Kim Woo Bin’s Agency Denies Wide Spread Rumor that He Got Covid-19

I hate rumor-mongering but this really needs to be quickly cleared up. Chinese-language newspapers a day ago starting reporting that K-actor Kim Woo Bin was confirmed infected by COVID-19 the novel coronavirus spreading around the world and shutting down schools, work, restaurants, and even entertainment. South Korea a few weeks ago was the second highest infected count but has dropped to sixth this week as the Western countries are seeing spikes in infection rates. That’s due to the great containment and response by the SK government but if an entertainer was infected it may shut down K-ent filming for at least 2 weeks. Kim Woo Bin’s agency emphatically denied he was infected and has no idea where this rumor came out. Glad he’s not sick, no shame in getting it but he recovered from a cancer scare so let’s keep this boy healthy!


Kim Woo Bin’s Agency Denies Wide Spread Rumor that He Got Covid-19 — 8 Comments

  1. Even if he is, he needs to come out. It is not his fault. He was already suffering before and his immune system must be weak. Take care if it is truth but i hope it is a lie

  2. He’s an in-remission cancer patient whose immune system might not be back to full health yet, I sincerely hope he stays healthy and doesn’t catch the virus.

  3. Amidst this global healrh crisis, let us be considerate by not being rash in our posts. These might impact negatively on certain individuals and needlessly adding worry and stress. Let us all be positive and hope that this health problem comes to pass sooner. Let us all stay healthy…

  4. Please don’t jinx him and just wish him well. He’s been through enough. Here’s sending positive vibes and prayers his way that he remains healthy and happy.

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