Kim Woo Bin’s Contract with Sidus HQ Ends, in Talks to Join Shin Mina’s New Agency

I’m super not a fan of a couple under the same agency. There is so much possibility of additional conflict much like when a couple works at the same company. But it looks like K-actor Kim Woo Bin wants to make his relationship with girlfriend of four years Shin Mina also a professional association and he’s in talks to join her agency AM Entertainment. His long time contract with Sidus HQ has ended without being renewed so he’s a free agent. I know Sidus played a big part in vaulting Kim Woo Bin to the popularity he has by lining up memorable roles and/or high profile projects for him. He’s got to calibrate his acting return from three years off and I hope the new agency selection will end up being a smart move for him.


Kim Woo Bin’s Contract with Sidus HQ Ends, in Talks to Join Shin Mina’s New Agency — 4 Comments

  1. I agree, no matter how much in love a couple might be. It’s better to keep the professional life separate and less complicated. My thoughts are that he may feel the need to repay her for sticking to his side and supporting him these couple of years and he should feel that way. This might not be the best way to go about it.
    But as fans we can only support him and hope this is a wise decision and pray for a successful partnership with the agency.

  2. This was same agency which once hacked jun ji hyun phone or something 10 yrs back. So he did good leaving it
    Anyways what a visually striking couole

  3. Joining together in one agency is not a big deal,all they to do is to trust each other,and allowing people to district their relationship,they are professional,and therefore they know what to do,

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