Kim Hye Yoon and Ro Woon Reunite of Extraordinary You Reunite for High Cut Pictorial

The timing of this High Cut photo shoot is like four months too late but these two are adorable here so I certainly enjoyed it. K-actress Kim Hye Yoon and idol-actor Ro Woon are back together again after playing the fantasy OTP in high school drama Extraordinary You. They actually look like they walked out of that drama as high school students on their weekend off days dressed for chillaxing in Seoul. EY got mixed reactions all around for the entire cast, positive and negative reviews on the acting for all the main leads and the same goes for the muddled plot. But it was addicting in the beginning and a breath of fun high school genre air when it first started off. I’m glad it’s vaulted all the leads to recognition and hopefully better projects.


Kim Hye Yoon and Ro Woon Reunite of Extraordinary You Reunite for High Cut Pictorial — 14 Comments

  1. I’m not sure where you’re getting your infos from but the drama was actually popular despite its low ratings. There is a reason why there is a extended period to order the bluray and why there are still variety shows having Kim Hye Yoon and Rowoon as guests. So I guess the opinion about how the drama fell flat for you and how the acting wasn’t great, is – in the end – solely your own.

    • I don’t know where in the article koala said it wasn’t popular? Mixed reactions is different from it not being popular. Because it’s true that it got mixed reactions and it’s true what you said that that it has a strong following.

      • It got 90% positive reaction, reception in SK, SEA region and gave Camillia a good competition on CPI buzz index even beating it to number 1 at times. Ratings were not great, only issue. And I know this because this was one drama for which I read SK domestic news outlets and search engines religiously. I had no idea 90% positive reception is what is called ‘mixed reaction’.

      • It did get a ton of buzz. However, many commentators saw many weaknesses in the show esp the second half.

        A good number of people may appreciate their time watching the show but at the same time many of the same viewers who enjoy it pointed out on its many flaws. That’s the definition of mixed reviews; Liking it and disliking it at the same time and there has been many of that. There is not a strong-majority super loving it and there’s not a super-strong majority disliking it either. It’s more of in the middle.

  2. In general, the both are pretty well seen as actors. Tomorrow, JTBC will air Let’s eat diner together with the both of them. They were in Knowing Brothers too.
    For me, it was a pretty good project and I’m happy to see all the cast doing well 🙂

    • Highcut released video from the shooting and they even put english subtitles. The first is about Kim Hye Yoon and the next one will be about Rowoon.

  3. Thank you koala for featuring them. I love EY from start to finish.
    The storyline is pretty interesting and it gave a fresh perspective on how ‘extras’ are being View in contrast to the ‘main’ characters.

    For me, Kim Hye Yoon carries majority of storyline and I am glad she received recognition during the MBC 2019 drama award.

    Looking forward for Kim Hye Yoon future projects and would like to see what roles will she explore.

    • Kim Hye Yoon was so good, I was impressed by how she pulled off all facets of the character as present-day and past (Trumpet Creeper) Dan Oh. Definitely a worthy young leading lady!

  4. This was the last drama I finished in 2019, and I loved it – what a great young cast, but especially Kim Hye Yoon, who carries the whole thing and makes it look effortless. Eun Dan Oh was the kind of character I would have got tired of in five minutes if I was reading a manhwa like Secret ? but KHY’s portrayal of her actually makes her funny and engaging, she did great at both the more comedic and the sadder parts. I liked the actors who played Oh Namjoo, Yeo Joo Da and Lee Do Hwa too, they did a good job of playing ‘stuck in a manhwa trope’.

    I think the storyline did drag slightly by the end, but overall it’s one of the better dramas of 2019 for me.

  5. My non Korean hubby fell in love with Kim Hye Hoon as Dano at first sight. Lol. I was browsing thru my list in Netflix to choose which K-drama I should watch after CLOY finished. As soon as the poster for EY came on, hubby said I want this one! The girl has the X factor and a different personality. I was hesitant at first, thinking it was an Heirs rip off but soon was so addicted to Kim Hye Hoon and Rowoon’s acting, chemistry and the stage and shadow concept. Most of the main cast’s portrayal were spot on. So fresh, engaging and appealing altho the later half dragged on a bit. We found ourselves searching for BTS in Youtube too. Soompi even predicted the main leads KhY, RW and LJW would be the breakout stars of 2020.

  6. KHY made an impression in Sky Castle. In EY she is top notch. There is a danger of her being typecast as a student like PMY being typecast in a rom-com or melo-rom. KHY should try sageuk which suits her as seen in some parts of EY. Something like TTON or 100 Days My Prince would be ok. One of the most talented actresses I have seen so far. Can do both cold, snippy, bitchy roles or kind, happy, cheerful ones. Should play twins, one good, the other evil. The sky is the limit. Rowoon on nthe other hand got the looks to be the next HB, GY, etc. Just needs to act alongside veterans to gain experience and depth.

  7. She’s the new muse now of Sidus because KYJ had lost her charm and relevance the time KSH left the agency. Their rivalry had lost spark which affected KYJ’s career.

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