Park Seo Joon in Talks as Male Lead of K-drama Mount Jiri Opposite Jeon Ji Hyun

I think the buzz level if equivalent here – Jeon Ji Hyun continues to collect her top K-drama male leads and Park Seo Joon is rolling off a career high K-drama success into a pairing with one of the walls of K-ent actresses. Just days after finishing Itaewon Class, Park Seo Joon has gotten an offer that matches his newfound higher level of fame. He’s in talks for the male lead role in upcoming national park based K-drama Mount Jiri with confirmed female lead top actress Jeon Ji Hyun. Her last two male leads were Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho so clearly she’s not getting out of bed for anyone less than one of the biggest name young male actors of that generation. He plays a former army captain turned rookie park ranger with a hidden secret and goal to rescue people seeking to die on Mount Jiri and shares his emotional conviction with fellow veteran park ranger played by Jeon Ji Hyun. I hope they have a third park ranger who is a Saint Bernard dog.


Park Seo Joon in Talks as Male Lead of K-drama Mount Jiri Opposite Jeon Ji Hyun — 79 Comments

    • There is no news about romance part. And writer is more known for her thrillers and action related content. So i doubt. Even if they have it , that won’t be selling point of the project i guess.

    • It will be so much better if the lead role is Hyun Bin. I think Hyun Bin is a better choice since it’s JJH comeback drama.

      • Nah. HB is with SYJ. HB fans are too too toxic. JJH deserves a better male lead with nice fans. PSJ is perfect.

      • @Joker Nothing against anyone but Hyun Bin fans are too toxic I agree. I love JJH and PSJ both. He improve so much so he is my pick for JJH too. I love him in IC so much. I don’t want my girl to go through the same as HJM and some other actresses he pair up with. Please hope PSJ accept this drama.

      • Yeah me too but he is busy in movie land and dramas are much hectic to shoot. Its been 7 years since his last drama. I guess he is happy in movie world

      • They never got to work when they were under same agency. I doubt it wilk ever happen

      • Hahaha, Chi, I can say as much as I want, plus nah, your hatre really engulfed your mind and thought and thinking everyone is a hater. I don’t have time for that, I just need to enjoy drama with different actor instead of seeing familiar face again over and over again.
        Different taste, different opinion. Hope you comprehend well.

      • @ ta

        That’s one of the pathetic spinning I ever seen lolllll It’s really that bad.

        Most actors/actresses appears in only one drama a year. It’s not like he is appearing in like 10 dramas a year. So it’s not even over-exposure. Not wanting him to be cast is definition of being a hater of an actor. It’s not even about different taste. Keep spinning again, try again. You’re just salty that you got caught after making that big speech about never hating on actors lolllll if you goof, man up and admit you make a mistake and that you exaggerated. But being stubborn, it doesn’t reflect well on you.

      • Lolz, appear One drama a year is quite a lot.
        Several actors haven’t been in small screens for long, won bin, jo in sung, gong yoo, Kang dong won.
        So no I want to see them instead of him, I am neutral to him. I don’t hate people I don’t know unlike you.
        Keep throwing random name calling and accusing is your expertise.
        I’m done here. The more I discussed with you will just bring me down to your level and beat me up.

      • The more you speak, the more illogical and crazy you sound. So yeah give up because you don’t have a solid ground to stand on. You’re still bitter that I caught you telling a fib.

        And if you want to see other actors instead, what’s the point of your comment. Just pray they get cast in other dramas. No one is asking you to watch his dramas. It just shows your bitterness and hate that you are trying to conceal inwardly.

        But sorry you fail.

  1. Queen deserves the absolute A list co stars and PSJ has earned this status. His journey from supporting characters to main leads is great. Getting casted opposite the absolute top most actress is great!

    Remember when people said he is just IT boy of moment during FMY and wwwsk. Well he proved everyone wrong and with IC he has entered the absolute new league of success.

    Top writers and PDs notice that and they want him in this big budget drama.
    And drama looks quite action packed. Jjh is action queen and psj can do it too. So i am waiting !!

    Also jjh all three male leads will be in same age range. Maybe bcoz she didnt do dramas during her first decade of her career when her age range leads were more active in dramas
    And now these guys are more active in drama land and at top. So she will work with the current ones

      • I mean people said he will be just flavour of season with no longevity. He proved that wrong and continue getting his status higher to absolute top today. And gone beyond IT boy status proving people wrong. That is what i meant here

      • Its because he lost his hype too fast as an it boy. And the fact that all 80’s gen actors already comeback from army, its make me think that there’s wont any chance for him anymore. But no one can predict anything. He have a good eye for project.

      • @tiani he has nearly 20 cfs, mega successful dramas, huge movie coming up and now this massive offer. How he lost his hype? Nor fighting , what can u explain? I think he has reached the position that he is in absolute top position with his age mates and is on equal footing with them. He has replaced lee seung gi from that position . he is beyond IT boy thing now and has solidified his position with ic success

      • U should add lmh too. U always never take his name. Someone who has kes drama and had 4 20% dramas before 30th bday is not A lister?

      • I mean PSJ is A list actor, someone who have hit drama and movie. So yeah I just mentioned KSH and SJK because both has hit drama and movie like him. If LMH has big hit movie then I will mentioned him too.

      • He had a dark movie with full erotic scenes break even and winning best new actor and he has a hit movie in china. U need to give credit where it is due. I called pbg A list despite onlg one drama over 20% and yet to have any big movie and u also call him A list but refuse to give lnh credit as A list star. Expected better from u tiani. He is a list for 12 years now. U thibk kes gonna cast non A list star? Seriously

      • Lmao LMH is A list actor of course. But for me actor who doing well dramaland and movieland will be in another level. Because its never be easy. I put LMH in the same level with JCW, LSG, LJS, JW. I know LMH have Gangnam blue but its not a big hit. I’m not counting his China movie. But of course all of them is A list. LMH in dramaland, PSJ in dramaland and movieland.
        You know that two of PBG drama aired in TVN, right? People already call it succseful if the drama have double digit. So Two of his tvN drama reached double digit, one of his kbs drama reached 20% and he unfortunately just have 3 drama in his pocket. Lol

      • @tiani now that is degrading him. His name always came up with likes of ksh sjk. It is always the trio which has been always mentioned together. Now we can add psj too. Lmh has 4 drama with 20 percent and one over 30%. So his track record speaks for himself. And u just cant discount his chinese movie. And korean movie was still a hit. It cant be compared eith romantic comedy type movies bcoz of genre. He won best new actor at grand bell awards
        Ljs jcw etc never had dramas on his level.
        It has been lmh ksh sjk and psj in tier 1 and lmh hit it big before all of them and stayed there with them
        Tier 2 the others u mentioned like jcw ljs jw
        And if u gonna count pbg on par with them u have to give lmh his due too
        U cant just put him with the likes of the tier 2 ones when his name has always been used with tier 1 and his record speaks for it

      • So you saying JCW and LJS just B list actor? Jowoon have 5 drama that reached 20% but you still don’t like it if I put him in the same level with him. We’re not talking about hallyu popularity here. And if you counted it like that, then it will be weird because PSJ don’t have drama that reached 20%, and just have one drama that reached double digit in tv cable. And you put him in the same level with your bias? Weird
        I never put PBG in the same level with KSH and SJK, he is more like a rising star in movie land. I’m not that greedy.

      • U misread? They are not B list but they are not tier one. Tier one is likes of lmh ksh sjk and now psj. Like u said cable dramas cant be compared with it.
        Then comes pbg with those 80s ones and currently he is ahead of them. Ome hit drama.more he will be in tier 1
        But lmh is not giving 1% or 4%dramas in his career like those others. So i find it unfair u put him with them when he has more hit dramas than sjk and only ksh has better track record than him. And has always been mentioned with these 2 over the last decade as 3 top most ones. He is in tier one which u denied. I m pointing that out. He gets big budget dramas and writers. So he deserves to be mentioned on with ksh n sjk . Dont degrade him n his achievements

      • @Tiani how is he ‘losing his hype’ as an It Boy after having 3 hit dramas and 1 hit movie in 3 years?!

        Unless you mean he’s moving from ‘It Boy’ category into ‘serious staying power/established leading man’ category.

      • @ady for me A list is A list, If I want to put it in higher level I will just call it S list actors. But of course everyone has different perception so I will just respect your opinion. Lets conclude that LMH is more reliable actor than JCW and LJS, of course in drama land he is KSH biggest rival.

        @royal I mean before IC. Maybe you need to read all my comments

      • @Tiani ok before IC he was the lead of 2 hit dramas and 1 hit movie in 2 years (2017-18)…, again, was that ‘losing hype’ when if anything he was solidifying his position as an actor with multiple hit projects? I don’t understand this cherry-picking.

    • @Tiani lol, but his agency just didn’t constantly manipulate media with articles about how he is great and incredible lol He just had his big number of CFs and continued to work on his movie and then drama. Actors like PSJ don’t need to hype themselves, their acting abilities shine brighter. Even right now after the success of IC I don’t see his agency mediaplaying him and his popularity. He again simply working on his next project while collecting CF deals)

      • I guess if your bias drama doing well, even the agency didnt need to do anything. Reporter will be the one who make article about your bias. As long your bias can create buzz, media will be busy.
        I still remember how media talking about PSJ dating rumor with PMY after WWWSK. Maybe you can ask PSJ and PMY shipper

      • @Tiana don’t be naive, I know you want make your bias look good, but in SK things work differently. It’s a well-known fact, that agencies mediaplay their stars a lot. Actual actors who relay on their status and acting chops don’t create artificial buzz around themselves, but continue doing their job. I think the fact that PSJ still had all his CFs throughout 2018-2019 (and toped most favorite model list by public in 2018), while also never facing any shortage of offered projects, speaks for itself. Also I’m not sure why you adding here dating rumors. Based on my experience that poor dating rumor always used either as plus or minus, just to make an argument. When in fact all those dating rumors passed never affecting him professionally lol

      • Are you saying that my bias did mediaplay? Which one of my bias? I have many bias btw.
        His dating rumour is just example. Of course I know about media play, YG ent always did mediaplay, same with FNC ent.
        So you already checking all PSJ’s article in naver? I saw many article talking about his hair, do you think its not media play too?

    • All good things need preparation for better results. Like finalizing locations, shoots, budget considering the top two stars salary etc. Then all product placements and advertisers etc.
      So wait will be worth it. And he has a movie to shoot and jjh is confirmed as one of main leads of kingdom 3 which also will take away her dates as it is megabudget show from same writer. So all things have to be considered. And she will be ready to make a movie comeback too considering she is movie actress first , her last movie was massive and she won best actress award and already got offered alien movie which she didnt say yes or not confirmed. So it makes sense. All mega budget dramas are announced 9 or 10 months earlier to create initial hype

  2. I am so hoping he accepts! I have a positive feeling about this drama. When I first heard news of JJH’s casting, the first person who came to mind was PSJ. He knows how to pick his roles and the plotline and people already involved in this project speak volumes about the expected quality. Let’s hope its worthy of his taste and time!

    • Some sites said he is confirmed but reportedly they deleted the article. Considering they have some idea about characters that shows there is no smoke without fire. So most probably he is confirmed and i would be surprised if he doesnt accept considering the projects budget and team. And i doubt they will not write a well written character for him

  3. I have noticed that PSJ’s trajectory to Mega Success is partly due to the fact that he picks very unique characters and performs so exceptionally well that he truly shines on screen. Now its true that the man oozes charisma, but his fame, unlike most actors who depend heavily on looks and charms, is based on raw acting skills refined over a solid resume. Through his projects he has grown on me to become my favourite actor. Personally, 10 + years into Kdrama, I have become very picky as to what to watch, however I have so much confidence in his choices of unique, fresh and far from cliche characters that I automatically tune into his any of his upcoming projects.

  4. I felt like all PDs and Writres juat busy making drama for 80 line actors. Please give a chance for 90 line actors too. I hope there’s 90 line actor who will save this gen!

    • There is pbg and kyungsoo to some extend. Pds investors writers need to sell this drama to advertisers and need ratings. All these 80s liners have a proven track record. Although psj success as lead came in late 20s , others were giving blockbuster dramas from their early 20s. These guys have earned these roles. Why would they risk and lose money by casting someone who cant even bring ratings?
      90s gen actors have to prove themselves by giving hits with smaller dramas to earn trust of investors, pds and writers. Like pbg did
      It is business and if you can’t bring ratings and advertisers, they are not going to cast you. They need to make money not to lose it
      90s gen overall has failed to prove them reliable expect one or 2 leads

      • PBG didnt get a good offer too. What he can do with that model drama? The writer is bad. They need to give 90 line actors a goor role, so they can shine too. This 90 line actors will taking 80 line actors place in the future. Do you think PSJ will stay young forever?

      • PBG still fine actually, he created a big buzz for his cameo and still get good roles. He just low profile guy, he pick his drama purely because he love the character not because its from a big writer.
        Who said that 90s gen didnt get good offers? YJG is the main lead in HDL, Hong sister give him chance but IU taking all the credit. Not the writer fault. And AYS is the main lead in DR2. I still see many good offers for 90s gen, the problem just they are not good enough, sometimes I felt like they cant carried their own drama. Thats why we cant felt their hype. The next will be NJH in sandbox with Suzy. I’m not worried with PBG.

      • @Maya pbg gets good roles. It is his choice ehich drama or prohect he wants to work with
        Yes they will grow old but by then 90s gen guy will enter their 30s too.
        Psj and 80s liner sells big bidget dramas. Time for 90s to prove themselves woth smaller dramas if they want to work with kim eun sook and other top writers. They are not going to hire them unless they give big hit

    • There was space from 2017 to 2019 for 90s liners to prove themselves. Most of them failed to prove themselves as reliable. These mid to late 80s liners proved thmeselves when they were of same age battling against their seniors and earning those roles. Pds are not doing a charity. If most 90s liners arr incapable of even carrying small budget dramas, how would they get big ones? It is not practical for business and investors. When borad meeting happens, they see dollars and who can bring moolah

    • Just chill. PSJ has worked many years from acting small roles until becoming an A lister now. PSJ also has served the military at a young age before debut. PBG just has to wait for his turn after his mandatory MS which he has not even done.

  5. This is huge for him! Itaewon Class really showed people what he is capable of doing and I’m sure he can do much more. He proved that his rise in popularity isn’t only because his peers enlisted but because he’s actually talented and has a good eye in projects.

  6. i hope that Park Seo Joon will work again with the pretty, smart and talented Park Min young Hopefully there would be WWWSK 2. probably after his movie with JJH and IU?

    • Easier for you to rewatch WWWSK than to wait for their collaboration again. Most likely won’t happen given one is now an A and the other one not. PSJ will probably move into a KES drama after this one. Way to go higher.

      • Agree, very unlikely as PSJ has never mentioned his wish to collaborate with her again, considering the ridiculous rumors at that time. The only girl he had publicly hoped for second partnership is KJW after FFMW.

  7. dam*. here goes my dream for her to pair with male lead from her era. i just miss a blockbuster drama that pairing an old A-lister. Maybe JJH with Ji sung, Jang Hyuk or So Ji Sub. shes pairing with younger k-actor nuff already. Judging for character description there’s no go.

    • Same but these young guys are flavour of the season and the actors above works in dramas where they are the centre. She needs equal footing and author backed role. Plus more big budget dramas r going to late 80s liners and queen get those mega projects. Maybe thats why

  8. Is Mount Jiri a sageuk or a modern drama? I am confused cos I read somewhere that JJH cameo appearance in Kingdom Season 2 is to set the story for Mount Jiri.

    If Mount Jiri is a sageuk, then NO… please no PSJ. He was far from impressive in Hwarang. Not that he was that bad, he is just not cut out for sageuk. If it’s a modern drama, YES, go for it.

  9. OMG
    PSJ! the guy deserves every bit of success he achieves since he has done great job picking his previous projects.
    think every one had the intention of watching mout jiri since the queen confirmed now that PSJ is joining her Im sitting here like DAMN! I CANT WAIT

  10. Jeon ji hyun you go girl! You get the big projects unlike shk who hasn’t worked since 2018. You are more expressive in acting than dry wall shk.

    • SHK isn’t a greedy type. If she sees a fellow actress doing well, she’ll be happy for her. It’s something you can’t relate.

      • @nad yes and she also said she wants to work with her rivals son ye jin and jun ji hyun as she respects them as actresses. They all are s tier actresses

      • Not a greedy type? Please she’s a tax fraud criminal. Many rich people all around the world including celebs in China and Korea got in trouble. They think they are so famous and powerful, so they think they can get away with it. Bunch of ego thieves.

    • You know if SHK didnt take any project yet Its because she dont want to, not because she didnt get the offer
      Leave her alone, please

  11. @royal u must be happy too with this pairing. S tier ‘old’ jjh snatching all these leads. Remember the old shade. Lol

  12. One article states budget is 32 billion won or 2 billion won per episode. Well it is massive project.2 billion won per episode. It is going to be amazing with great production value with two superstars. Cant wait

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