K-netizens Upset at The King: Eternal Monarch Using Japanese Temple and Design for Royal Architecture

I thought the only visual incongruity in just premiered SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch was that cool as beans white steed Maximus, who struts like the graceful kingly ride he is, was a dwarf horse when shown in the younger King scenes racing like a stubby cutie around the track. Eagle-eyed K-netizens glommed onto another issue and it’s one that’s highly sensitive still to Koreans, namely anything associated with Japan who colonized the country for decades. Netizens point out that the architectural of the royal palace and temples in the fictional Kingdom of Korea are taken from Japanese style buddhist and imperial temples. I don’t profess architectural proficiency to comment but the production should have done a better job of avoiding any association however close or tangential to Japan then this could have been avoided. Or maybe not, there is no such thing as bad publicity.


K-netizens Upset at The King: Eternal Monarch Using Japanese Temple and Design for Royal Architecture — 10 Comments

  1. It could have been an inoccent error. They could have been designing it without having anything in mind. Fantasy world from the ground but could have resembled the Japanese buddist temple by accident but all in all sort of hilarious bakclash. They apologized and promised to remove it hope that gives them back some grace and mercy from the netizens

  2. Considering the history between 2 countries, creatives couldve done it better.
    But at same time they dont mind when kpop artist get welcome in japan. Bts setring album recors there etc.
    But i guess timeline rubbed the wrong way.
    People r sensitive regarding their history.even i am. So i wont blame knetizens here

    • Lol they even once saw changmin’s reflection on Victoria’s spoon. And that famous spoon scandal. They have sharp eyes lol

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  4. Innocent error or not, it is NOT an easy mistake to move on or forgive easily when it is a cruel reminder of the loss of million of lives.Only those who suffered during the Japanese times will truly understand how painful these times.

  5. Honestly, from a logical point of view, why not? Maybe in the parallel world Corea and Japan have good relationship and influence each other.

    I understand the reaction from
    the historical / emotional point of view.

  6. We were colonized by the Dutch for 350 years, and we still love them. Women here will show off if they got a Dutch husband. And we were suffer a lot when Japanese colonized us, but men here are fanatic fans of Japanese AV stars. And we also been colonized by the Portuguese, yet we still love CR7,Mourinho, etc. Malaysia, Israel, and PRC are the most hated countries in our country, but we’re love them too, almost as big as we hate them. So, I can’t relate with K-Netz.

  7. I know it is a sensitive matter which can be triggered by even slightest of offence. Even my country was colonised .We don’t hate their citizens now but their ancestors who colonised us in the past and wreaked havoc. Koreans may like Japanese stars but the style of architecture, historical mementos etc. remind people of the forgotten past whose tragic sentiments have been deeply rooted in their souls.
    This drama is a huge scale production so they may have done it unintentionally cause they needed to look after many things. Still they accepted their mistake and apologized and that alone counts. Some things cannot be reversed and we need to understand that and move forward.
    However in some other matters k-netz are really insane driving people towards depression.

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