New Preview for The King: Eternal Monarch Spotlight All Six Major Characters and Moody Lighting

The end of March is here and April doesn’t look more promising in terms of global affairs in real life. But in drama life the upcoming SBS Fri-Sat drama The King: Eternal Monarch promises loads of reality escaping entertainment. The latest preview is a too brief quick scan through the faces of all six main leads Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, Kim Kyung Nam, Jung Eun Chae, and Lee Jung Jin. I do see the strong Goblin vibes which makes sense since it’s from the same screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and stars the same leading lady Kim Go Eun, but it’s the tree and the lightning and the moody visuals that really evoke the Goblin-y memories in a good way.

The King: Eternal Monarch Latest Preview:


New Preview for The King: Eternal Monarch Spotlight All Six Major Characters and Moody Lighting — 89 Comments

  1. King is back with vengeance. It looks so amazing already and teasers are doing the job well. Lee min ho looks stunning. Most probably will end up as his 5th 20% drama. You can’t pick bigger project than this as your comeback from army. Smart move by him

      • @ itsokay you’re a delulu if you think kge is a good actress. Dead fish acting is what she’s gives in comparison to lmh. Go rewatch goblin and see how she swaps away any chemistry.

      • @itsokay tour opinion doesnt mattets to investors amd kim eun sook. Ur opinion holds no value. So get over it

      • @moonlight she was so terrible in goblin. Rofl @itsokay is woozie suzy fan. And got neeve to talk about otherz acting when he or she stans that wooden log

      • They said thing for legend of the blue sea but he outshine jjy in that drama for me.
        Note : jjy is my favorite actress by the way.

    • @ady

      How did he become a king? He Cant Act!!! He cannot emote. his acting is not even passable. He is famous only for his face, body and Clean image. and thats why he gets offered projects with high budget.

      this will be a hit not because of him, but because of writer.

      • @ Joanne

        You must gotten hit in the head by a pile of cement bricks. That is such illogical thinking. There are many actors with good face, body, and clean image but do they offer all these great projects? No. So try again. He a wonderful actor unlike your faves.

        Your just being sour. Go catch some zzzzzzz

      • @joane ur opinion doesn tmatters when top writers and investors approach him for biggest drama of year
        His afting is amazing for me so stop scting like a expert of acting
        Oh please every project of his whenever it becomes hit, u guys try to discredit hin. Top writers approach those who bring ratings adn advertisers. They are doing business not charity. So nope ur opinion holds no ground. U r just a plain sad hater

      • H@joane top writers and invsstors when they meet in booad meetings , they dont do charity casting top star. They see who brings ratings, business to pds. It will be hit because he is king with 4 20% dramas and one 30% drama. His underperforminf xramas do better than ur faves. His dramas sells overseas bringing millions of dollars. Move on hater
        Yes he is king and a haters opini9n holds no value

    • First it’s called ‘delusional’ not ‘delulu’, and second I guess we just have to agree to disagree. Go rewatch Heirs for more of your king’s cringey acting.

      • He was amazing for many of us. Why dont u go watch vagabond which flppped miserably in ratings and terrible acting of showpiece suzy

      • So u are using one his drama to judge him?
        Like there are so many actors include your faves that have one drama in which they did not do well with their acting. Go watch city hunter, faith, boys over the flower, or his movie gangnam blue. Also he was playing high school student in that drama and also his character was not the best in that drama.
        U haters always said that he is only pretty face. Even me as his fan I didn’t like him in their and also there like 100 plus actors that just pretty or handsome like Lee min ho.
        Some says that he always play same role, beside the heir and boys over flower tell his other roles that were same.
        I love that writer too but the reason people are saying that this will be the drama of 2020 is because of Lee min ho and also not to forget the cast Kim go eun and woo do Hawn plus is Lee min ho ‘ comeback after military and then with the famous and hit maker (Kim eun seok).
        Don’t lie to yourself, open your eyes already. Even if he is not your favorite u still can not deny that this guy always try his best and is good actor, I’m not saying he is the best or he is the greatest but one thing I’m sure if that he is good actie and that’s a fact.

      • Woozie tard i was talking about suzys speech skills bcoz she is known as dumb. Like fan lime fave. Both r tardidiots.
        And y couldnt last 2 dramas on sbs average double digit? They ended with single digit average. So when king crosses 20% u will discredit lmh. 20% for 16 or 20 episode series on oublic channel is standard. Last year biggest hit fiery prieat on sbs had just one epiaode over 20%. So ur point is not valid here. Lmh will keep getting kkm eun sook type writer investors with a centeral role
        Whereas futture of has been suzy is weeknd drama lmaoo

    • @ Taemin I could name not just Heirs but most of his dramas, since he often plays safe and seems to just be afraid to look anything but pretty on screen, which leads him to hardly changing his expression.

      @adyjunjihyun I don’t know what suzy did to you for you to be so obsessed with her. Did she date your oppa? Oh wait…

      • @itsokay i want him to be happy even if its suzy or someone else. U r suzy fan n u shouldnt talk sbout others acting when u stan wooden log lmaom u guys discredit his success and star power. And he has done different roles. But u will never give his due bcoz u hate him

      • @itsokay what do u want him to do? Refuse big budget dramas and offers? Which every actor wants ? Everyone wants big salary and endorsements which comes with big dramas

      • @itsokay
        Suzy is so young but she dated around so much already. That’s why she was label Taylor swift of Korea. She’s so problematic.
        She’s problematic and a bad actress.

        If you think Suzy is a better actor than lmh, maybe you should drink less. Your thinking is clearly clouded due to drinking wine of no taste. A slab of clay could act better than deer caught in headlights Suzy. You should be a fairy tale writer.

      • lol the lmh obsessed and suzy anti @ ady mentions me being a fan and you all ar so quick to believe even though I never said anything about her dramas or her acting. your much hated “wooden woozie log” has dated only ldw and lmh publically that hardly makes her a taylor swift of korea. also having a double didgit drama isn’t much of an achievement if one has never ventured out of public channels. lmh could make a weekend drama to keep his double digit ratings streak lmaoooooooooo

      • ok @ ady now you’ve managed to piss me off. My speech skills?! You are the one who doesn’t know how to type without five mistakes in a four letter word so no you need to s**** the f**** up you wooden lee min h*e tard.

      • @ ady

        Not just only her speaking skills but also her critical thinking skills. She already lost credibility for thinking Suzy is a better actor than lmh. She blind and she deaf on genuine talent lollllllll

      • I NEVER said suzy is a better actor stop believeing everything that wooden lmh tard is saying.

      • @its okay

        She also being rumored to date Jun sung but claimed they were only friends… they were way to hands on to be just friends lollll

        What does making dramas in public or non public channels have to do with anything? Nowadays in public channels it’s hard to get double digits.

      • Why don’t u name them and tell me how he acts bad in those drama.
        Don’t pretend u did not read everything I wrote.

      • I stopped reading your essay after the second line and I’m not interested in lmh enough to talk about his works.

    • It will ullaod after airing in korea. Its first episode will air at 10 pm korean time 17th april so uploaded on netflix around 12 am korean time

    • @itsokay i said suzy dumb speeches not u. But likr fave like fan both dumb tardiots.
      Second if getting ratjng was easy om sbs, why suzy last 2 dramas averaged single digit average lmao?
      Last year buggest sbs hit the fiery priest has one 20% episode which was finale.
      So when lmh gets kingg to 20%, j huys already have excuses to discredit him lmao.
      But thankfully investors sbs kim ejnsook knows his stat power. So he will keep getting these roles but ur beloved woozie on her way to be has been will get casted in weeknd drama as she is nothing more than a showpiece

      • Plus when the camelia blooms and fiery priest are not blockbsuters bcoz they were on public channel rofl.
        Why didnt vagabond did better on public channel? Simple suzy has no star power.
        Sbs needs a 20% drama and they will get it with lmh. Sbs investors are doing business not charity. Thats why they offered him biggest project of year. Simple. So stay pressed about the king! People who invests dont care about ur useless opinion! Lmh brings ratings advertisers and overseas rights on board! Money!

  2. KGE is really bad in Goblin because her character was very poorly written. Not sure if KES will have the redemption to write her a better character this time. LMH’s charisma will always stand out no matter how mediocre his acting is. No one should focus on LMH acting because he always aces his projects.

    • See…I don’t get this. I really liked KGE’s character in Goblin and thought she did well as did the entire cast. In the beginning, the cuteness was exaggerated but I think that was a directing choice to show the changes in her character over 10 years. I think the writing was very clever in that the typical power imbalance in an older man/younger woman relationship was turned on its head since she could summon him at any point, and she was the one who literally held his life in her hands (ie puling out the sword, or not). The show is still on the top of my list.

      • Different perspective. You see her holding his life in her hands. I saw her constantly crying and being very passive. It is definitely a character flaw from a writer who never writes strong female roles except DOTS. I find the bromance in Goblin more engaging whereas KGE in Goblin appears weak in comparison. Her exaggerated cute acting at the beginning is also a turnoff to me and it has dragged on for way too long. All in all, I don’t think Goblin is doing justice to KGE’s potential as an actress. Maybe is a miscast with respect to her age and mature face (not convincing as a high schooler in uniform). Her portrayal in the final episode after the time leap was more pleasant. This is only my opinion.

      • 100% agree. KGE delivered amazingly with what she was given. And I’m sure the writer knows that too. Her character was a great juxtaposition to GY’s supernatural larger-than-life goblin. That was the Whole Point of their dynamic, and it also let us see her grow up through the ups and (mostly) downs of her life. People who don’t like her character in that obviously just aren’t into the whole trope the writer was going for. The criticism for her acting is pretty pointless when they were never going to like that specific storyline in the first place.

  3. The king of romance is back.So exited can’t wait to see my baby after so long. literally there is no one who can match his charm and popularity.He has that undeniable Aura.You can love him,you can hate him but you can’t ignore him.thats his him so much and waiting desperately.btw Get well soon HATERS

  4. And the people who are hating him and saying that he is only famous because of his looks and clean image, let me remind you that Korean entertainment industry is full of good looking people.He didn’t get this stardom because of his looks or by Luck but earned it by his extreme hardwork and consistency.despite of being Hallu Kind he is so humble and down to earth.God has given him all this because of his pure and generous heart.So stop hating him and get a life.

    • Korean industry favors good looks and tall men. LMH fits both criteria. He even says being casted in BOF was by luck. He is hard working no doubt. Being humble and down to earth is his personality. There is nothing wrong in what others are saying about him. I don’t think most are haters. The fact is his acting is not super. You just have to accept there is no one perfect in this world. He is charismatic but just not the best actor. Chill. Do not go overboard and accuse everyone of hatred. Not a fan does not equal a hater.

      • But we never said he is the best actor but we disagree his acting is bad like most haters are saying.
        Also I don’t remember him saying that he was casted for boys over the flower because of luck but even if it was do you think that if his acting was bad in that drama or he didn’t have that undeniable charisma he will popular like today or get a love back then? Answer is no because I can’t name any actors that could have played the legendary Gun Jun Pyo better that he did.

      • He was casted in bof winning audition and saw his name in paper that he got selected. Do research ptoperly. He is not an idol who got it on platter

      • I KNOW he went through audition for BOF. I don’t need to do research because I know the facts very well. I NEVER SAID he is an idol. I watched his interviews and he clearly said he felt lucky. I can understand Korean well so I know his exact words. Maybe he was being humble, you can rewatch his interviews 10 years ago and THIS WAS HIS WORDS coming out of his mouth and not my opinion. @adyjunjihyun Your opinion is also not a fact. @Taemin you don’t remember him saying does not mean he did not say it. And did I say his acting was bad in BOF? When did I ever say it? In my honest opinion, Jun Matsumoto is the best actor for Domyoji Tsukasa. No one has played this character better than Jun Matsumoto. Hana Yori Dango is a Japanese manga, not Korean!

      • @mary u said that is fact in ur comment. Dont say ur personal feelings as fact then and noone cates about that local Japanese actor. He is even more local than kang daniel in korea

      • It is called being down to earth and he still earned the role by auditioning.
        And u said it is fact his acting isnt super. Since when ur opinion became fact?
        Dont say it as fact hater
        For us he is best. But we dont call it as fact

      • Do not call me a hater. It is your ignorance not knowing the Japanese actors. Jun Matsumoto is not only local. He is much popular than Kang Daniel. Your ignorance totally shows here. The Koreans are the copy cat of Japanese manga.

      • @mary he is local not a big name outside japan expect niche audience i guess. Arashi is not bts that people must know them. They are local stars
        Lmh played his version different from both previous versions and made jun pyo iconic. Thats why it remains most popular veesion of manga. Buying legally doesnt make it copy. Its legal process and he slayed his version and became most popular of all versions made!. So u got ur reasoning wrong and yes u r lmh anti

      • Buying legally is still termed copy. Not buying legally is termed plagiarism. The 2001 Meteor Garden is more popular than BOF. What kind of people must know BTS? One must eat, one must breathe, one must not need to know all. I can forgive you for being ignorant which is the main reason you do not understand my reasonings.

      • @mary rofl it is not. Its manga rights not ur drama. Rofl bof remains most popular among the gen. Meteor gardern was popular among chinese crowd but never crossed it like boys iver flowers throughput whole asia and made lee min ho pan asia superstar.
        Rofl denying bts success. Arashi can dream to sell out stadiums in america and europe. They are local and will always be local.

      • @mary you dont even belong to floor u belong to mud. Arashi stays local act which noone cares about outside japan. Local acts. Facts are not ur forte oldie

      • @mary engkish is not the parameter of well read. I m not some oldie. Jeez
        Ur arashi stays a local band

      • I am not even criticizing your English here. Everyone knows your English is subpar. Knowledge is what I am referring to. You are a wall which cannot absorb. I have never called you an oldie which is such a non-literal word that only an uneducated person will use.

      • @mary my knowledge is not just limited to k world. I developed my business on own successfully. I am more learnt that u will ever be but i dont need to boast anything here.
        It is called using slangs in internet. U tried to age shame me because u r ageist . Girl u gonna get old too
        U r the one who sounds like uneducated retard here who got made bcoz her oppas are locals

      • Oppa is a korean word. Do not attempt to use a korean terminology on a Japanese celebrity. You always like to put you foot in your mouth. Keep on blabbing…

      • They are still ur oppas. Noone cares about them outside japan. They stay local and i gave u reply waht u deserved oppatard

    • I have never asked for a reply. I don’t have an oppa as I am not Korean. Do not pretend you are one because everyone knows you are Indian.

      • I never pretended to be one lmaooo. I never hid it oppatard. You dont own this blog. If u dont want reply dont make comments. It is not your exclusive fanclub. Your oppas stay local. You follow kdramas to know oppas are used for arashi oppatards like u

      • If you are gonna comment you gonna get reply. You dont own this blog to order around

      • oppatard is you. You replied to me first. I did not order you around but I guess you have chosen to follow me like a dog but I actually refuse to adopt you because I already have a dog and my own dog is not Indian.

      • Oh racist btch spotted. u must like dogs because btches love doggy style the most. I am human. Its better than those Japanese worldwar criminals donkeys who have yet to apologise for mass murders . This is public forunmm if u comment u will geta reply and ur oppas r still local. Oppatradbtch

      • You cant adopt dogs because u eat them. Everyone knows u guys can eat even snakes and bats lmaooo

      • Your whole ancestors are war criminals murdering millions and never aplogised .

      • No marytardiot i just dont like criminals likr u. Ur whole history is filled with blood of east asians. And noe act all saint lmaooo. That remains truth . Ur faves r still local
        Stop eating dogs. U disgusting creatures

  5. @marryanne exactly that’s why I said I don’t him saying it but even if he did. Read my comment again I clearly stated that even if it was luck.
    Also I didn’t disagree with you that he said it. All I said was that I don’t remember.
    Also I’m talking about Korean actors not Japanese actors. I can’t make any judgement on that one because I did not watch the Japanese version.
    The tone in which you wrote your sentences felt like you are trying to said he got popular because he was lucky and not that he worked hard for it. Anyway have a nice day I don’t wanna talk anymore????. The reason I really don’t like to comment on this site is the endless argument or game that u have to go through. Let’s just stick with our opinions. I stand on my point that Lee min ho is good actor.

    I just heard a news and they said the drama king eternal monarch will be delay and air on June 17 because of some arguments between the actors in particular Kim go eun , woo do hwan and Lee min ho. They had arguments on site.
    Also they are taking this time to resolve the problems. Source soompi.

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