Jeremy Lin and Fellow Asian Stars Mourn the Passing of Basketball Superstar and Legend Kobe Bryant

This is my personal blog so technically I can write about anything. I’ve kept it focused in Asian entertainment primarily K-dramas purely for focus but clearly I have other interests. One of which is I am a intense and avid NBA fan and a diehard purple and gold Lakers girls since my youth. So it’s with a broken heart and tons of tears to write that the most famous Laker of the 2000 era Kobe Bryant has died at the age of 41 along with his second daughter 13 year of Gianna as well as 7 other passengers on a helicopter that crashed. He was instrumental in spreading the basketball love around the globe when the league was expanding, and Asian and Asian-American fans and players are all mourning his passing. Jeremy Lin and Yao Ming have posted tributes along with Asian stars who love basketball. It’s such a horrible way to start of 2020 year of the rat and my condolences to the Bryant family. I now my Lakers family will be in mourning for many days, weeks, and months to come.


Jeremy Lin and Fellow Asian Stars Mourn the Passing of Basketball Superstar and Legend Kobe Bryant — 9 Comments

  1. As someone who also grew up in a Laker household, it’s still really difficult to process that he’s really gone. Sending thoughts & prayers to his family & all the other families that lost loved ones today. <3

  2. When I got pregnant with my 3rd son, I thought of naming him, Kobe Bryant. I ended up naming my baby , Kevyn Bryan. I thought that my son have to live up to a legend. It will be too much pressure to him. And my second son would be jealous that his name is not Kobe Bryant. My second son played basketball because of Kobe. I am also very sad that he passed away at a very young age. May Kobe, his daughter, and all the people who passed away in that accident Rest In Peace. I pray for his family and the families of those who departed with them.

  3. Breaks my heart. I have difficulty processing the news and feel like I’m in an alternate universe today. Respect In Peace, Kobe and Gianna. My heart goes out to his widow and other children. Prayers for the family.

  4. I just read the news of his 2003 rape case. And it is really unpleasant. I was not aware of it. Only him and the victim knows the truth. Any respect I had for him as sportsman is gone.

    However, that aside. I feel very sad for all those who lost their lives in such manner…..His daughter is so young.

    • I usually don’t engage in comments because I hate disputes (and people can be brutal on this forum), but I do want to share something to give a different perspective. For one, this post is to pay tribute to the Laker legend Kobe Bryant, who has tragically passed away unexpectedly. It is shocking and I’m still shocked. I felt like I grew up with him. I still remember his first season. And another, I still remember the case you mentioned while it was going on, and he admitted his fault (not to assault, there is a difference) and his wife forgave him (with a huge rock on her finger.. those who saw the press conference probably know what I’m talking about) and he has since been with her and had many children. I think actions speak a lot about a person. And no, I don’t think it’s the huge rock that saved the marriage because there’s more to marriage than material possessions. He started his career extremely young, was immature (I’m not excusing his behavior because he himself was responsible for doing whatever he did knowing he was a married man and should’ve been faithful to his wife, and this will always be a mark in his history), but he since then had matured and hopefully had become a better man and example to those around him. His primary offense was against the girl and his wife (not against me even though at the time it left a bad taste in my mouth. But who am I to convict him? We have a legal system for that. And ultimately God will hold him accountable for every sin he had committed.). He’s definitely guilty of adultery, he admitted to that. At least he did, some people don’t. I don’t know what came out of the civil case, if it was even brought to civil court after the criminal case was dismissed since the girl didn’t want to testify anymore; only the parties involved in the case will know why although there are many speculations. But at least we all know that his wife stuck by his side till his death. That’s a fact since they never got a divorce. For her to do that takes much courage, hope and love and for him as well because it takes a lot of work on building a relationship and trust back to where it is healthy again. They very well could’ve given up like many couples. But they probably strived hard for it and succeeded since they ended up having four girls together. His children probably also know about the case (People often like to point out all the bad, the gossip, the rumors, etc). But only the parties involved would know what had happened and all the stress, hardship and consequences as a result to it. I was never a diehard Kobe Bryant fan growing up in LA, but I will say that he was one of the greatest basketball players from the city and made a mark in history as shown through the impact this news has made in the world and I will also remember him as a family man, who worked hard in building his family up, who sincerely loved his family and enjoyed spending time with them. My heart goes out to his family and friends and for the family and friends of the others involved in the helicopter crash.

      • You clearly have not read the full account from the victim. It is sad times to deal with the death of those on flight. But to read about his past is timely too.

  5. RIP Cobe and his daughter, me and my family’s favorite basketball player. It’s just really sadden to see someone I really like gone. The best to his families and friends. Nowadays, traveling is not so safe anymore. No matter where you are or going somewhere, I hope everyone stay safe and healthy. Including the coronavirus that has been going on.

  6. I too have been a fan of Lakers since my youth way back home in the Philippines. So shocking and sad. What an incredible and a tragic day for his wife, family, friends, and fans globally. Prayers for his family and those who lost their loved ones. NBA Legend “The Black Mamba” will forever be remember! RIP.

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