Han So Hee Rockets to Stardom as the Mistress in The World of the Married and Garners Comparison to Top Actress Song Hye Kyo

I’m not a fan of super fast stardom rises because it’s harder to sustain the momentum. Only time will tell if rising K-drama actress Han So Hee will build upon the attention she’s garnering as the mistress character in hit jTBC makjang drama The World of the Married. I remember her foremost as the Crown Princess in 100 Days My Prince and later in Abyss, she debuted only three years ago in 2017 and doesn’t even have a big agency but she’s really been landing high profile dramas and roles from the outset. Her acting doesn’t impress me off the bat as a natural but she’s decently good and has the benefit of being really beautiful with almost a half-Asian half-Caucasian features. She’s getting many pictorials this month thanks to Married and her Dazed spread has been getting her additional attention due to her resemblance to Song Hye Kyo. I think it’s just the hair style and angles but Han So Hee has her own style.


Han So Hee Rockets to Stardom as the Mistress in The World of the Married and Garners Comparison to Top Actress Song Hye Kyo — 27 Comments

  1. She was in Money Flower as a mistress too. In MF she still had a very obvious facial eerr, assymetric (to put it mildly) but it was fixed now….She is gorg anyway….

  2. Call me a cynic but actresses without a powerful agency only rise in K ent because either she has good connections or she’s got money behind her. K ent is super competitive and for someone to rise so fast with middling acting skills smells of sponsorship. I hope for her sake that’s not the case.

    • Kim Bo Ra was not this hype when sky castle airing imo.HSH already has so many follower in her IG. She is also reliable as an actor imo. Hopefully she can maintain in the hype in her next project.

      • Thats because HSH is already a ulzzang and influencer. Her following is huge. Her transition into the acting world is not that huge of a leap due to her online popularity. Same with that young female doctor in Romantic Doctor Pt 2.

      • It’s not only follower, though… The buzzworthy consistenly put her in number 2 buzzworthy, unlike Kim Bo Ra. Each Sky castle member get the spotligh each weak. So it’s not only Kim Bora. Kim he yoon got her rising star status after ordinary you, though she got the benefit rising to femle lead from sky castle.

      • @missjb Competition was harder in sky castle era, many drama doing well that time (Encounter, Mota, The last Empress, Crowned clown). But Kim Bora even top buzzworthy one time, beating PBG, SHK, JNR, and HB.

    • Her hype is no where near HSh. Hsh hype is on other level. The number of love calls she is getting is huge. She will be landing lead roles from now ownwards.
      Her character in wom is not listed as lead but is as important as lead. And really standing againg kim hee ae and male lead requires great talent

      • I actually not watch both drama so not really sure about how important their role.
        But I remember everything about KBR that time become a hot topic. KBR get lead role offers after sky castle.

  3. HSH’s pretty so I can totally understand why she’s popular but tbh it really is not easy to sustain the hype unless she has another popular drama after this.

    • I hope she signs some good project. I am sure she will get good offers because her iron is hot right now and her agency must be working big time

  4. She is hot. Apparently both men and women r goingg crazy for her in korea.
    She is getring tens of cf deals. Strike the iron when it is hot.
    She makes me hate her in drama. So she is good aftress bcoz she is making me hate her.mshe started slow amd rose to rop. She deserves it.
    Cant wait ti see her future work.
    She looos like a model . Tall with great visuals. She got goddess visuals

  5. Why ppl always compare! She is doing really good, let her be. May be one day she will be the big name or not. SHK is pretty and senior actress. But HSH newbie and need to work hard in future.coz, now a days only beauty can’t assure success. Best of luck, HSH! I am hating you in the world of married! So, yes, like you,pretty face with “acting” ability. Lol.

  6. The roles she was getting before WotM were all supporting roles though? Hardly “high profile”, or deserving of the insinuation of sponsor accusations/golden spoon.

    Even World of the Married was a surprise hit, no one expected it to blow up this big. Girl worked her way up, there’s no need to undermine her when she’s finally seeing success. I mean, idol-actresses media play over projects even half as successful as this, HSH at least has something real (breakout role, decent acting) to be shouting from the rooftops about.

    • Noone says that when a man lands big roles, but sucessful women r pointed out.
      I know casting couch exists in entertainment industry and noone is saint there, but the moment she has risen to stardom without the likes of jyp or sm as company. people r trying to point fingers at her abilities . She wasnt landing lead roles. she won this role and proved herself. because if she makes people hate her in drama, it shows she is capable actress and she has visuals

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