Kimura Takuya’s Eldest Daughter Cocomi Debuts at Age 18 Joining Younger Sister Koki

Looks like the entertainment gene is in both daughter of Japanese superstar Kimura Takuya and actress wife Kudo Shizuka. The couple’s younger daughter Koki debuted last year at the age of 16 but way more poised and mature than her age likely due to growing up in an entertainment household. This month her older sister Cocomi is debuting, and has already become the spokes model for a top French couture house. Cocomi is a professional level classical musician and was thought to be heading in that direction but has pivoted to becoming a model and star like younger sister Koki. The two are lovely and with their leg up and long legs will be a welcome fresh face in J-ent.


Kimura Takuya’s Eldest Daughter Cocomi Debuts at Age 18 Joining Younger Sister Koki — 6 Comments

  1. Money talks ….Wealthy parents you don’t have to have any talent….They are not beautiful at all …Just a very common look …very common style …what made them to become a model is under table money or connection …what ever ?????
    There are so many beautiful and gifted young women are in Japan but but but …..none of inherited rich and famous parents …..some media in Japan are garbage …..

    • Chill, you are very bitter. Both girls are well educated, speak perfect English and play instruments well. They are very well qualified. @Anna -Name any gifted Japanese women in Japan not in public forum, Name them please!! If they can speak a foreign language, join my League.

      • What do you mean by the public forum? How does speaking good English or playing an instrument mean their public debut as a model is somehow newsworthy? Naturally it’s because of the parents is it not?

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