Kim Go Eun is Quirky Cool in First Character Stills for SBS Drama The King: Eternal Monarch

One of the reasons I’m so stoked for the upcoming SBS fantasy romance The King: Eternal Monarch is to hopefully see the redemption of Kim Go Eun. I LOVED Goblin but I really didn’t like character, and it was the sheer overwhelming love for the other three leads that helped overcome her naive wide-eyed blankness as a personality. She played a high schooler like a middle schooler, and did a great job with the acting if that was how Ji Eun Tak was written, but it really did mar her amazing rise as a truly unique actress especially after Cheese in the Trap. Kim Eun Sook did her wrong in Goblin and now has a chance to make it right and I’m loving the first look at her character in The King, so cool and adult and got her shit together. Hallelujah, let Kim Go Eun rise again!


Kim Go Eun is Quirky Cool in First Character Stills for SBS Drama The King: Eternal Monarch — 50 Comments

  1. Her character really looks much more interesting here. I liked her in cheese in trap. And such a good actress. Hope drama becomes major hit…
    And i just find her so beautiful and breath taking. And love her fashion sense at chanel events as one of ambassadors!

  2. I hope she redeem herself too. She’s horrible in most of her projects. Good thing Lee min Ho is the main star, he makes most shows great even if the female lead is a disaster.

      • I think moonlight is quite harsh here and she was great in cheese in trap but she was not good in goblin. Maybe because of bad character development

      • Her dramas were good and commendable but in my opinion she’s the weak spots of those dramas. Even in her movies, she’s okay. I checked out Some of her movies, I didn’t understand the hype. She’s passable. Not as good as shk or jjh. Those are queens titans in both dramas and movies.

        Please it’s not the poor writing in goblin, it’s her inadequate skills that couldn’t sell her character. The writer is known for her skills in writing good female and male characters.

        Good ratings doesn’t necessarily translate to excellent acting. The other cast members carried her.

    • KGE is not horrible in most of her projects. Her character in Goblin is very poorly written, not totally her fault. You don’t have to put her down to bring up LMH whom does not need any boasting. LMH is always the main star regardless. I think KGE is even wider in acting range than LMH in my most honest opinion. I am surprised you do not drag that person here but clearly that someone really needs to redeem after that flop drama. Goblin has excellent rating so you need not worry because KGE does not need to redeem anything at all. Her acting skill is already proven very early on in movies. Her drama ratings remain high and it will get higher with The King.

      • Do u think it will achieve 30%ratings in today’s time? It will be amazing for both the leads if it happens.

      • Drag who? If you’re talking about yoojung, It’s a given Yoojung is the better actress. Ratings hit or not, she plays her characters exceptionally well even if the scripts are terrible.

        Once again ratings doesn’t demonstrate her acting skills. Obviously koala agrees that she needs to redeem herself because her acting is lacking.

      • Stop with your yapping. You’re insignificant. Yoojung is nothing compared to most korean actors.

      • @ joker Koala left it open-ended, up to your interpretation with her comment. I can read. And i interpreted as a dig. So don’t think you are so smart.

        @ xuan
        I can share what I want to share, you’re just jealous that your bias are lacking.

      • Moonlight Yoo. Your gut is also open-ended and unfortunately you always let out both ends. I never claim to be smart, I am just taught to be more discreet and more proper. I guess you will never understand.

      • Lolz do you have to say you’re smart when trying to act like a smart-aleck?

        It’s like saying you didn’t “claim” you’re a jerk even though you’re acting like one. Therefore you’re not one until you’re self-aware and spell it out.

        That’s the lamest logic ever.

        You may be taught manners but you don’t apply them, so that’s a waste of their time trying to teach you lolz

      • @bailey

        What are you talking about? What WordPress are you talking about? I don’t know what you’re trying to accuse me of but stop making stuff up and making accusations without proof because you’re devastated your bias ain’t all that.

    • Yeah Kim Go Eun was so bad in Goblin. her acting was so childish, she had no chemistry with Gong Yoo. i believe what most people say that shes an overrated actress.
      as for kim Yoo Jung, she’s on top of her game, shes the CF queen. Her acting is always exemplary. Her dramas are always a hit. she is magnifico.
      To all the haters of Kim Joo yung, keep on hating, for ki. yoo jung will remain and will continue to remain as queen of K drama. Her next project, Convenience store Saet Byul, which will premiere in June is anticipated to beat all high rated dramas. Rating is expected to be aa high as 30%. both the leads are so charming and popular and the best of their generations acting wise and visuals. so watch out

      • I don’t know if convenient store would have over 30 percent but it will most likely be a huge hit unless the writer goes crazy. Irregardless, yoojung will give memorable performances despite ratings and despite quality of script. Because she’s that amazing!

        She and ji chang wook will be the next power couple most definitely!

      • It’s quite embarrassing of you creating another account just so you can talk to yourself. You have @Moonlight Yoo, why do you use your wordpress account?

        Like, Felicia, get a life during this coronavirus outbreak.

      • @bailey

        What is in you water? What are you talking about? What WordPress are you talking about? I don’t know what you’re trying to accuse me of but stop making stuff up and making accusations without proof because you’re devastated your bias ain’t all that.

      • Wait are you trying to accuse me that I’m Yooandchangfsnatic? I don’t know what WordPress has to do with anything but you’re just a bag of spoiled beans for thinking that. I don’t need to make other usernames to support me unlike certain sohyun salty fans because I have a strong case.

      • Kim yoo jung ws ahead of kim go eun . she was a child actress she have gain a lot of exposure. as far as i remember about love in the moonlight it was first offered to kim go eun but rejected it. but both Goblin and love in the moonlight became hit in their time goblin became hit in korea and love in the moonlight gained popularity overseas because of park bo gum. both KYJ and KGE have different timeline so stop comparing.

  3. Those Kim yoo Jung fan hypocrites, you know who you are. Staying silent when this moonlight Yoo is going berserk.

    You guys have no rights to complain in the future.

    • 100% agree. This Moonlight Yoo loves to insert her fave in every unrelated and article in this blog. Worse is, she also loves to drag down KSH name to stir a fan war. What a hypocrite. Get a life, girl!

      • That KYJ fan really loves dragging every actress outside of Kim Yoo Jung lmao. And I thought I was messy. Imagine saying Kim Go Eun is mediocre when her films and CITT say otherwise lol. Sorry but KGE is more talented and relevant than her fave, and she will continue getting top projects unlike those cleaning and convenience store dramas sksksks.

      • Don’t exaggerate, there are many female actresses I admire as well like saeron, jjh, shk, ha ji won and so forth.

        Well it’s my opinion she is, and don’t be salty about it. Please kge is barely known. If you ask most international people they’ll be like who is she? Only if you say it’s the main female lead from goblin, they’ll be like, oh it’s her.

        Convenience store is going to be a huge hit. The director said he’s revamping most of the story so it will be family friendly. He’s behind the huge hit fiery priest. It’s going to be amazing.

        It’s not Yoojung fault if cleaning with passion writer was awful. Her talent dazzled onscreen despite the script trying hard to dampen her spirit. That’s how good of an actress she is, she remains remarkable despite the worse scripts. Sohyun couldn’t shine in ruler despite the bad scripts. A good actress is suppose to shine no matter what material given.

      • hahaha. What? KGE is barely known?? Moonlight Yoo is really living under a well.

      • @maryanne it’s the truth, mostly Koreans and a few avid kdrama fans are aware of her.

        In social media, yoojung has more presence and her articles get more attention and likes than sohyun minus a few love alarm articles due to song kang presence.

        It’s sad to see your jealousy eating you .

      • What id your basis that KYJ has more social media presence than KSH? Give us your numbers, please! KSH’IG following increases almost a million year by year and thus, reaching 8M at present. Meanwhile, KYJ’s remained stagnant at 3M since 2016.

    • Lol. Same thing applies to Yoo Jung. International kdrama fans do not who KYJ is unless, you say that shes is the female lead of LITM. Her drama characters are not memorable as KSH’s. KSH is widely recognizable as Eun Bi/Eun Byul in WAYS2015, Kim Hyun Ji in LFG, Kim Jojo in LA and Dong Joo in TTON. That’s why she’s the hallyu queen of her gen. And still, unbeatable. KYJ can only dream from a distant. Lol!

  4. She obviously can act, she was amazing in chinatown. But her acting in goblin its wrong. She acted too childish, and no chemistry with Gongyoo. She got a lot of hate after goblin, especially from gongyoo fans. Now I hope Kim eunsook fix her image. she is the one who ruined her.

    • Don’t blame the writer for her failures. There was nothing wrong with her character. She was mugging all the way through in goblin. Her acting childish is the writer’s fault?

      Maybe she was good in Chinatown, I didn’t watch it. But the works I seen of her, she was so mediocre. Maybe she needs a special director that can bring out her limited acting chops.

      • @moonlight yoo?

        what are the reasons why Clean with passion did not do well in korea in terms of viewetship ratings?

        second, how come your favorite actress does not get good offers? her next project is convenience blah blah blah?

      • Well obviously the writer was bad, most people said so. They made her character act so unreasonable and hate on the male character for lame reasons.

        But despite the awful writer, Yoojung still shines! A good actress shines despite awful material. If another so-so actress was to replace her in the show, the ratings would have been under 1.0 for most of the series. Also the show episodes was cancelled a lot for holidays and sports, so it lost momentum.

        She gets good offers! She’s busy and taking her time and resting like normal people. Convenient store as stated by the director will be completely revamped and will be family friendly. It will be directed by mega hit director fiery priest. He said that the drama would be very different from the webtoon unlike most webtoon to drama adaptions. Also her male star is a super talented, popular actor although he chose some mediocre projects.

  5. Kim Go Eun is a great actress. She is so cute and lovely in Goblin. Watch her other productions and I really like her. Can’t wait to see her soon.

  6. Moonlight or whatever you call yourself Kim so hyun is internationally known and as for your fav I don’t even, I just goggled her now and found that she sucks

    • She’s a delulu.She keeps on saying that KYJ is more popular than KSH overseas but cannot back it up with a reliable basis. She just uses the success of LITM when in fact, PBG is the only one catapulted by that drama into hallyu stardom. Well, maybe, she wishes that KYJ will reach the popularity of KSH because if you will see, most of her drama offers are not big deal like KSH. Not to mention that she can’t carry a drama without a popular male lead.

      • Please and how are you backing that sohyun is more well known than Yoojung overseas? Her fan base remains stagnant, and she didn’t receive and new big endorsement or any big hallyu potential drama offers after love alarm and tales of nokdu

        Yoojung act circles around her male lead in cleaning with passion, she can lead and act well in dramas without popular actors. Bogummy wasn’t a popular actor either before moonlight. Stop being jealous and fabricating information

      • The fact that KSH’s social media following is increasing almost a million year by year is a clear indication of how popular she is overseas. KYJ is the real stagnant because her following never change since LITM. LOL. So, how about you what is your basis that KYJ is more popular than KSH overseas? Givee us the numbers, please!

      • Ad to male leads, look at the difference between LITM and CWPFN. LITM became a hit because of PBG while CWPFN hit a low 1% rating because of YKS. It just shows that KYJ has no popularity contribution, thus, she can’t carry a drama on her own. Unlike KSH, even without a popular male lead can carry a drama make it hallyu favorites like WAYS2015, LFG, LA and TTON

      • So what if it’s increasing? Yoojung isn’t as proactive on her instagram. Also Yoojung may have many fans that don’t use instagram.

        One way you can check popularity is likes on twitter. More people like yoojung related things than sohyun. Her articles on allkpop and soompi generally get more likes than so hyun.

        Stop misleading, moonlight success is credited to both actors. don’t make up information to support your flimsy stances.

        So hyun male co-stars help support her in each drama. what the heck are you talking about. if there was no male leads, her dramas would flop to the seas. Cleaning with passion ratings went down because of postponement of episodes and bad quality of scripts.

        But yoojung still shines in bad scripts unlike sohyun who is only as good as the script.

      • Lol. Can you show us the numbers that KYJ has more likes than KSH in soompi, twitter and among others? Or else, you are just fabricating stories. Further, please note that KSH is not also active in her IG. It’s just like her dramas are so popular overseas and continue to make KSH relevant. Unlike your idol, who can’t make a drama popular overseas and needs a popular male lead, to do so.

  7. you know what?
    not only as a JCW fan,but also as a kdramer I like it how all fans and antifans discuss CSSB wherever they get a chance to.
    and it REALLY doesn’t matter what they say.
    lemme tell u why:

    the more u talk the more new people will find out. they become curious or interested or both,then willingly or unwillingly they keep an eye on the drama because DAMN who would lose it when JCW & KYJ join each other on same screen?!
    the popularity of both inside and outside korea is UNDENIABLE and CRAZY.
    fans support and haters hate anyway. the drama hasn’t been released yet,So who cares?
    you can’t offense what doesn’t even exist with hate words imao!!
    amazing,isn’t it?
    how hard those tiny little sweet antifans are working in favor of this drama more aggressively than fans themselves, SPREADING NEWS,SAYING the NAME
    just imagine someone checking on this article for KGE and suddenly finds out about CSSB!!
    “what?JCW and KYJ?casting a drama together?when?”
    would that person care you are a fan or a hater?would that person really care what we fans or you antifans say??or just opens a new window and searchs the title “convenince store saet byul”??

    I’m sitting here like thank you!
    do the things for us,I DO APPRECIATE IT.
    cause the only thing that a drama needs ever before it is released my dear,
    is to be KNOWEN,DISCUSSED and TALKED about, so before it comes to screen,many know the thick and thin of its casting and details and be waiting for it.
    thank to all fans and unwanted efforts of antifans the drama is SO popular and known all over blogs and websites now, whether or not the article is written about it at the first place.
    my sincere thanks for cooperating with us

    • LOL. What are you talking about? Only KYJ fans are hardly promoting it. And the anti-KYJ fans do not even bothered by it. I think the one who will benefit from this fan was is KSH. KYJ fans always mention her. So, people will be curious to her and consequently, leads to watching her. LAS2 might probably benefit more from this mess.

      • oh but I’ve seen many bothered by it.
        and no,buddy,Im not dragging KSH into this. I respect her and I like her as one of successful nice actoresses of her gen.
        kdrama world is big enough for all actors and actoresses to shine.
        so pls don’t misunderstand me.
        sick of all these KYJ vs. KSH already,
        they are both beautiful talented actoresses to me.

      • @artemis this entire life is a competition. There’s nothing wrong with sohyun vs Yoojung comparison. It’s the sohyun fans who are so immature and can’t accept honest opinions. They are so salty.

        But yes it’s great convenient store is getting publicity!

  8. @moonlight yoo
    it depends on your definition of competition.
    and those swear words I saw below different articles deary,are so far from mine,and Im sure it’s far from yours as well.
    competition has morals

  9. irrelevant why they brought a topic about kim yoo jung here they are aired in the same channel SBS will put it after TKEM ends hahahha. the uses the same boat. you should support them with out bringing one down.

  10. i have been a kdrama fan for almost 10 years since dong yi and i like Kim yoo jung during that time . but for those 10 years only kim go eun cought my eye. what a childish fan of kim yoo jung. in fact during love in the moonlight it was first offered to kim go eun but rejected it thats why it ended up to kim yoo jung . this is a fact and you can find an article of it. kim yoo jung is far from kim go euns acting she is a versatile actress can do anything from being a badass to highschool girl like euntak and all of them are impressive. on the other hand kim jung is good too but in different areas of acting both of them are good in their own style and ways.

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