Lots of New Drama Stills for SBS Fantasy Romance The King: Eternal Monarch with Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun

March was interminable but it feels like April is flying as we’re already in the second week and SBS Fri-Sat drama The King: Eternal Monarch will premiere next Friday on April 17th. That’s awesome and wild that we’re one week away and I so excited to hopefully have a cracktastic drama to live watch. The production has released a slew of new stills in the last few days and showcases all main leads Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, and Kim Kyung Nam. The still above of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun facing each other studying at the library makes me excited because I love the vibe between them, he’s making the effort and her could care less even faced with such hotness in front of her is too cool.


Lots of New Drama Stills for SBS Fantasy Romance The King: Eternal Monarch with Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun — 68 Comments

    • I don’t think so. It’s just like the pics don’t show that he is moving his body. But in terms of expressions in the face they are all different.

    • Lmaoo he really doesnt. He is ecen getting praised by korean for his dialogue delivery and voice modulation but carry on bcoz antis have same narrative since 2009

    • In his dramas too….
      I want to see him with an edgier hairstyle and playing dark characters. He’s become so bland and boring.
      Woo D H is gorgeous…I hope he’s taken acting lessons and will work harder to improve his acting which makes me wince and cringe…

      • Watch gangnam blues. He was amazing in dark role. Now big budget writers him as positive leads. It is impossible to refuse such big projects bcoz most actors want tbose roles

  1. Currebtly watching 365 Repeat the year (on viu) and next on my watchlist is The king…. Glad that this will be on netflix. Excited to see Lee Min Ho on his comeback project.

  2. At first i thought they wont look good together but really both leads look good together. Koreans r prasinig his work on dialogue delivery that he has worked on voice modulation before filming. And worked on his craft. But some will never see it anyways! Congrats. Hope it breaks between 25 to 30%.

    • Keep your delusions becoz JCW and KYJ’s drama will make you realize that TKEM will never be ratings success. Convenience will be the drama of 2020 with 30% rating at average. And JCW-KYJ will be the drama couple of the year.

      • why are you bring JCW and KYJ here.
        jealous so much that your faves never offered lead role in KES drama?

      • @ Kayla
        With yoo jung’s immense popularity and acting skills, 30% viewership rating is guaranteed. She is well loved by K netz.
        Yoo jung does not need a KES written project to get 30% domestic viewership rating.

      • Lmao did i say that drama wont be success? There can be mutliole dramas which can be successful in same year.
        Lmh drama will have international success like cloy as well.i cant say for other drama bcoz i m not intetested

      • @kes kim eunsook need A list stars to sell her dramas at highest advertising rates and overseas rights as well. When investors have a board meeting they see who can bring ratings and cast actors.
        Funny kim yoo jun fans dicrediting lmh when i never said anything against her.
        U think ur girl is bigger star than lmh? Lmao stay delusional.
        Lmh underperforming dramas like faith etc also did in 10% range. And has 4 20% dramas before 30th birthday as main lead. Ur discrediting him wont change his success
        Kim eun sook is not doing charity here. She is doing business. She sees which stars sell the drama.

      • @kayla 30%rating average? R u serious. Even global succes like boys over flowers ,my love from star, secret garden and dots didnt average 30% . . In what world r u living. Delusional at best
        And yes we will see wbich drama will become more success. Cant wait! I wish all d best to both but arrogant fans like u need reality check.

      • @kes to get kim eun sook drama u have to earn it. Let jcw n kyj prove themselves to earn her dramas with new drama . Kim eun sook isnt going to offer dramas until you can prove yourself.
        She hires only the top most actors. It is mutually benefit for both her and actors. Its business. We all saw jcw 1% rating with mms. Let him prove he deseeves her drama.

    • @van they act like kes is doing some charity by casting lmh but fact is he bringa millions of dollars from advertisements and foreign rights for drama. Is sbs not a company? They want their biggest project of year to sell at highest rates and they casted lmh.
      They r just jealous. Infact brought their faves for no reason
      It is called having insecurities

      • They are insecure and jealous.
        Kim eunsook always choose actors and actress that brings buzz, from veteran like lee byunghun and gong yoo, rookie actress from chungmuro like kim goeun and kim taeri,hallyu popular actor/actress like lee minho, song hyekyo, song joongki, hyunbin, ha jiwon, park shinhye etc their faves could never.
        We’ll see their faves drama’s rating.

      • @van ofcourse. She is a businesswomen lol. To get such high budget project, they need bankable actors only. She wroter heirs for lee min ho in mind. She casts only top stars bcoz it is the conbo which sells.
        I wish all d best to other drama bcoz i have no issue with jcw n kyj but some fans r irritating as hell

      • @ady

        what a tremendous delusions. JCW and KYJ do not need KES to hit a 30% average rating. They are surely capable of doing it. You are just threatened that your bias will be overshadowed by JCW and KYJ’s drama.

        And please stop bragging about LMH’s drama records. Just so you know, KYJ has dramas which hit 40% which is higher than all of LMH dramas combined. And LITM defeated LOTBS in domestic ratings and hallyu buzz during 2016. So, calm down and watch JCW and KYJ ruined your idol. Hahaahha.

      • @kayala mpon embracing the sun is kim soo hyun and han ga in drama lmaoo. U crediting her for 40% rating? 40% rating came with adults. They were the stars of the show. Jeez u discredited kim soo hyun and han ga in in way to discredit lmh lmao
        And lmh underpefromed dramas averaged 10% not 1% like jcw and kyj if u wanna go there.
        U r the one who is delusional big time
        Lotbs and love in moonlight averaged around same rating. 17% average and it was not bigger than lotbs overseas. Lotbs was sold at highest rates in overseas. In what world u r living? Lmao.
        My idol eont be overshadowed dont worry. U should worry if next drama dont average 1%

      • Love in moonlight was never a haplyu drama. It was overshadowed by scarlett moon overseas lmao. And considering litm was donestic hit. It averaged same numvers around legend of the blue sea. Which was a hit but not dots level. That is difference. People expect lnh drama to be heirs and doys level success whereas to reavh lotbs number it is considered blockbuster for your faves
        I cant believe people credited moon embracing the sun success to kids. Poor kim soo hyun.
        U r one delusional fan not me
        Boys over flowers heirs city hunter lotbs all r bigger hallyu hits than live in moonlivht which was just a domestic hit lmaool. And it was on par with lotbs
        Get cure for ur delusional

      • Hallyu buzz? Love in moonlight was never a hallyu drama. It was local hit lmaooo. And on par with lotbs domestically. Funny ur fave biggest hit as lead actor is on par woth lee min ho average hit and overseas no hallyu hit.
        Dont compare ur fave with hallyu king lmh. He tops govt hallyu polls all the time. He was amarded prime minister cultural award for hallyu growth. U know how big that award is? Talk about hallyu fame when ur fave get that award

      • @kyala u r the one who takes delusional award here. Imagine giving credit of moom emvracing the sun to kyj when kim soo hyun was the main reason for its success.
        Yeah sure kyj is bigger than song hye kyo jun ji hyun as well lmaoo.
        That delusional level is something else.
        Ur bias dont get kes drama to begin with. Bcoz they are not bankable enough.
        Kes 8s not going to offer them because they cant bring revenue like lmh.
        Dont even compare lmao

      • And kim soo hyun here is male actor. Dont start ur ksh vs kyj bs with me. I dont care.

      • And none of ur idol drama is on par with hallyu fame of lmh dramas.
        And ur idol last drama averaged 1%. That is their star power lmaoo!!!
        Ruin my idol? He cant be ruined by B list celebs lmao

      • Litm was a local drama. It was no hallyu hit.
        Come to me when ur faves get prime minster award for hallyu fame
        Yes lmh cant beat 1% rating dramas!

      • Btw bof hit 36% and it started second hallyu wave. Much bigger than mets hallyu fame wise. So how it is bigger than all his show combined? Justv6% difference and it was kim soo hyun show

        He was the main lead. Not a child actor of main lead. When ur fave hit this number as main lead then talk. Dont take credit of kim soo hyun n han ga in lmaoo

      • I dont have problem but look how they tried to shade lmh first. So gave them their own dose of medicine

      • @ady
        Not possible. How can LMH be overshadeowed in Kdrama world?
        I dont think these people are true fans.
        They are just trying to provoke JCW fans and LMH fans to bring fanwars like what they do with KYJ and KSH.
        I found some of them on recent JCW article here doing the same thing saying same words.

      • @artemis maybe u r right. But it is hell annoying. I mean no one was bashing others but then they tried to drag lmh to up their faves. I mean two dramas can be successful at same time. Like my love from star and heirs. They are not going to air at same time. so whts need to bash one?

      • @ady
        Exactly.two or even more hit dramas can show up in the same period of time.
        It doesn’t mean one is shading the other or sth.
        Im really positive about this year.
        Gonna have good actors back to screen.

  3. I started to think that these people who brought KYJ in almost every single post are KYJ’s haters. They want us to hate her. If they love her, they wont ruin her name.

    I can’t wait for this drama. Please be good.

    • I dont know but they are making sure that others dislike her. Bcoz they discredit others and now they are mocking lmh.

      • not sure about that. Ive seen them in other koalas blogpost defending their faves. Im a supporter of a not so popular young
        Actress also from the 90s generation. I now wish that koala would not write something about her. im afraid that she would get bashed. Every actor gets mocked and hated.

      • I have defended her too. But here they started discrediting lmh. I m lmh fan first

  4. I know this is a KES drama so I think its gonna be good although this drama looks like its gonna be the same concept as goblin lol But tbh I don’t think lee min ho and kim go eun doesn’t have chemistry idk why… seeing the trailer I don’t think they have chemistry

    • @ady

      please stop your nonsense. LITM is a bigger drama than LOTBS. LITM helped KYJ made the Forbes’ List and achieved a Baeksang Award. Meanwhile your LMH never achieved anything prestigious from LOTBS. lol!

      Further, LITM is a hallyu hit like DOTS. It is even bigger than your LOTBS. That’s why KYJ is the biggest hallyu star of her gen. Not your lowkey fave So Hyun. Ewww!

  5. @ady

    your long reply of defensiveness just proves your insecurity towards JCW and KYJ drama because it is guaranteed that TKEM will be overshadowed by CSSB. Let’s see which of these dramas will breach 30% rating. Dare?

    • My essays are posted with facts! Ur fave last drama did 1%
      And 30% was nt achieverd by massive hit like ku love from star. I m not delusional to make such challenges. Though if ur challenge is which will have better peak rating it will be king. That is accepted

    • Are you sure of the challenge?
      Okay challenge accepted.
      Let’s which one will reach 30%.

      If the king reach 30% you should also be thankful because if it reached that mean the next drama will have strong start but the question is will they be able to carry it until then end ?

  6. Litm was no halkyu hit
    It was ivershadowrd by scarlett moon
    Dots level lmaooo. Lotbs sas way bigger overseas and averaged same rating as ur fave drama. N lmh has won plenty of baeksang. Lol! He has won hallyu awards like hetting prime minster award and shot 80 cfs. Beat that!
    And king will have better rating. Even my love from star didnt peak at 30% . Challenge is which will peak at more? And kkng will do than ur 1% rating fave

  7. U r the kne who started nonsense biatch! U brough ur 1% rating fave here. Then get ready to be dragged with actual facts . Litm was obershadowed by scarlett koon ovwrseas. Dots level lmaoooooooo
    Lotbs averaged same domestic and won overseas easily. Call me when ur fave shot 80 cfs in yeat like kjng did bcoz of hallyu fame!

  8. U stop ur delusion biach. U started it first. Tried to drag hallyu king when hallhu kings stomps all over ur faves n his costar. U r one delusional biatch who credited her fave for mets success like kim soo hyun and han ga in did exist???
    And ur litm was just a domestic hit and ratings were same like lotbs. Overseas it was not even on scarlett moon level m dots lmaoo??

  9. Why dont ur hallyu queen appear in govt list? Whereas hallyu king is topping it for 12 years. Dont try to come for real hally king who topped govt polls whereas ur 1% rating queen dont even appears.
    Where is her prime minister award? Lmaoo

      • I don’t remember seeing your fave in the national government list of 2019.
        Your face was not even in top 100.
        But LMH was second in term of celebrities for people they think of when they heard South Korea and 3rd place behind the president and BTS.

        Stop your hatred already.
        I don’t hate the girl. And watch all her drama including Mets, moonlight, cwpfn(it was bad but I watched it.) So stop before people started to hate her.

        Also LMH is Asian Male God.

      • Guys all mpvie stars like song kang ho lee byung hun kimhye soo, ha jjng woo etc r below kyj bcoz they never make top 10 of forbes which is biased towards idols m eveeyone knows idols r second clas citizens. Btw it depends on more buzz m active. Ur crona girl nevee made it again??
        Kyj fans r hilarious. Now forbes is their vriteria when she can beat actual numbers. Yes she is 1% rating queen???

      • Even jjh couldnt overshadow him . Ur limited yoo jung can never. Wait she is too D list to be his costar. She is 1% rating disaster???

      • And she is crona pig virus. Rating of 1% pig virus! My king lotbs budget recovered from vitenam sales only. Thats why he gets biggest projects not 1% rating pig

  10. Guys whoever that crazy user is.. she always bring up kim yoo jung in any article is not a true kyj fan… she bring up kyj in every article to make people hate the actress. She’s probably a fan if other actress and pretends to be a fan of kyj. Whoever you are @moonlight yoo or @kayla please stop. Don’t you have any thing better to do with you fcking life??

    • YOU ARE CORRECT. A group pretending to be KYJ ‘faithful fans’. Every articles kyj names is being mentioned to stir emotion against her. Thank you for speaking up.

  11. Ratings, ratings, ratings!!! Y’all can just shut up and wait for the drama instead.. I mean we are not kids or are we? cause a lot here are sure as hell acting like one. And is ratings really everything?

  12. I think I read it here about how sites like dramabeans are dying and am sad about that but at least they never argued about ratings and cared about the dramas instead.. and what’s all these comparing artists and abusing them? COME ON!!! We can do better than that.

    • @salmos
      i see your point but ratings are important as well. NOT EVERYTHING,but yes important.
      to me as long as I enjoy a drama/movie or whatever I dont care about ratings.
      but when it comes to discuss and analyse a drama, ratings have a say.
      it depends on the basis of discussion.
      if you say your feelings and personal opinion rating doesnt matter. but when it comes to professional talks,it does.

      • It does have a say. Don’t get me wrong I never said it didn’t, obviously the filmmakers, actors and crew deserve respect with or without good ratings but I don’t judge dramas on ratings.. I mean we’ve seen good dramas with bad ratings and bad dramas with good ratings. It should never about the ratings for us as fans but I understand everyone has favourites and want thier favourite to succeed but never abuse other people’s work just because you want yours to look good

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