tvN Drama Memorist with Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young Premieres to Decent 3.272% Ratings

Life’s been insanely crazy for me work wise and news wise around the world, I totally forgot that this Wednesday was the premiere for my baby boy Yoo Seung Ho‘s new police thriller drama Memorist. I’ll rectify that this weekend with a catch up of the first two episodes but for those who checked out episode 1, how was it? It brought in a nice decent 3.272% ratings for cable network tvN, and over on prime time KBS and MBC are doing the same number range in ratings for Forest and The Game: Towards Zero except being on a free network. It’s a relatively low competition Wed-Thurs time slot right now and hopefully K-dramas will be able to continue filming in South Korea otherwise get ready for dramas to suspend airing if it runs out of new episodes.


tvN Drama Memorist with Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young Premieres to Decent 3.272% Ratings — 6 Comments

  1. He has finished army service early so i hope it is good and works for him and it will create momentum for him and there will be no service to stop it . He is a very decent guy and good actor. He is cutiepie

  2. Sigh second episode decreased to 2.762% these young actors have long way to go if they wanna land big projects and he is such a good actor. But bad at script choices

  3. From playing someone with perfect memory in Remember to reading others memory, YSH sure likes memory related trillers. I’m currently watching Remember. For LSY I’m hoping for a better performance than her last role against JS as a Dr.

  4. Honestly i wasn’t blown away , but i’ll watch ep 3 & 4 to confirm. I like both actors but i’m still waiting for the Yoo Seung Ho of “Missing you” days . Until now, his performance of HB stills his best in his drama career . Just my opinion ! As for the drama, with dramas as “Nobody knows” or “Tell me what you saw” , “the memorist” may struggle to find an audience.

  5. The episodes of memorist is so intense in action full of thrill,its a good start,hope next episodes the ratings will go high,pls will support Memorist…keep on fighting Memorist team staff & crew???

  6. i hope that the viewershship ratings for memorist will increase. Rating had decreased from 1st to 2nd episode.

    i loved YSH in i am not a robot. i wish him the best. Personally, i also wush that he would go back to school to get a degree.

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