Kim Soo Hyun Tops the Sports Chosun 30th Anniversary Poll of K-ent Industry Experts on Top K-drama Actors and Actresses

Consider me perpetually impressed with Kim Soo Hyun‘s popularity and staying power. This week Sports Chosun celebrated its 30th anniversary by conducting various polls of Korean industry insiders including agency heads, network presidents, PDs, screenwriters, and with over 100 votes the group was asked to pick their top Power People within K-drama land. Coming in first with 12 votes is Kim Soo Hyun who hasn’t done a drama in two years since he’s been in the military and is only gearing up for his drama land return later this year. Second place went to Park Seo Joon with 11 votes, clearly riding his Itaewon Class popularity as this poll was conducted in the last month. Third place with 7 votes each was Hyun Bin, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin. All the picks make sense (though there are a few names missing which I am sure will get major commentary), check it out below!

Top 40 Drama Actor/Actress:

  1. Kim Soo Hyun (12 votes)
  2. Park Seo Joon (11)
  3. Hyun Bin (7), Jeon Ji Hyun (7), Gong Hyo Jin (7)
  4. Namgong Min (5), Park Bo Gum (5)
  5. Gong Yoo (4), Kang Ha Neul (4), Son Ye Jin (4)
  6. IU (3), Kim Woo Bin (3), Park Min Young (3)
  7. Kim Nam Gil (2), Lee Jae Wook (2), Lee Kyu Hyung (2),Kim Tae Ri (2), Nam Joo Hyuk (2)


Kim Soo Hyun Tops the Sports Chosun 30th Anniversary Poll of K-ent Industry Experts on Top K-drama Actors and Actresses — 112 Comments

      • Have you guys ALREADY forgot Lee Jong Suk???????
        Fame withers and vanish like a beautiful flower

      • Exactly
        No song joong ki
        No Lee min ho
        No ji chang wook
        No song hye kyo
        No Lee jong suk (well in military so is understanble)
        Agree with Kim soo hyn on top because his appearance in hotel del Luna and cloy got positive reviews.
        No the guy from my strange hero?

      • To be honest, no matter how popular park seo joon is right now, i still choose kim soo hyun, lee jong suk, park bo gum, song joong ki, lee min ho, jo in sung, hyun bin. For me, They are the best!

    • Ksh track record is just huge. Dream high, moon show, my love, producers, hands down. Though i feel recent bias is here too for some artists. Cant blame becauze they are active in last 2 or 3 years like park seo joon iu namgoon min.. Song hye kyo missing. But 2 or 3 votes isnt much N jun ji hyun only did 2 drama but they were hits. But shk has dots too. And son ye jin drama record before cloy was underwhelming too. Next year will be more interesting!! Congrats to ksh jjh psj! Iu has really became top actress priving herself after scarlett moon disaster. She earned it

    • 2 or 3 votes doesnt make difference. It will be inetersting after king airing! Polls result differ time to time, with obvious bias and add recent activity. Even song hye kyo missed the list with massive dots lol. Same with lee byung hun

      • You can call it bias if the actors just get like 2 votes. Maybe their agency is the one who voted for them. But if you get 3-12 votes I wont called it bias anymore, this poll is pretty accurate. Excpet LMH not in the list, Im not suprised seeing all actors in there. The reason SHK not making on the list is because she got a lot of hate after her divorced. Of course many PDs or writers will prefer actress with clean image like JJH and GHJ. They just can choose one. Shk maybe not their top priority.
        KSH is number 2 last year, I will called him wall, same with JJH. PBG not in the same level with them but still a wall.
        But its confused me not seeing LMH in there. He always in big drama, all his drama got high rating, so he’s an actor who dont need more recognizer. Looks like many PDs and Writers, even the producers not impressed with his performance. I end up with my own conclusion tho

      • Not surprising that Lee Min Ho is not on the list. He may be very popular outside of Korea but you rarely see him on polls where Koreans are surveyed, whether it’s by industry or public.

      • @maya disagree. Koreas top most writers like cloy writer or kim eun sook the top 2 writers wanna work with him but sure keep believeing ur theories. It is more about recent bias

        @ hi your opinion you can keep believeing. Neither shk, jo in sung etc made drama list so obvious it is more about recent bias. Lee min ho will make it mext year. Yeah sure even nam ji hyuk is bigger than hin. Sure

        @rubie i meant drama. He had mr sunshine which was biggest drama of 2018

    • @lovely most of people on list are active. This list will change when those actors comeback n have a hit drama lol

      • lol it won’t change things for the likes of Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ho. The first is a has been and the second one is too afraid to step out of his comfort zone and is just resting on his laurels, no wonder he didn’t get votes from the experts, they just know there’s nothing behind that blank expressionless face of his.

      • @itsokay lmaoo. U thibj ur shading will stop him getting big dramas lmaoo. He will still keep getting these big budget dramas . Top writer like kim eun sook and cloy writer comes to him anyways. So noone cares where likes of nam joo hyuk or lee jae wook ranks over them. And yes being non active has a say here!
        You can keep shading the king but he is cominv with biggest drama of year. Stay salty antiii

      • You wish ur faves get such massive dramas lmaooooooo. !!! You will burn more when king will become massive! Cant wait to see haters like u crying all over again

    • He’s only big internationally, but in Korea he is outranked by KSH, Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, etc. His fans can stay delusional thinking he’s the top. His upcoming drama will likely do well because of the writer.

      • Rofl u should worry about has been woozie. Lee min ho has kim eunsook working for him. So doesnt matter !

    • Kim Woo Bin had multiple successful movies before his hiatus, out of all the male actors of his generation he was the only one to have that level of breakout success in chungmuro with movies where he was headlining (Friend 2, The Con Artists, Twenty, Master). I think that gave him more staying power than he would have had from dramas.

    • I like KSH, but I do think There a lot of better actor than him such Gon Yoon. Maybe is because he is young and handsome, but neither he is the most handsome organizaciones the best actor, atención least is What I think.

        TO me korean actors and actresses are very very very good in acting
        I can’t make a comparison
        They are all working hard

  1. its not about the best actor
    People have high expectations after he finishes the military service. And the special cameos in HDL and CLOY increased the hype. So the industry has the eyes on him
    i think the #1 is very fair

  2. Whether it’s “fair” or not (and that’s obviously very subjective), the fact remains that these celebrities have the most expectation and staying power amongst the insiders in the industry.

    I personally buy all the names. It makes a lot of sense. Of course some of my fav aren’t in here, but it’s not a public poll so really, no opinion on who should/shouldn’t be here doesn’t specifically count ?‍♀️

      • Blueberryyy
        Yes it’s subjective
        None of the top 6 or so is my favourite
        My are Lee jong suk
        Lee Joong-gi
        Jang Geun Suk
        Jung hong hwa????????

    • Agree with you. The fact is these people has staying power in the industry. But i am curious why suzy name is not there instead of iu? I thought she always get pick as lead actress in many well known pd and writers

      • @Tiani yes, it so weird since phr love to cast her in her drama. She should at least vote for suzy. I love phr drama but she keep casting the same actress in every her drama.

      • lol not a fan of either, but why would suzy rank over iu? it’s not 2013. iu’s two latest projects were either critically-acclaimed, my ahjussi, or commercially successful, hdl. suzy’s latest projects underperformed despite having popular male leads.

      • Industry or not, it’s only 100 people. That’s such a small sample size. That’s a huge flaw, so this poll is still garbage

    • The Baeksang Art Award winner are chosen by expert voting group of 6-8 people in each category.

      The Golden Globe Awards are chosen by the 87-member HFA.

      If this was a poll of 100 random people on the street it’s certain useless, but asking 100 industry professionals is not useless as their depth of knowledge and experience makes their choices worth nothing. It’s better called a selection list rather than a poll perhaps.

      • No matter how reliable your basis is, this close-minded Moonlight Yoo will not believe you as long as it does not favor her faves. If you will remember, this Moonlight Yoo caused a fan war between KSH and KYJ because she can’t accept that KBS’ Beauty List where her fave did not make it to the coveted top 30.

      • The difference is that those are acting awards, they look at the current project/movie nominated and then they make a decision. They base it on which performance they like.

        What criteria are these professionals using to pick power people? It’s more bias and subjective opinions. Maybe if they are looking and comparing feedback of collective 2019 works of each actor then maybe. Some of these actors/actresses were barely active last year. So that’s a huge data flaw. So you might as well sample 100 random people on the street.

      • No matter how subjective their opinion is, still, their is an ingredient of expertise which an ordinary individual’s opinion lacks. That’s why their opinions weigh more trust and credibility because they know how the industry works.

    • Lol. The opinion of these 100 “industry experts” is more valuable than opinion of 10 of thousands of ordinary people.

      • In this case, this is only the matter of opinions. The industry experts aren’t hiring accountants and data researchers to gather up index and relevant to make impartial opinions.

        So I rather trust 10 of thousands of people opinions over 100 people.

        They’re not voting for a best performance from an actor but which actor they think is a power actor, and they’re aren’t get statistics or research but just voting base on feelings

    • Flaw or not. None of your fav nor your hate is listed so just chill. No chance to drag a flopper here coz there is no chance. LOL.

      • Hello iu over suzy. Of course iu is much bigger than her. It’s just suzy pick a good leading man.

  3. Park Seo Joon has been on a successful string for the past few years now. Good on him! He’s such a good actor and very deserving on the respect industry is giving him.

    Everyone else is the usual big names. KSH is not surprising to me – he’s one of those actors – somewhat low key considering his popularity, but extremely talented. He hasn’t had a drama that didn’t do well in his whole career. Not so sure about his upcoming one but then I felt the same for YFAS/Producers and we know how well that went…

  4. Top Power People has PMY whom I am a little surprised, but she is very hard working just cannot carry a drama yet (from a drama perspective), same with those with 2 votes. All others are very reasonable choices. KSH and PSJ are very good actors so I think they deserve this ranking.

      • City Hunter? Healer?? I am a drama watcher and I know who takes the credit in South Korea. Malaysian you must be living in a different world. I am not a fan of anyone, I only watch dramas.

      • City hunter was carrried by lmh? U lmh antis r idiots. Pmy new drama rating is 1%. Sure she xarries dramas lmaol

      • @ady i am not lmh hater and never did i mention his name here. To satisfy you, i will say again lmh and pmy carried city hunter. Satisfied?

      • Only lmh carried it. Pmy if she was huge star. Her drama wouldve opened with more than 1%. So nope she didnt carry anything

    • Sungkyunkwan scandal and Seven Day Queen was critically acclaimed. City Hunter was a decent hit in Korea and Healer was big in Asia. She bonafide cross into top actress category with Secretary Kim. PMY earned her stripes. Just as you think shes mediocre in acting, i think shes awesome. Plus she manages to churn out chemistry with all costars (save for Dr. Jin). Very few actresses can claim the same. Different strokes different folks. One mans trash another mans treasure. Glad we agree to disagree

      • WHO thinks PMY is mediocre in acting? I think you are THE ONE saying it @Lydia. None of the dramas you mention is carried by PMY. None unfortunately. She needs to work even harder next time. Focus on the drama, “critically acclaimed” does not mean PMY is the one carrying the torch. I think you need a clear mind.

      • @dramafan. You said she cannot carry a drama and I differ to your opinion. I work in Korea, am in the advertising industry here, read and write korean fluently. She’s one of the most sought after actresses for sure to carry any drama. You implied shes mediocre that that i take issue with. Like I said, for me shes a gem. If you don’t agree thats fine. At least industry pundits feel the same and that’s good enough. Geez.

      • I still disagree with you. From a drama perspective PMY has never carried anything. She acts well. I never implied she is mediocre. Read my words again! You can only take issue with your imagination.

      • Without big-name male leads in SS, Remember, Healer, & WWWSK, PMY’s other dramas like Q47D, HPL and current one struggled with ratings; thus, evidently, she can’t carry on her own.

    • Agree, such a joke to see PMY in this list instead of other deserving bigger names. Perhaps her agency has been aggressive in marketing her, especially after WWWSK, where she had obviously ridden on the glory of the male lead.

  5. Kim Soo Hyun hasn’t done a drama in 5 years, his last drama was the Producers in 2015.

    The 100 industry professionals include those from from the movie industry as well and there are 2 separate lists. 41 representatives were surveyed for dramas and 47 were surveyed for movies.

  6. Park bogum and Gongyoo as always. I actually prefer this poll then that CF poll or popularity poll. If your fav in this list, its mean they are the most wanted actor. Everyone want to work with them. Very proud!

    • Na more like recent bias pbg has just one 20% drama but he is face of 90s gen. Nam ji htuk has what? Now u before hring kmh, i feel same for sjk shj, jis, etc many A list actors missing list will change by next year. These missing actors get big budget dramas and writers. Bogun has to go army too. So when list changws u thibk noone would want to work with him? Flawed logic tiani

  7. Who nam ji htuk? Yes, PBG going to army. Maybe he wont in the list next year. But what’s your point? Sorry, I don’t understand, too many typo in your comment.

    • Nam ji hyum it is not that tough to understand. I meant there r many A list actors r not there that doesnt meant they dont get big projects like the ones in liast. Infact many get bigger budget dramas n big writers. So i feel there is recent bias as well as favourites in list. And before u bring my fave lmh , i feel shk, jo in sung, sjs, sjk etc are also missing as well. Nam joo hyuk is deginitely not on that level lol

      • Oh you mean Nam joohyuk? yes I wondering how he is in the list too, his agency must be vote for him. of course this is bias list. These network presidents, Pds, writers voted for their fav. They hope that actor to appear in their project. I’m not bringing LMH, I know the guy never make it to this kind of poll. Maybe he got one vote from KES, but they didnt put it in this list. Or maybe KES vote for Gongyoo because she kept cast him for her every drama before. Its not about rating or A list things. These actors competed with each other and they need to pick one. Its about who they want the most.

      • @tiani i guess we have to disagree. Sbs n lmh share great relationshop so i doubt it president will not vote for him and when he has biggest drama of year coming, i doubt they dont want him. He always work with huge budget. I feel same for song hye kyo jo in sung song joong ki etc. I feel recent projects and active celebs played a key role here. I mean newvies who r jot even top most made ghe list over such proven rating stars. I undeestand gong yoo pbg ksh kim nam gill psj who r active expect gy etc but not many of these makes sense to me. That is recent bias i meant.

      • You dont see nam gongmin’s name in there? His last drama aired in SBS, and SBS gave him reward vacation. Yes their recent project play a key role for them. Mayority of them has recent projects. Which one that not make sense for you? NJH just have two votes, Its must be his agency and PHR because she trying to cast him in her drama. There’s not much a big competition between young actors, if they’re not impressed with PBG they will go to NJH or LJW.

    • @tiani whom do u think will emerge rival to pbg from his gen. Only pbg is one we can call A list from 90s gen and he is more of rivals to ikes of mid to late 80s gen actors in my opinion.. I think exo kyungsoo can emerge rival as his drama did well so does his movie and he has acclaim. Eunwoo has lots of cfs but he need to give one hit drama. NJh n LJW etc has to give hit too on big level. when pbg go to army, there will be vacancy.i remember in 2017 there was article posted here when pds were mad with ksh, lmh, knh etc going to army and lack of big stars. Really pds are suffering to find bankabe one from 90s gen. dont u think?

      • I’m not following any young actors except PBG, so I’m not really sure. I just checking some polls, and yes PBG always in the same polls with 80s gen, He is the only 90s gen actor. I actually think D.O will reach PBG level, but he suddenly decide to enlist, wrong step for him. He has big hit drama, but his place not stable. Don’t understand why he’s going to army that early, PBG not that competitive actually, the guy just do whatever he want, turning down high budget movie etc, and except him I don’t see any rival in 90s gen,the place is always empty. And there’s many new face now, I think the guy from NOKDU (forget his name) will make it to PBG level. But still DO will still winning for his popularity, thanks to Exo.

  8. Where is that it girl suzy fan who is so active last few years and she said everyone wants to work with woozie and she is ahead of every 90s gen actress lmaooo. Iu kim tae ri etc r way ahead now of has been woozie

    • when will you crawl into oblivion and stop saying stupid things I can’t stand seeing you every day in the comment section, you always say things that are contradicting, you don’t have an opinion – your opinion is putting down others you stupid fkn idiot go read a book so you can finally form better sentences that people will understand.

      • @ady IU ahead of Suzy? lmaooo nope.
        Nothing against her, but Suzy outranks her in every aspect except singing career. One irrelevant list by supposed biased “experts” is not going to change that lol.

      • “Outranks” IU how in the last 5 years? With overhyped but underperforming dramas and flop movie despite high profile male costars? That’s “outranking” IU’s critically praised and commercially successful dramas?

        This isn’t 2012, Suzy’s mythical “acting talent” has not shown itself in a decade despite the efforts of some of the best writers and PDs in the business so it’s no surprise industry insiders in 2020 don’t think posing nicely with some products makes you a top ACTRESS.

      • Iu has big massive movie coming up. Her album sold massive. She will have big drama whenever she come back. She has more cfs than past it girl woozie, who is replaced by global star like jennie who has samsung plus kt type deals and charges more. how woozie is ahead lmao

      • @ady Lmao Wonderland is bigger and has more buzz than that soccer movie IU will be in lol nice try. And she’s doing fine with CFs as the face of Lancome, Dior’s muse, etc. Don’t worry about it. Suzy’s already endorsed under Samsung in the past, so who cares about Jennie. No one is jealous over that CL-wannabe.

      • Rfol @marie jeenie is global famous star who has 3 times insta followers and bigger deals lmaooo. She earns millions from tours. And jennie is endorsing bigger brands n chanel muse. So ur woozie doesnt stand a a chance.
        Wonderland has 6 leads so who cares about woozie. Gong yoo will take away all credit. Whereas iu is main lead in 2 star film so ur opinion doesnt matter

      • Marie. Why are you now comparing Suzy with Jennie? Jennie is definitely a higher class brand name model than Suzy. Do you know how popular Jennie is with her kpop fans? Suzy is so outdated. Geez. IU is very talented in the music industry and her status is unreachable by that Suzy who cannot even sing. Now without JYP backing her, Suzy is nothing. IU is now the main lead in movies while Suzy still remains a wallpaper. Suzy is definitely struggling with her one only fan here.

      • @ady As I said, nobody’s jealous over Walmart CL whose group doesn’t even have a full album lmao. She should stick to being an instagram model then. So we’re talking about insta followers now? I guess King Lee Jong Suk more popular than your fave then lol. Better watch out because Nam Joo Hyuk is coming for him as well rofl.
        @Maryanne Learn to read. @Ady was the one who brought up Jennie first lol I could care less about that try-hard lol she’s not even near Suzy’s level in Korea.

      • Are you telling me to read some non-English with wrong spellings and poor grammer? Sad for you if you are at that level. I have skipped most of those nonsense. I am only disagreeing with what you claim about Suzy. In my world, Jennie is definitely more popular. No one is following Suzy here.

      • @marie the hateful btch jennie is selling stadiums all over the world her group has highest grossing tour. Get out of ur dreamland and see reality. she is queen of korea, her face everywhere after her KT deal. She is outearning your fave . Suzie is local jennie is global star and wrong comparison. NJH has no drama numbers to back it up whereas bp outsold MIss A by long long margin. Has been suzy has nothing on jennie. She is much bigger than suzy will ever be n even in korea jennie is huge star now. I dont even like bp but get ur facts right lmao

      • @marieanne has bp got an album yet? her group cant even touch bts. she is a model who will be finished soon. She wishes she could touch bts
        did she learn to perform yet? u read my comments thats why u passed a shady comment. like fake like fan. both btches!

      • @ady For once you’re right. Your poor conversational skills and grammar reflect Kris Jenner’s mediocre acting skills despite being a “pure actor.” Like fake like fan both idiots! Idol actors Kyungsoo, Siwan, Hyunsik, Lee Joon, and many more can act circles around him.

      • And kriss jenner is not an insult. R u from 19 the century? Considering jyp idols are known to be olastic. Woozie nose job new teeth are so apparent.
        Imagine getting outranked by likes of jennie. Suzy is finished marie btch

    • @marie ur english skills are not even good to call out mine. Urs as terrible as suzie’s plastic face! U r still a transphobic btch cant exoect better from someone who stan a has been woozie.
      Lmh stays biggwr star and has top writers making shows for him whereas woozie is flowerpot lmaoo

  9. kim soo hyun is truly a wall. and park seo joon deserves all the success he’s gotten in recent years. bravo to him. not surprised with jun ji hyun topping for female actresses. she’ll continue to do so for many years to come. queen.

  10. Where are talented actors like Lee Byung Hyun, Ji Sung, So Ji Sub, Yoo Ah In, Lee Seung Gi, and Han Ji Min? This is more like who are the most popular right now list.

    • Lee Byung Hun is on the list for films, which more directors than actors made it on the list. Other actors on the list include:

      2. Song Kang Ho (Actor) 10
      3. Lee Byung Hun (Actor) 8
      8. Kim Tae-ri (Actor) 4
      10. Ma Dong-Seok (Actor) 3
      10. Park Jung Min (Actor) 3
      14. Jeon Do Yeon (Actor) 2
      14. Kim Soo Hyun (Actor) 2
      14. Choi Woo Shik (Actor) 2

      • Thank you, I appreciate much. These actors are more well deserved. I still think Yoo Ah In, So Ji Sub, Ji Sung, Lee Seung Gi, and Han Ji Min are better actors and should also get recognitions.

  11. For me the big surprise is Kim Woo Bin, he hasn’t been active in a few years for his health and this list is obviously about who is hot right now, but he’s on it. Impressive.

  12. Im not suprise with all the list.
    KSH did cameo in HDL and CLOY, and even with his short cameo he already showing his versatile acting. He is full package : Handsome, versatile, popular, beating all actors in his gen like LMH, JCW, LSG, etc. Nope they’re not in his level (popularity and acting). No wonder he become the most expensive actor.
    JJH is a legend. She did well not just in dramaland, but in movieland too. She can do action and romcom, she is a wall. Cast her in your drama never be easy. She even turning down choi dong hoon, crazy!
    PBG is korean fav. Many popular PDs want him in their movie, and when he get offers, its always big budget movie :Great battle, Seobok, wonderland. No competion between him and actors in his gen. He is just kim soohyun number two.
    KWB? Why people suprise seeing KWB name in there? KES always give a great impact to their actors in her drama. If dots have SJK, secret garden have HB, Goblin have Gongyoo, The heirs have KWB. A great Pds already put him in their radar thanks to his great performamce in the heirs. LMH can take all the cfs, but KWB get great drama/movie offers. Remember! they trying to cast him in along with the gods!

    • Lol. You’re delulu for saying that saying that KSH is more popular than LMH. LMH is the undisputable Hallyu King. He has a lot of dramas that turn into Pan Asia mega hits unlike KSH who only have MLFTS.

      • That’s because it has very limited drama to is name but he’s still this popular and accepted

        I’m from Africa and kim soo hyun is big here

        Producer was a hot
        Mtets and dream high were massive hits too

  13. you are the one who said list is fake below because iu is mentioned not suzy . Iu also have more cfs than woozie. And dont worry about lmh. He gets top most writer like Kim eun sook approaching where suzy is working with D list actor in drama and one movie where she needs gong yoo pbg to save her sinking career

      • It is fine to have your preference of actors/singers…but you really don’t need to go on every post trying to find a way to bring up those who you do not like so you can bad mouth them. I am here to tell you unless said individuals have done something illegal, or has done something really horrible, they will continue to do their thing, make their money and your bad mouthing them is not going to change that. The fact is they have every right to every job being offered to them, just as much as your fave. Just focus on who you like..the world can be a better place without these stupid fan wars.

      • @jj i dont need ur moral policing and u think i care ? she has lost lots of her cf deals over the yeas which was her thing. Her next drama looks flowerpot and playing a role in lee byung hun movie where she has nthng to do means nthng. Next movie is with 5 other stars. she has carried no role. My fave started earlier and last longer than flowerpot woozie who will be replaced by new bunch of flowerpots! And she tried to drag my fave and in other post suddenly she said list doesnt matter. Hypocrisy!
        world will bebetter without issues like terrorism crona etc not some online comment . do something in real than policing me here

      • @ady You’re such a mess. I said this list irrelevant. It has nothing to do with Suzy’s ex not being there lmao. My point is that he barely appears in any SK polls and surveys from industry experts unless it’s related to HALLYU. Suzy, however, does. Stay pressed while she continues to get big movie deals and is the favorite of PHR. Yeah, her career is definitely over..lmao sure.

    • Rofl doing a useless role in big star movies will not make her a movie star lmao. Gong yoo will take away all credit n he appears in many lists. Thats why top writer kim eun sook took him and his dramas budget r massive. So u should worry about sinking career of ur woozie
      Lmh ex who got some overseas popularity because of him lmaoo

      • Nah she got that popularity because of her dramas.. if anything she got more hate from his delusional oppa fangirls like yourself. Not her fault that she’s so beautiful and popular and kind that Kris Jenner went chasing after her through mutual acquaintances lmao. And yeah, your oppa’s drama will be hit, but you can thank KES for that charity lol.

      • @marie she is known as someone who lmh knocked uo overseas once upon a time.
        And kris jenner isnt an insult. Quite disgusting shows ur ageism!!
        Funny cmng fromnu who stan olastic doll woozie lmao.he remains bigger star then she will ever be.

      • @marie btch investors and kim eun sook cast those who sells drama to datings as well as advertisers. It is business. Whole drama will be cejtered around him. Whereas woozie gets casted as decorative set piece. No author backed roles for her. She needs big male leads. Whereas kim eun sook cast bankable A list male leads. Keeo crying btch. Woozie will never get decent roles

  14. I am so happy that Kim Soo Hyun is number!!! He deserves it. Korea has a lot of excellent actors that its hard to pick out the best. A lot of factors contribute to him being the best actor in THE WORLD in my book, he is passionate about giving his best no matter the role he is given, in the news media he has no negative reports that will definitely have brought down his ratings and the killer for me is his background, history, for him to win his extreme shyness as an insecure boy against all odds to become the self confident he is today is AMAZING, his good looks is just the icing on the cake. When it comes to his singing- its off-the-books!!!

    Lee Min Ho is a wonderful actor, one i truly admire but when it comes to singing, he is good but not excellent.

    Not many actors can be excellent actors and sing like a dream in world.

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