Son Ye Jin, Song Joong Ki, and Many More K-stars Donating to South Korean Fight to Contain Coronavirus Spread

First off, if your fave isn’t mentioned here don’t get your goat up. This is just a list of some stars being mentioned right now as making a financial contribution to the fight to contain the novel coronavirus Covid19 spread. South Korea went from one of the Asian countries with known cases to suddenly an explosion of coronavirus cases centered around the city of Daegu, with over 1,500 cases and is now the second highest infected country outside of Mainland China. K-ent has reacted by making press conferences and showcases held without attendees and just photos and videos and cancelling movie premieres. K-stars are getting involved in the way they can by donating money and reports of generous donations from Son Ye Jin (born in Daegu), Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, Park Shin Hye, Suzy, Jung Ryeo Won, Kim Woo Bin, Hyeri and many more. Everyone stay healthy and safe, okay!


Son Ye Jin, Song Joong Ki, and Many More K-stars Donating to South Korean Fight to Contain Coronavirus Spread — 16 Comments

  1. Yohan, Sohyun and Yeri are the youngest to contribute. Proud of these babies. Btw Samsung and LG contributed billions of won too.

  2. I think it’s worth to mention, that Kim Go Eun and then Park Seo Joon with Lee Young Ae were the first ones to start donation for either masks or medical supplies. I’m glad, that a lot of stars also shortly started following them. Less or more everyone is trying to contribute their help for Daegu or in general.

  3. Is this a competition naming celebs and the amounts they’ve donated? Gosh it’s like being in church in my day when the list of people who gave their tithes was read out for all to hear. My parents weren’t rich and could only afford what was left over from paying rent and expenses. The stares and whispering from the congregation because we gave a pittance in their eyes but my Dad used to do maintenance tasks around the church and my Mum kitchen duties to assist and make up for it.

    Ji Jun Hyun is getting slammed for her donation by Knetz as reported by All k pop. How pitiful that Knetz find the most fault all day everyday. How about ‘celebrity’ donors who give generously under the condition that’s it’s kept anonymous. Nope fat chance not in SK they like the whole show and tell exercise.

  4. It doesn’t matter who donate more or who donate less, what matters is That u all comes out in one accord to support your country. As you all has come out to support your country in one way or the other, May the everlasting support of God Almighty never depart from all your ways.

  5. Lee min ho donated 300 million won more than anyone in this list to 8 different organisations.please report that too

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