across the border back to South Korea. But not before realizing she met Jung Hyuk before in Switzerland and that he’s the mystery man who played that song on the piano which brought her out of her suicide funk. I’m also happy that the four soldier babies got to spend time with Se Ri before she left, escorting her to the end before Jung Hyuk walked her to the literal and figurative demarcation line. I’m sure there is a happy ending in store so let the beautiful angst begin tomorrow.


Episode 9 of Crash Landing on You Maintains 11% Ratings and Finally Gets Son Ye Jin Back to South Korea So Hyun Bin Can Pine Beautifully — 12 Comments

  1. Gyaaaaaak that last scene makes my heart burst. I am so ready for Seri to be back in South Korea and be a badass CEO once again.

  2. Aaaargh! The ghastly trend of ever longer episodes continues. Two minutes longer than the already stupidly long episode 8. If this trend continues the final episodes will LITERALLY be more than TWO HOURS long – HIRE AN EDITOR FOR MERCY’S SAKE!

    • Every minute extension is worth it I didn’t even notice! Credit goes to the writers and director indeed. No dull moment. Raul if you are bored and counts every minute extension then just turn off your tv. We love watching it and don’t mind even a 2 hour episode!!

  3. The headline should be “gets Son Ye Jin back to SOUTH Korea”, surely? Also, PDnim, FOR PITY’S SAKE, PLEASE HIRE AN EDITOR! Each episode is STILL longer than the preceding one, up to 89 minutes now. Keep this up and the final few will LITERALLY be around TWO HOURS long. WHY?!

  4. The drama average ratings in touching 9% and by end of last 7 episodes. It will br top 3 in average for season along with mr sunshine amd goblin. What a big win for both stars.

  5. I’m ok about 90 mins – it seems that they give air time to the side characters who I all love. Obviously we don’t want time away from Hyun him and son ye jin so making the episodes Long enough to give everyone time to shine. I’m ok, 90 mins is the max though!

  6. Honestly speaking, i am so ok with the long episodes, really, especially if we will have another pre emption nxt week (hopefully not though). Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo was daebak and then we will have another from Choi Ji woo. I can now imagine Joo Muk’s reaction. Who taught it will actually come true before reunification?

  7. I’m so sad that I have to wait till next month to watch a new episode. This by far the best k drama I have seen . I want to jump into my TV with them . Love him and her . Amazing

  8. Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo in CLOY is legend! Appearing as his iconic character Donggu from Secretly Greatly is totally genius. Heaping trillion gazillion praise to the writer for this out of this world trope. Can’t wait for Choi Ji Woo’s cameo now. Next please please pretty please have Ha Ji Won as Kim Hang Ah make a cameo (before she married Prince Jae Ha) in a secret mission sent by NK evil Colonel guy to hunt down Captain Ri and his 5 comrades and take them captive back to NK. That would complete CLOY as a rating triumph and greatest K-drama of 2020s.

    • Please writer and PD nim of CLOY, have Ha Ji Won as Kim Hang Ah when arriving in SK to hunt down Captain Ri, make her swoon at the billboard of Hyun Bin again. That would be totally hilarious. Same effect as Kim Soo Hyun in his Donggu iconic green jacket, slippers and coconut haircut. Gosh this scene is going to launch a million memes, GIF and copy cat spoofs from other celebs!

  9. Drama touched 14.6% ratung and every week rnds on ckiffhanger. I see it breaking 20% by end of it run. Wow
    And secondly i read next episode is on 1 feb. That sucks

  10. Ep 10 soar to an all time high ??? though the probable pre empt next week will definitely affect the ratings ? and me ??? but it means enough rest and longer preparation so i should hang in there, we should hang in there…

    And since we saw kim soo hyun’s cameo, we are getting more ambitious. Hahaha but kudos to all the brains behind that cameo.

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