Kim Yoo Jung is Gloriously Punk in Color Saturated New Mobile CF

I love this CF concept so much, more accurately Kim Yoo Jung‘s entire look. Her agency Sidus HQ released three stills from the CF filming for a new mobile cellphone and all I can see is Kim Yoo Jung’s impeccably and perfectly eyeliner rimmed eye makeup. It’s to-die-for as a going out at night look, and could either be made more dramatic with red lips or softer with nude. I also love the hoops and dangle earrings and small black choker, whomever selected the accessories for this shoot deserves kudos.


Kim Yoo Jung is Gloriously Punk in Color Saturated New Mobile CF — 30 Comments

  1. She has quite good cfs. Including fila which is endorsed by bts. I hope her drama becomes hit so she get more. Such a talented actress who deserves all success

    • Yeah. She and KSH are leading the CF counts among their peers. Actually, these ladies are wall. Sidus successfully wiped out their competition and built a wall so the battle is just between the two. I know there are rising young actresses out there but they will just come and go. These two will stay forever. They are like the KSH and LMH of their generation. Eternal rivals indeed.

      • Better comparison will be jun ji hyun and song hye kyo imo. I remember even before my sassy girl, jjh was endorsing lancome elastine and other products in 2000 and she became huge star with my sassy girl in 2001. Song hye kyo became massive before in 2000 and became top endorser. So they r better comparisons. And these girls will avhieve that longevity if they does better projects . And finally good to see young real actresses growing big again and getting those deals. Good ! Sidus is quite shady company. Jun ji hyun was part of it and once they hacked her phone. Big scandal. So i hope she stays fine

      • Oh they are from same company? Well. Sidus will make sure then that their cf deals r from different brands and they dknt target each others brand but brands of actresses from other companies. So this dont cause resentment

      • I don’t think there is a strong rivalry between JJH and SHK. That’s why I said that the rivalry of KSH and KYJ are like the female versions of KSH and LMH. It is eternal and inevitable. They are comparable only to JJH and SHK when it comes to aura. But rivalry, I don’t think so.

        Anyways, I bet they are used to these rivalry and I’m sure they are capitalizing it to stay relevant and attract a lot of projects.

      • KYJ and KSH were both under Sidus for many years as child actresses but Sohyun left in 2017 or 18 when her contract expired. Yoojung is still with Sidus though. And yes, it was a shady agency in Jun Ji Hyun’s time but it’s still one of the top agencies especially for young actors – people launched by it include Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Min Ah, Jang Hyuk, Song Joong Ki, Kim Woo Bin, and the Kim girls (Yoojung/Sohyun).

      • Kim sy there is rivalry as they always competed for hifhest cf salary and biggest brands and replaced each other for cfs they are known as troika. Infact kim so hyun wiki has mentioned new troika of rivals has emeeged kim so hyum kim yoo and kim sae ron. So they used jjh shk kth as previous troika. Rivals in the sense they had best cf deals n biggest projects. So yes they were rivals amd still are

    • KYJ and KSH are the defining drama actresses of their generation. I wonder who among these two will be offered a female lead role in a KES drama and who are they potential male leads?

      • Unless sone roomie actor steps up hos game and give a blockbuster hit, he isnnt getting kim eun sook drama loke her current male leads. All have bugvdramas before they landed her drama. Current rookies or 90s gen have to prove themselves expect pbg

      • I guess KSH has the higher chance to got a drama offer from KES because she already knew KSH when she played as the queen sister of Goblin. And that role is very impactful during the run of the series. Nevertheless, KYJ has also a chance because she also gives a SHK aura which is also a type of KES.

  2. I wish she can play antagonist lead, someone we can’t love but also can’t hate
    like the mature version of her in the angry mum

    • She actually play antagonist role in movie “Thread of Lies”. She even got nominated for rookie actress but Kim Saeron ended up winning.

  3. Super love! I hope she snatch a drama where it hit ratings and people acknowledge its success due to her efforts so haters will stop saying that she hardly carries a drama (a.k.a LITM – PBG’s drama).

  4. I e Kim yoo Jung perfectly beautiful ♥️♥️I hope the upcoming drama will hit..and another project with park bogum pls??

  5. Her laniage ad looks are more stunning than these ones..she nails current laniage look..
    Complete more child actress her a lot..god please give me thar aura

  6. Kim Yoo Jung really nailed this look? I never thought she will look so good with this style. I mean, I know that she can rock any style but I am used on seeing her in a fresh bright look but I never thought she will rock this kind of look! I love it♥

  7. I purposely didn’t post until now because I wanted to see the thread and in all very positive and supportive but as usual you gotta hand it to the bandits that want to divert the attention away to KSH which is okay but it’s done ALL the time! I mean the reference to a KES drama casting to the Dazed pictorial why is it that a KYJ article is highjacked to promote their cause? The last KYJ article on her casting with JCW was a shambles to the point I had to pop up in defence of her because it turned yucky with comments about her anatomy etc…Obviously it was KYJ anti’s pro KSH fans doing the dirty. You guys do yourself proud well done! Clap clap it must really dig at you seeing KYJ in the headlines you can’t allow any peace for her fans to just revel in her glory aye?

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