Ratings Rise of jTBC Drama Itaewon Peters Out in Episodes 13-14 at Steady 13% Range

Sky Castle can remain sky high for a good while longer as it’s perch on top of being the highest rated cable drama and highest rated jTBC drama won’t be challenged by underdog success story Itaewon Class. Itaewon is still one of the most successful cable dramas EVER and second highest rated on jTBC, even more impressive considering it’s comparatively low budget compared to other high profile dramas that got ratings but spent a lot of money on expensive stars and overseas shoots. This weekend’s episodes 13-14 got high 13% ratings and dropped a bit from last week breaking 14%. There is still two more weeks left and I’m sure the drama will increase as it heads into the final stretch and still what a treat to see so many hardworking actors and actresses who picked this drama based on the story get rewarded.


Ratings Rise of jTBC Drama Itaewon Peters Out in Episodes 13-14 at Steady 13% Range — 18 Comments

  1. The whole cast can act, no one is weak. It is a great watch. Well done in directing, editing, music, everything…

  2. I always knew psj was good but dami what an actress. Hats off best new actress for me. she is gonna sweep awards i feel like best actress at baeksang awards. . Nara is fine too.. And supporting cast. Good to see kdrama fighting racism, transphobia and showing how much they exist korea. Last 2 episodes ratings felt because they focused on such issues which most people avoid and episode 9 and 10 were slow too but i see ratings rise next week as episode 12 was good and we are getting close to revenge.. whole cast is good. And nice twist in guen soo’s character. He is ambitious but revealing his friend as trans, he stooped low. He has no right to judge his father as he is rightful heir lol after this.

  3. I wanted to wait until the end of the series but couldn’t. Watched first 2 episodes! I like it! It hasn’t completely won me over but I enjoy it! The father son interaction is so loving and heart-breaking! It reminds me of the mother-daughter relationship in I can hear your voice. Both parents encouraging their child to stick to their morals and be strong against the crowd of people who are aiming against them. And sadly, both parents died 🙁

    • Thing is this show is based on character developmemt and slow writing so things happen with slow pace as they have to set the plot. After that things will go fast.. If you take the expectation of a rom com drama , then u will feel disappointed. So different genre. But it will keep getting interesting. Just keep watching.

  4. I think episode 12 might be my favourite episode yet. The scenes between PSRY and Hyun Yi were so touching. It’s so satisfying to watch a drama with a good script and with even better actors who bring the characters to life.

  5. Sky Castle is definitely More gripping and better writing in my opinion. Here nothing is at stake after initial first 2 episode when everything fall apart. The writers playing safe. Dissapointing. It could be better. I’m no longer care about any of the character. Hi Bye Mama surprisingly is more gripping.

    • May I ask how to make the script better if you were the writer? in drama sense. IC based on a webtoon while SC is not.

      • After the initial first 2 episode, the drama itself never make a real challenge to the character achieving their goal and challenging their principle and moral compass, heck SRY. It makes less compelling. Everytime the writers challenge them, The writers miraciously always have some miracle/ solution (Like Tonis, granny sudden appearance to invest The PUB, like wth), they back to their fit without real challenge. so the tension feels empty, just tension for the sake of tension. Some Character development also feel contrived without geniune build up, like Geun Soo’s sudden grey character territory, and Yi Seo’s attraction that make her has empathy. It seems they are looking for tv rating rather than geniune story.

        The most interesting actually Geun Woo’s story, which he paid the price of what he actually believe before, that he would never been get challenge because of his statues, that turn out, his father turn his back against him, which make his character arc become more dynamic. unfortunately, he has barely any screen time in recent episode.

      • IC is entirely fictional and some characters are really cartoonish which makes this drama so entertaining. Like watching a James Bond movie, situations always turn in favor of the main character. It is so different from Sky Castle making it unreal to compare except for the surprisingly high ratings of both.

  6. Not a fan of Park Seo Joon, but IC is really good. now watching episode 6. Kim Da mi and Kwon Nara are very good in this drama.
    I hope my favorite actor will also receive good roles as what PSJ has been getting.
    IC deserves its high viewership ratings. the drama is entertaining to watch. Congrats to the whole team, Cast and creww

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