Seo Yeo Ji, Park Gyu Young, and Oh Jung Se Confirmed for I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay with Kim Soo Hyun

This drama was supposed to premiere in June and let’s keep finger crossed that it will be on schedule. K-actor Kim Soo Hyun‘s comeback drama I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay has confirmed three additional cast members – rumored female lead Seo Ye Ji is onboard along with Oh Jung Se and Park Gyu Young. It’s the story of a psychiatric ward employee with an autistic older brother and his romance with a ill tempered children’s book writer. Seo Ye Ji was stuck playing bitchy second female leads for many a drama before her leading lady breakout opposite Lee Jun Ki in Lawless Lawyer so I’m really excited about this onscreen pairing with her and Kim Soo Hyun. Directing is the PD of Boyfriend (Encounter) and Incarnation of Jealousy with the screenwriter of Jugglers.


Seo Yeo Ji, Park Gyu Young, and Oh Jung Se Confirmed for I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay with Kim Soo Hyun — 16 Comments

  1. Good no clash between any of them. I hope it works for him. He really lost tons of his popularity just bcoz of one flop movie . He needs to bounce back strong. Hope script is good…. just loved him in METS and MLFTS

  2. I think you are mixing it up. Seo Ye Ji has been a female lead as far back as Last in 2015 and she plays unique and not bitchy roles. Please get your facts right.

  3. Yay, i like the main leads. I’m not familiar with park gyu young but i love oh jung se in all the roles i’ve seen him, stove league being the most recent. Definitely one of my long list of to-watch out drama this year.

  4. You clearly never followed Seo Ye Ji’s career because her roles were all very diverse…I mean how was her role in Save Me, Moorim School or Last bitchy female lead. She did msny different things and slowly made her name.

  5. love love kim soo hyun he’s really very charming and handsome. Very good actor. He’s my favorite now after watching mets and mlfts.

  6. lol Koala she’s had 3 leading roles, and imo her breakout role was Save Me despite Lawless Lawyer having higher ratings.

  7. I love seo ye ji! And I don’t think she played many bitchy roles.. her first acting career Potato Star wasn’t bitchy either~

  8. It sounds like a healing, slice of life drama… but I rather he do hotel del Luna season 2 Hahaha dreams will stay dreams I suppose.

  9. As much as I love SYJ and KSH and I am happy to see confirmation of both and knowing that their supporting cast is on board I just want to see a brilliant script produced and that’s it really and oh SYJ IG reestablished because when Goldmedalist confirmed her role nek minute her IG disappeared leaving her faithful followers (me too) at a loss and speculating why? I’ve been reading some twitter and IG posts that some fans of KSH are not happy with her casting but hey she was chosen most likely from a group of potentials and who knows how they arrived at her to be KSH leading lady. Please give her a chance to prove her worth. She’s managed to turn the worst critics around with her portrayals in Save Me and Lawless Lawyer and I am hoping her character arc in PBIO can help sway others too. Wishing them all the best of luck in the lead up to their June premiere.

    • a lot of KSH fans are always are always like this. well to be fair, a lot of “hallyu” actor fans. the female lead is either not popular enough, not talented enough, or not pretty enough for them. but anyways, they’ll eat their words once airing begins and she slays her role.

  10. I can’t recall Seo Ye Ji playing bitchy roles from the first one I saw her in the disaster “Diary of a Night Watchman” to “Lawless Lawyer” (which I couldn’t finish). She has had her share of second lead roles but her first lead role was in “Last” and she absolutely slayed it in “Save Me” . I’m excited for this pairing, I think she has loads of talent and charisma and will match KSH and not be overshadowed by him.

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