Yoona Rocks High Fashion for L’Officiel Hommes Spring 2020 Edition and Joins Hwang Jung Min in K-drama Hush

K-actress Yoona is taking on a new project for 2020 but first she gets a new makeover courtesy of couture threads. Yoona graces the cover and pages of L’Officiel Hommes Korea Spring/Summer 2020 edition looking no longer like a lanky gawky girl but a woman confident in her own unique physical beauty. It’s been three years since her last K-drama the sageuk The King in Love (The King Loves) which didn’t make any waves or ratings momentum but she’s coming back this year with the modern day investigative drama Hush. It’s centered around newsroom employees and will costar male lead Hwang Jung Min. Good for her in trying something new, keep moving forward and every experience is an opportunity for a positive challenge.


Yoona Rocks High Fashion for L’Officiel Hommes Spring 2020 Edition and Joins Hwang Jung Min in K-drama Hush — 16 Comments

  1. She was good in exit. Actually improved a lot and got nominated for best actress at blue dragon awards. Now she is bankable movie actress too. So her future looks bright in movie land atleast and she is face of 10 cf deals. So she is doing more than fine

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  3. Yoona’s acting is very acceptable in the movie Exit which has great box office with a low budget in making. Good that her hard work pays off. She is pleasant to watch and her improvement is obvious.

    • @marie how? She doesnt even have more cfs than yoona and iu ! Yoona movie she was on equal footing and was nominated best actress at blue dragon which suzy can dream of. Working in six star movie isnt going to make her movie superstar
      Suzy was ahead in cfs and that is not the case anymore. Both iu and yoona have more cfs
      If you were so secure you dont have to speak about it everywhere lmaoo.
      Suzy is ahead in ur la la land

    • Suzy fans are so delulu. Sorry but both yoona and iu ahead of your bias already. Yoona was nominated for best actress last year at blue dragon film awards for EXIT and iu nominated for best actress at baeksang arts awards for My Ahjussi, both becoming first of 2nd generation female idols to get nods. Both had successful projects where they didn’t need ride off popularity of their male counterparts. How about Suzy?

      • @ moonlight?

        Are kim hye yoon and chae soo bin included in your list.
        i really dont like kim hye yoon’s acting and voice in EY. she was so off.

        As for Chae soo bin, i dont know, i used to love her in Im not her robot. but her acting is so one dimensional. her role is almost the same..

      • @ Joane

        Yes Kim Hye yoon is on my list as the worst actress, that’s what I meant when I said she took the crown. Her acting was so bad in ey but people who liked her, they don’t understand talent. Suzy is second worst in my opinion.

        I don’t remember watching any of chae soo bin dramas so I can’t say stuff about her yet.

    • Delulu eat your medicine. Yoona, IU, and Suzy are all mediocre or bad actresses but suzy is the worse.

      The ranking from worse to mediocre:
      1. Suzy
      4. Yoona
      10. IU

      Suzy is the worse of idol to actress period. She’s one hair away from being the worst actress, Hyeyoon takes the crown.

    • she is elegant looking, i agree. but she is a bland actress and no chemistry with her ML

      YOONA cant act. so i cannot call her an actress.

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