Song Hye Kyo is Glamorous and Chic for Harper’s Bazaar Thailand April 2020 Edition

I’m sure this pictorial was shot months ago but it’s certainly not the time to be jetting around for fashion shows or photo shoots. But it is time to find as much entertainment online from the safety of one’s own home so I appreciate the chance to check out Spring 2020 fashion trends with K-actress Song Hye Kyo on the cover and pages of April 2020 Harper’s Bazaar Thailand. She’s definitely super popular over there, all her dramas from early Hallyu hits to recent modern romances have quite the Thai audience, I guess it’s more wholesome and less forced relationship driven than the Thai lakorn option. I love Song Hye Kyo’s clean straight locks and super stylish outfits. She’s such a fashion queen in photo shoots, love it!


Song Hye Kyo is Glamorous and Chic for Harper’s Bazaar Thailand April 2020 Edition — 59 Comments

  1. she might not be blessed with tall height of jun ji hyun or lee na young but she is blessed with perfect face and features. She makes all these things work. such a strong aura she has. 2 decades at top and i hope atleast one another decade as well.

  2. why am I seeing Kim So Hyun in her? These ladies both have this innocent and mysterious girl-next-door” image which is really hard to resist especially when you are a guy. no doubt why they are the ideal type of almost men in Korea.

    • @hanz Same here, I’m such a big fanboy of the beautiful Kim So Hyun and Song Hye Kyo, such goddesses! I remember one of the behind-the-scene photos from So Hyun’s photoshoot for Skono went viral because she looks so much like Song Hye Kyo in that. I personally think she looks more like Han Ga In, but I get the Song Hye Kyo comparison, they have such quiet, elegant and graceful beauty and aura about them! Haha I hope I’m not being an annoying fanboy here, but I really love these two! Damn, they are my ideal women!

      • Hey hanz, myrna, marc!

        Are you guys talking bad about shk and/or using her to just praise ksh only?

        I don’t think you guys are making negative comments but user adyjun thinks you are. Can you clarify for her/him that you guys are making positive comments?

        I try to tell her that you guys are being kind but she doesn’t believe me. Only you guys can clarify. Thank you 🙂

      • @Laura. What kind of mess that ady made? She’s an overthinker. It is hard to accompany that kind of person irl. It is so obvious that I am praising both actresses because of their similar auras. I guess that ady has a poor reading comprehension skills.

      • @hanz i never said u r hating or anything n dont bring my real life here. Lauura made a mountain of simple comment. I was annoyed by ksh essays on shk post for no reason and the comment that he seesksh in shk wgen shk us the older one. Laura started getting touchy and is the one who dragged it lol

    • @lmao u think i m asking for clarification? U made a thing out of nothing. All i said how ksh is related to this topic? Cant u get it? U r really touchy n sensitive and my comment wasnt even bashing her. The one which bashed u didnt even bother with that user
      My point was using shk to praise ksh was unnecessary which u r comletely missing. I m laughing hard right now with your lol worthy comments

      • LOL! Everyone has their free will including you? So, any thoughts or comments are entertained here. KSH is related in this topic in such a way that she gives the same “aura” like SHK according to the fans above.So, if you have a problem with that, well, you are free to voice your opinion. However, it is just so irritating on your part that you take the positive comments into negative ones. IF YOU ARE A FAN OF SHK, SHE WILL BE DISAPPOINTED ON YOU BECAUSE LOOK AT THE MESS YOU MADE.

      • @saint did i ask you to stop? Go on odaising writing essays on ksh in unrelated topic. I dont own this site. But if i feel annoyed i dont need ur permission to express it. Using shk to prop ksh lol. Keep doing it. It wont be messy if u guys hadnt brought ur goddess in much senior actress topic and then that user started her log essays which turned it into a mess. So prech it to her and na i dont need shk permissiob either lmao

    • And necer said they are bashung shk but using her as prop to praise ksh in unrelated topic. Saying thibgs like new gen actress can be seen a 2 decade old hallyu beauty. When it should be other way around u cant force people to praise ur goddess like everyone. Get over it

      • Ady, I asked for clarifications on your behalf because you are upset. They cleared up that they have nothing but love for both actresses. Why are you still upset?

        I don’t know what to do to make you happy and understand that no one is criticizing shk.

      • @lawyer I didnt ask u to be my lawyer. I am more than capable of handling it.

      • Why are you so upset? Do you need a hug?

        It’s unfair to the other people you are looking down on them. What does being a lawyer has anything to do with it? It’s to help both sides understand each other. Is it not good to stop misunderstandings? I don’t understand.

        You should apologize to those posters for thinking bad about them when they were clear of their intentions. They were showing only love to both actress.

      • @laura please keep your virtual hug to urself and i dont touch or like to get touched in person .
        Second i didnt bash those people u twisted ny wholr commebt to ur liking. All i said i find it irritating to bring ksh here and started praising her in shk post. I wouldve understood if it was some comparison poll or her mention i find it unnecessary. I have nthng to apologise

      • I re-read all the comments and subsequent/following comments. They are directly bashing those commentators, especially the spirit of your comments are not nice, even though they did nothing wrong. Bringing in names of other actors is not wrong.

        I’m just going to assume that you’re like me and English isn’t our first language. So it’s easy for us to misunderstand.

    • FUN FACT: Kim So Hyun played the part of younger Hwang Jin Yi (played by Song Hye Kyo) movie. Obviously, she was chosen for reason of facial resemblance, among others.?

      • Still they have no resemblance. Shk features are nore sharp n have more smaller face. Different nose as well.

      • You need to relax. I had a ball reading all these comments. And seriously you’re the only one that is freaking out. I would wager if someone call you pretty, you’ll still act all offended and say, ”pretty. Not beautiful!? Not stunningly gorgeous!? Aaaahhh.”

  3. Ksh fans are getting irritating now. Is this article about her? Or before someone label me her anri i have praised her many times. Goddess shk was more stunning even at her teens than ksh if u wanna go there
    So dont make every thread about ksh when it isnt even related to her

    • Take your anti-ksh comment out of here. They’re making kind comparisons that they can be sisters. Why are you getting triggered over nothing.

      Same with you cherry blossom: “weird chin and big forehead” Body shaming. Get lost.

      • Yoy take ur bs with u. U dont own this sitem anti? I have praised her 100 times but every thrwad u guys make it ksh vs kyj. This is about shk and we r here to praise her. The comment was why i see ksh in shk? It is other way around bco shk is 18 years older. It is insulting for shk n her fans using shk as an prop to praise ksh. Got ir

      • Just because you praised ksh a thousand times doesn’t mean you can’t make negative comments on her in the future.

        People make comparison of people all the time in looks. No one ever said, oh you look like your mom or your dad? I see beauty comparison on this blog all the time but it’s a first I seen someone act negatively to positive comparisons.

        How do you know those fans are using her to prop up ksh? Can you read their minds or hearts?

    • Yes i can read their kinds.
      I can see ksh in her means that shk looks like ksh. Who is older? If u wanna prop up your fave be clear. Because younger looks like old not the other way around
      And yes i can make negative comment on her . She is an actress public figure. It is not her exclusive fan club. If her fans r gonna bring her in unrelated topic then dont expect everyone to praise her
      We shk fans are not going on ksh posts to say we see shk in her to prop shk. We dont need approval everywhere u know. She is beauty for 2 decades now and if u make disrespectfuk comment like that we see new rising actress in goddess, welk then dont exoect everyone to stay shut

      • I think I get it now. I see why there can be misunderstandings. When people compare, they compare based on who they know first or know more rather than age. It’s true shk is older and have been around in the industry longer but to these fans they might know ksh first. They’re basically saying she’s an older ksh in looks. It’s not a shade. Its just they are more familiar with ksh. Just like one of my favorite actresses saoirse Ronan. Some people say she’s a younger version of Kate winslet or Meryl Streep and so forth. It’s not a shade, just an observation

        No one is saying anything negative about shk looks here. Please don’t say comments like you can read their minds when clearly you don’t. It’s frankly disappointing you don’t mention about cherry blossom comment on this topic because clearly he’s the only one negative on the looks department And they’re targeting ksh .
        It shows that you are only bias for Kim Yoo Jung and Shk. I’m a fan for all three, so I try to call out on anyone.

        You can say negative things about ksh if you like. You’re right it’s not a fan club page. I don’t understand why you even need to say this. But just let you know a negative comment will be refuted and commented back.

      • @i like ksh but i m not fan of hers or any other actress u mentioned. I only like shk and i stick to what i felt about it. I am not here to fight battles of every celeb. I only do it my fave.
        U can keep refuting but my cmmnt wasnt anti but if i find something irritating, i m going to call it out
        Same way ur comment will get a reoly back. This topic wasnt about ksh and her fans unnecessarily made it to prop her and that is what i feel and nothing gonna change it

      • Yes. It’s your right to do so. You can ignore attacks on other people. It’s disappointing but it’s your free will.

        I think you’re making a hill out of nothing. No one is doing anything against shk. You have no evidence of them using shk but just feelings. That won’t work in the court of law but this is only a blog so whatever I guess.

        I wish you would be less skeptical but whatever

    • Beauty comparisons are made when the topic is related to it. There was no mention of ksh but u guys made this topic about her for no reason.

      • Why can’t people use names of other actors and actresses to make positive comments of beauty? It’s done all the time. Please stop getting suspicious of people kind words.

      • When the comment turbs out to be prause od other actresses instead of the actress of topic, it becomes a unnecessary comparison

      • The comments are praising both actresses. Unnecessary or not, Like you said, this isn’t a fan page. It’s frankly mind-blowing you’re taking positive comments as negative comments. Those commentators are even saying they’re fans of both.

        I really don’t understand how your mind process.

      • My mind processes differently than u and i can see the things which u cant.u cant change my opinion

      • It’s hard to change other people minds. But at least Be aware that there are multiple perspectives so you don’t make the mistake of upsetting other people when in reality their intentions were harmless.

      • If u get upset by mere criticism of bringing your fave in unrelated topic and people not singing praises for her, then thats tour problem. If u cant develop a thick skin. Not everyone gonna love her. Get over ur entitlement

    • @laura its disappointing u never came to defend my fave either? Did i question u? Just bcoz this time it is ur fave, everyone should join forces? Whats with the entitlement?

      • I’m a fan of all three, I call out on truly bad comments like body shaming. Negative opinions in acting, i don’t call out because those opinions are constructive.

        Why should I defend her here when no one is talking bad about her in looks here?

      • There are many body shaming comments as well as comments on visuals are commented here. They are public figures, models , endorsers , they use their face n body to sell product. They will be judged over it. That is give n take of this profession which lies on visuals. Period

      • I’m not sure why I am the one who has thin skin because I’m trying to explain to you no one is out to get shk.

        Also saying people shouldn’t body shame is being called thin skin? I really don’t understand but okay.

  4. She’s always beautiful no matter what kind of oufit she have it on but sadly she’s extremely sad and empty inside.

  5. Lol all the comments about her looking sad is so funny how can you tell that guys? This pictorial has a concept and its the photographer call on how she gonna emote on her poses. Btw she look Stunning she always make an effprt to deliver different style in her pictorials be it on her ad or magazine pictoroals.

  6. What?! KHS DOESN’T look like Song hye kyo. KHS has a big forehead and a weird chin. Their face shape and features couldn’t be more different either.

    • It is not the physical features they are referring to but their similar auras. Lol. Have your reading comprehension check.

  7. She is vey beautiful, stylish and sophisticated in these shots. I like the Dior clothes on her more than on the models who wore the clothes in the runway for dior spring rtw collection.

  8. The one and only actress I admire in S.Korea? SongHyeKyo ? her heart of gold radiates in her outer beauty. Salanghae HyeKyo ❤❤❤

  9. FYI ITS KIM YOO JUNG WHO PLAYED A YOUNGER VERSION OF SONG HYE KYO ON MOVIE HEANG JIN YI. ksh fans y’all delusional as fck lmao that’s why your actress never had a hit drama because y’all toxic and obsessed.

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