Kim Rae Won in Talks for Genetics Sci-fi K-drama LUCA

When one door closes another opens, or when one star passes another pops up. Kim Rae Won is in talks for genetics based thriller K-drama Luca, which got press early on when Ji Chang Wook was considering it. He’s since passed and may take a rom-com opposite Kim Yoo Jung, whereas Kim Rae Won is now considering Luca and if accepted will mark his K-drama return two years after Black Knight which remains so weird to me overall. Luca stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor and is all about DNA and genes so it is a fresh topic for K-dramas to tackle. I’ll keep an eye out on the casting once confirmed for the drama is scheduled to be a tight 12-episode offering.


Kim Rae Won in Talks for Genetics Sci-fi K-drama LUCA — 3 Comments

  1. He is one of my fave hallyu crushes when i watched my little bride. His career is quite l8ng n has various peak like with that doctor show. He repeaked. I hope this show end up good for him!

    • I think your taste quite awful. Punch is the only decent drama starred by him. That Doctors thing was the worst drama that I ever watch in a while, and Black Knight second worst

      • I dont gve a flying 2 hoots if u don’t like my taste. I like them n that is what matters to me

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