First Official Teaser of Lee Min Ho in SBS Drama The King: Eternal Sovereign

Daaaaaaang, this was the shot to the heart I needed to start the anticipation countdown for the biggest K-drama of 2020 – Kim Eun Sook‘s newly penned fantasy romance The King: Eternal Sovereign with Lee Min Ho in their second collaboration together after Heirs. That high school frothy confection was stupidly addicting, I can rewatch anytime and enjoy the cheesy fun, no shame in admitting. That’s why I’m 100% pumped for The King because even if it’s not terribly good it’ll likely still be entertaining as heck to watch. The first teaser is out and it’s solely 30 seconds of Lee Min Ho being super duper smexy with flashes of royal paraphernalia, nothing wrong with hyping by using the biggest asset.

Teaser for The King: Eternal Sovereign:


First Official Teaser of Lee Min Ho in SBS Drama The King: Eternal Sovereign — 33 Comments

  1. Trailer is such a tease. LMH is always hot as so it’s just Ouch! Glad I watched LOTBS to appreciate him in all his glory. Also excited for this drama for WDH and JEC. Another hit in the making. ❤️

    • It will be tough because loss of chinese market where lmh dominated. At one point he endorsed 20 plus products in china before hallyu ban. N earned millions per cf.but he is huge in other parts of asia and it will be sold out. But tough to match goblin or dots but atleast it can become cloy type success which is still huge

      • It’s not hard to beat. Remember it’s a Lee Min Ho x Kim Eun Sook collab. This duo is definitely a monster hit.

      • @troika how about legend of the blue sea? The writer PJE (LOTBS) + lmh + JJH! We all thought that it would be a monster hit, but, things got all wrong.

      • @Laurel I think with LOTBS Knetz were drawing comparisons to MLFAS and similarities in the storyline and characters. Same coincidence with CLOY when I watched that I couldn’t help but make predictions as to what was going to happen next. Fortunately the supporting cast of CLOY were a treat to follow. However the King looks like it’s going to go off the chart! Well that’s my hope it will. ??

  2. DAMN I am so happy to have Lee Min Ho back on my TV. I know a lot of people hate him but he is my favorite k-actor and I’ve rewatched all of his dramas again and again.

    • A ‘lot’? Are you sure with that? Coz if it’s true, then, he is not in the superstandom position he is today. I guess that hate comes from the fans of his rivals, which is inevitable.

      • Nah not everyone who dislikes him is a “fan of his rivals.” Some just find his acting mediorcre despite being the biggest korean actor overseas.

  3. He looks more handsome in his 30s. And his voice is so magical. All d best. What a comeback project he landed! 2020 is great for k drama with all top stars.
    This drama will become huge blockbuster. But i hope KGE role is good here not like goblin . Please!

  4. Reportedly actor has earned new dialect and delivery for the role thats great. All those antis who call him lazy etc. Can take a hike . That shows he is working to improve as an actor
    Btw i keep reading comments ( not here specifically) cast new blood. Well likes of lmh and others have earned these role. They are not some big 3 idols ( jyp sm yg )idols who got everything on platter. They started from ground and has earned dramas of top writers. Let rookies prove themselves first. kim eun sook is not gonna gift dramas to rookies unless they prove thmeselves. Lmh did so many smaller dramas before hitting big with bof. He has earned his position . As much as haters deny that.

      • I should have put “carrying the acting between the main leads.” lol
        But yeah, I agree that she was her character and acting in Goblin was annoying af, but she’s generally a good actress with diverse roles in her filmography.

      • The whole cast actually underwhelming, including Gong Yoo. Don’t get why they only blaming KGE? What did you expect when she is given a character as limit as Eun Tak?

      • @missjb Exactly, but we all know why. Combination of fangirls that swoon over male leads despite mediocre acting; KGE not being the traditional K-beauty; KGE not being as popular as GY despite having had either critically-acclaimed or successful projects to her name.

  5. Going from HB to LMH to KSH is a good year by my standards. Thankfully none of these are direct competition or air at the same time so I can peacefully enjoy every single drama as it airs.

    • @Heli Amen to that! KDrama executives are being thoughtful to our mental and emotional wellbeing by programming the premiere dates for these highly sought out dramas so that they don’t coincide with one another.

  6. @marie u using kris jenner as an insuly when u stan plastic monster woozie. And he will dominate the drama and bring ratings anx will always be bigger star than ur woozie. U should nt shade his skills when u stan woozie
    And he donated hughest charity for virus. 3 times of ur woozie.

  7. @marie is obsessed bcoz woozie flopped hard and her bext drama is with another young star in another flop drama but lmh coming back with kes drama. Top most drama writer
    It will be lmh show and he will walm away with money and endorsements though i hope lead actress get some benfit too
    He is already getting praised . Ur woozie stays flop

  8. Laurel lobts reached peak rating of 21% and averaged 17.56%. It was top 5 hit drama of year. Not every drama of top aftors is going to be boys over flower or heir or mlfts or dots or goblin. Its like saying innocent man and producers were flops. Lotbs rating was on par with park bo gum show. Just it didnt create craze but it was still a superhit show and was sold at high rates overseas lmao

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