The OTP Settle into South Korean Life in Preview for Episode 11 of Crash Landing on You

For once a Crash Landing on You episode didn’t end with a cliffhanger though it ended with the promise of tons of fun stuff coming in the next episode. There is a two week lunar new year break between episode 10 so the preview for episode 11 promises so much fun times – Jung Hyuk being on Se Ri’s terf and hanging out in her swanky condo and high powered workplace, plus the 5 North Korean soldiers enjoying the lounge life in a jjimjalbang, because of course it’s always been Hallyu loving fan Joo Muk’s dream. I can’t get enough of the OTP visual candy, with Hyun Bin changing his military uniform for body guard black suit duds but still running around trying to keep Se Ri safe. Oh, and there’s budding romance back in North Korea with Seo Dan and Seung Jung and that I totally find adorable as well.

Preview for Episode 11 of Crash Landing on You:


The OTP Settle into South Korean Life in Preview for Episode 11 of Crash Landing on You — 20 Comments

  1. Too handsome. Absolutely droolworthy in that bodyguard get up. Laughed really hard at ep 10. Cant wait for ep 11 to pan out more deadpan funny lines and cringey but sooo good interactions between leads, second leads and the minions ^^ CLOY fighting!

  2. Best drama ever! I can’t stop watching, repeat again and again.thank you for all. Definitely Very nice drama, light hearted and I hear my own laughter often! Love Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Can’t wait for the new episodes to be released.

  3. omg that crossover in ep 10 has me shaking! That was very well thought out and written so kudos to the writers this is one of the greatest easter eggs of all.I’m sad coz it will not air on this weekend..? can’t wait for the next episode..?
    Is there anyone think that Dan’s uncle looks suspicious in the court room?

  4. Every Hyun Bin drama’s has not disappoint me so far – falling in love with him after all these years. Even the second lead actor Kim Jung Hyun is pretty good.
    Great show, great script and kudos to script writer Park Ji Eun!Everything is so perfect and well balanced. Every character is doing a great job. Thank you for this beautiful drama. I hope it will give us a happy lovely ending.

  5. This series is far far from dragging story. It’s so entertaining and not annoying at all by keeping so many questions till end of episodes like other dramas. I am gigling so much in each episodes. Still there are thrilling parts too. End of episode 10 so funny! Next episodes will be more entertaining and interesting.

  6. I’m hooked and I can’t help myself but to keep waiting for episodes each week. at first I started watching it because of hyun bin and now I loved it even more ?

  7. The preview looks like we are in for fun times! I spotted a Hyuk pout LOL I like that the drama is moving at lightning speed. Was thinking they were moving to angst land for a while with stakes, separation and what not. But hola, we are now in South Korea with cohabitation tropes! The angst will come I’m sure – but this is a great premise to let their relationship bloom to a point of no return and then let the angst tear our hearts to pieces

  8. Dare I say Kim Hyun Jung looked really sexy in ep 10? Especially when he stepped up to help Seri despite the fact that she thought he was a con and a thug. It’s not often that dramas spend time making the second lead drool worthy as well, so I’ll give props to KHJ for that. Looking forward to his and Dan’s romance. Dan’s so darned pretty, I hope she ends up happy.

  9. Only a miracle will give us a prefect happy ending …,Unless they move to Switzerland …,,this drama reminded me of my Own personal life drama…..I left my communist country 56 years ago.,,,, left my love behind…,sadly lost all communication for almost 20 years due to restrictions …. my life was never the same

  10. Am going back to all HBs work and review what I haven’t seen? so far..CLOY is so much more exciting? I love everything about it..and so amazed by the creativeness of the writers ????may we have more of these caliber?? can’t wait for the next?

    • Yes I like it’s too babe ???????????come let’s go lala land to adventure I’m Sam here single I sincerely hope to hear frm u real soon babe?????????????????

    • Watch Jekyll and Hyde. I love how he portrayed the dual role. No tons of make up was needed for him to express the two characters, just good acting. I noticed that this drama is not a favourite here but I thought otherwise. I actually love the pairing of Han Ji Min and Hyun Bin. Their chemistry was amazing. Out of Hyun Bin’s leading lady, I thought Han Ji Min would be the perfect match for him in real life.

      My Name is Kim Sam Soon. It is one of the two all time favourite kdramas. He was only 23 years old back then, and already you can tell that he will be an actor for long haul. I love his chemistry with Kim Sun Ah. I really thought that they’ve dated in real life because of that.

      I also have Secret Garden. He and Ha Ji Won had amazing chemistry in that drama but I can’t stand the cheesiness of the story. RomCom is naturally cheesy but Secret Garden is on another level. The good thing about that drama, was the ensemble of casts and the leads amazing chemistry but not the story. It’s not a drama that I would watch again.

      With CLOY, I found another favourite Hyun Bin drama. So far the best kdrama for 2019 and for 2020 put together.

      Kim Sam Soon, Jekyll and Hyde and Cloy are Hyun Bin’s dramas that I won’t be tired rewatching again and again.

    • It’s not a popular choice but I enjoyed Worlds Within a lot. It doesn’t feel like the usual dramas in a way but like a documentary or a slice of life drama. I thought he had great chemistry with SHK that I wasn’t surprised they got together IRL after that. Worlds Within definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though.

  11. This is HB & SYJ’s best drama!
    It’s as if these roles were made for them. The only drama i’ve watched with HB as lead was Secret Garden. I finished the drama but i didn’t really ship the leads. I’ve watched Yejin’s Personal Taste with LMH but that was forgettable. Lol. I love SYJ’s movies and i think that she’s more popular in movies in SK. I tried to watch Something in the Rain but dropped it midway. Haha.

    HB look so handsome in CLOY. It’s as if he just hit his prime, but he’s nearing 40 already! Haha. I loooove the leads and i’m one of the shipper who wish for them to admit to dating after the drama! Haha.

    I’m so excited for all the fun times coming in episode11!!!

  12. True it is very beautiful k drama I watched it again and again. Hats off to the lead roles . Very matured acting. I told all my friends to watch.
    Best stress buster. Hats of to the writer and director. Even though we are from India and cannot understand meaning of song each song is very melodious and soothing to ears. Can’t wait to see remaking episode. They should come up with more such k series. We wll will love it.

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