Woo Do Hwan is a Badass Royal Bodyguard in Character Stills for The King: Eternal Monarch

I feel like it’s Heirs part deux, but this time male lead Lee Min Ho isn’t with Kim Woo Bin and instead getting another Bin similar male lead with Woo Do Hwan. Being second fiddle isn’t bad in the rare K-drama role, like Kim Woo Bin in Heirs and most recently Kim Jung Hyun in Crash Landing on You, so Woo Do Hwan has a chance to shine just as brightly as the male lead with hopefully his own story line and character development. He definitely looks the part, all kickass sunglasses and perfectly tailored not too flashy suit that screams “secret bodyguard”. He also has a dual role in the parallel universe where he looks schlubby so that’ll be a fun dichotomy.


Woo Do Hwan is a Badass Royal Bodyguard in Character Stills for The King: Eternal Monarch — 30 Comments

  1. He’s so hot! Drool!

    I just hope his acting improved because jang hyuk stomp all over him in my country and he was so bad in temptation. Good thing he’s not the main male lead this time or the show quality would probably drop immensely

      • Yes! Lee min Ho is overwhelmingly great! He’s so good that you can’t help but stay focus on him.

      • Yup he has charisma. All k dramas fans whom i have met in real just felt for him. He has that x factor to draw u

    • Completely disagree. Woo is an excellent actor and to be able to stand up with some of his seniors is impressive. His career is just beginning and great things will be in his future.

  2. I will watch this drama for him, Kim Kyung Nam and Kim Go Eun. I love the three actors! The 3 of them are very charismatic on screen.

    • You watch for them three and not lee min ho as well?
      The weak links of most of their projects?
      This is laugh around the world crazy lolz

      • For me, Lee Min Ho is the weakest except in Faith, I really liked him in this drama. But maybe because he was the quiet-cold kind of hero.

        Woo Do Hwan is a great actor, he could act with Yoo Ji Tae and Jang Hyung without being overshadowed by them.

        Kim Kyung Nam never was a lead but he stole the show in Come and Hug Me, he was super cute in love in Where the Stars Land and he was pretty funny in Special Labor Inspector Jo.

        Kim Go Eun was good in all jobs. Personaly, I loved her in Goblin. All the Canada’s scenes were filmed in the beginning, but Gong Yoo and her had a great chemistry when it was different stades of their relationship. They didn’t know each other very well me the scene when her memories came back was really great.

      • I strongly, strongly disagree with you. But it’s your opinion although I think it’s awful. Lee min Ho is the main star of the show anyways. His brightness won’t be diminished even if his costars try to drag him down

  3. I haven’t watched KDrama in a long while. But I saw the first episodes of My Country where Woo Do Hwan was in and really liked his acting and intensity. Might check this out.

  4. @sayaris Lee min ho is a great actor, he has a charisma that draws you into his character, for you to say lmh is the weakest link in the drama just shows how you are lmh anti.. Believe it or not this guy is the face of the drama

    • Dont bother these people credit his costars for all of his dramas successes, even some here said actress park min young ( her new drama rating start was over 1% lmao) is the reason for city hunter pan asia success and many agreed here lmao and if drama underperforms, they credit him First lmao . When king becomes success they will credit second lead

    • I have opinion, it doesn’t make me an anti. Just someone who isn’t fond of his acting.

      He has a lot of fans, good for him.

  5. I like WDH as an actor. But looking at these photos, his body size and height is not very convincing as a bodyguard. I usually see guards to resemble Dwayne Johnson in body image. Most kpop bodyguard are very tall, at least taller than the idols. There is no shortage of tall actors in SK, why choose him? ? Just my observation. Don’t bash me.

  6. OMG there are so many haters for my king Lee.doesnt matter for me he is the king of romance.for those who say he can’t act blah blah ,,please just aceept it he is born to shine he has that charisma that you just can’t take your eyes off him .its not about looks etc it’s just he has that aura in himself that he can rule everyone’s heart.sorry haters you can’t do anything about that.coz it’s natural.most of the k drama lovers in my country,if you ask them,they just instantly take Lee min ho’s name.they watch everyone’s drama but when its come to fav it just him.He is the king

    • kim eun sook offer drama to absolute kings and A list actors. She doesn’t give them to B listers . There is reason she approached lmh. These people think they know better than kes lmao

  7. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    LMH stans: someone says they want to watch a drama for other actors they like? WHAT A GRIEVOUS INSULT TO LMH, HOW DARE THEY.

    They’re the idol stans of the k-actor world.

      • @ dumb

        you sure can’t read or comprehend. i’m calling royal out for thinking it’s not an insult. we can all insult each other if we like but dont pretend that it isnt an insult.

        check your head for intelligence before calling me a hypocrite. here’s an insult, how about making sure you re-install your paper machete brain before speaking?

    • That’s so true man! How can showing their love to their favourite means insult to LMH. Everyone has their own taste. For me, even if I’m not found of the story, I’ll watch it to see my favourite. Even if he/she has only 5mins screen time, I’ll watch those 5 mins and skip the rest (only if I don’t like plot since we have many to watch).

  8. I like WDH a lot in most of his dramas. He has the looks and charisma to pull you in. I have to admit that I found My Country to be his weakest performance to date. Maybe it’s because it’s his first Saguek, maybe it’s the way his character in that drama was written, but there were a lot of inconsistencies in that role. Nevertheless, I believe he will improve with time. I am looking forward to his performance in this drama to see what he will bring to the role. If my guess is right, he’ll bring his usual intensity and charisma to the role. I’d like to see his dynamic with KGE as well as I liked how they appeared in the stills.

  9. Am i the only one who will watch this drama for the script writer???? I dont care who the actors are.. as long as it’s KES’ projects, i’ll watch it. Mr.Sunshine is still on my re-watch dramas list.. dots, goblin, the heir, lovers, lovers in paris, on air, and secret garden were some that i’ve watched and liked very much. So, definitely watch this one for the writer nim.

    The writernim and pd nim know well who to cast. So these actors are the best they could get. Fighting. Cant wait.

    Ps : stay safe and healthy everyone.

  10. Soo happy and excited that Woo Do Hwan is part of this kdrama and I’m sure Lee Min Ho will support him on this.. He’s a great actor and I love him in Tempted. He is soo hot like LMH!! Can’t wait to see this soon..???♥️♥️

  11. Lee Min Ho is weakest link? Lmao. He is the biggest star of this drama please. I like Woo Do Hwan, Kim Go Eun & Kim Kyung Nam too. I think drama will be lit.

    • these people also said park min young and an unknown actor back then kim woo bin was reason for success of city hunter and heirs lmaooo

  12. Woo Do Hwan! Omg, this guy sizzles on the screen. Theres just something that pulls you in. Looking forward to watch this for him and KGE. These 2 are great actors.

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