Kim Jung Hyun to Reunite with Seo Ji Hye By Cameo-ing in Her New Drama Shall We Have Dinner Together

Those still upset about the rather pointless way to end the second lead romance in Crash Landing on You will be pleased with this news. Kim Jung Hyun will be doing a cameo appearance in upcoming K-drama Shall We Have Dinner Together and get to reunite with female lead Seo Ji Hye. They have to have a scene together otherwise why bother but judging from Shall We being a drama about two heartbroken people finding romance after a chance meal together it could be that Kim Jung Hyun is Seo Ji Hye’s ex-boyfriend in that drama. They were soooooo sweet and funny and perfectly suited to each other in Crash, I know the ending was dumb because they could have lived happily together in North Korea but still it gave us a great secondary OTP when it lasted.


Kim Jung Hyun to Reunite with Seo Ji Hye By Cameo-ing in Her New Drama Shall We Have Dinner Together — 15 Comments

    • Please Hyun bin and son ye Jin as the main couple is better than the second lead couple. That’s an insult to Hyun bin and son ye jin. Second lead couple is good but not as good as main couple. You have poor taste if you only continue watching cloy just for them two. Cloy would be nothing with the main lead characters

      • @marie

        Well your poor opinions explain why you like mediocre actresses like sohyun. Stop harping on 1% ratings, I explain you with common sense that it isn’t their fault but you generally reply with nonsense.

      • Ok whatever you say, 1%-rating actress fan. Also, I am not Sohyun’s fan wtf. Everyone here knows I am Suzy’s fan. You must be very insecure of Kim Sohyun since she’s always on your mind lmao.

      • @ Marie your taste is bad if you like Suzy. Suzy is even worse than sohyun lolz

      • Oh no how am I going to live now that delusional @Moonlight thinks I have bad taste? lmao oh that’s right, I’ll live knowing no matter how much irrelevant people on this blog hate her, my fave never got a 1% rating for her drama lmao.

      • @Marie, I am a fan KSH and neutral to Suzy. But we can agree that we don’t stan an actress with 1% star power. Lolz!

  1. I love the secondary OTP more than the main OTP in CLOY.

    These two have amazing chemistry, I wish one day they would be given a chance to reunite and do a full drama together as the main couple. I have that aversion towards SSH as the main lead but I will definitely check the episode with KJH cameo in it.

  2. I love them more too in Crash Landing On You. I was able to watch Crash Landing On You to the end because of them and the four soldiers. They are very cute together. Hope to see them together too. Seo Ji Hye is very pretty.

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