Jung Eun Chae is a Powerful Female Prime Minister in Stills From The King: Eternal Monarch

I never liked K-actress Jung Eun Chae until I watched her in horror thriller The Guest in 2018 thanks to my love of her two male leads in that drama Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook. She was marvelous and the drama so dark and riveting, and her character as a cop totally grungy and lanky with restrained pain. She’s taking a leap to the big leagues playing the second female lead in Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming highly anticipated K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch, working with a screenwriter who always writes compelling second female leads. Her character in The King seems to be the antagonist and a powerful one, she’s the female prime minister in the universe where Lee Min Ho is the King of South Korea. She’s totally got the hots for him but will be stymied by the arrival of female lead Kim Go Eun who gets the man/king in both universes I’m guessing. Heck, if Jung Eun Chae doesn’t get the man at least she’s rocking the power dress and femme fatale eyeliner.


Jung Eun Chae is a Powerful Female Prime Minister in Stills From The King: Eternal Monarch — 12 Comments

    • She look so beautiful. She n lmh had a cf back in 2010 and looked so good together. I want scenes between them.
      And lol that pressed hater above who like to discredit lmh. He remain main lead of the show and story will be around him, as much as u dislike this fact. Hater deal with this fact. He is rating magnet of show. Lmaooo

      • Oh maybe international fans who criticise her writing. i see negative comment but ratings says different thing lol. Anyways it is considered cool to criticise popular writetlrs and shows lol to look edgy on internet but same people watch her shows lmaoo

      • It’s international fans who hate her writing. Be that as it may, Kim Eun Sook is immensely loved in Korea. She is a Korean who writes for Koreans. So, it’s the opinion of the Korean people that only matters. Deal with it.

      • @lindsay i am dealing with it fine because i love her dramas. why r u getting so worked up? lmao

  1. I like in The Guest too! She was great in that drama with the two Wookie!
    Guess i have watch The King for her hahaha.

  2. Is it too early to have second lead female syndrome? I feel like she and lee min ho is a better match. I watched the teaser a billion times and I feel like goeun is becoming more lacking to me every time.

    • LOL, just deal with the fact that KGE is KES’ current “it” girl, and not your fave. Maybe, your fave will take long years to be cast in a KES drama.

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