Hospital Playlist Hits 12.077% and Breaks the Ratings of Predecessor Prison Playbook

Cable network has another successful drama airing right now but getting overshadowed by the successful crazeballs The World of the Married over on jTBC. Thurs night medical drama Hospital Playlist (Wise Doctor Life) got a high 12.077% ratings this week, which vaults it over the predecessor drama Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life) which hit 11.195% as its highest rating ever and it happened on the final episode 16. Hospital hit this high ratings on episode 7 and it has 5 more episodes left as its scheduled as a 12-episode drama. It’s wonderful to see the success of this drama with a super talented cast of Jo Jung Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Suk, Kim Dae Myung, and Jeon Mi Do. Not just the increasing ratings, the reviews and audience love for it has been so strong, as expected from the PD who also directed the Answer Me series.


Hospital Playlist Hits 12.077% and Breaks the Ratings of Predecessor Prison Playbook — 20 Comments

  1. Looks like it is worth watching. Jo jung suk is amazing. I remember when in architecture 101 he was supporting role and first movie role but was the show stealer and won all newbie awards

    • It is. Everything is superb. I keep wanting new episode to come soon. I laughs so much, then cry. Everything is good in this drama.

  2. This week’s episode featured Reply 1988 cameo by Taek’s dad and Sun Woo’s omma. It was really nice to see them again.

  3. i just love this much fun to watch..i laugh so much on the reaction of Jung kyung ho when he saw the reply YES of his friend’s sister…he was like a teen

  4. I laughed so much on the scene where Jung Kyung Ho received the reply YES from the girl she’s wooing…i look forward to next episode, i think its revelation time who her girlfriend is

  5. This is definitely on my to-watch list once its complete. Prison Playbook is so good i still remember how i’m lmao while watching it so i definitely won’t pass this one especially with a great cast.

  6. This drama is so damned good! And there’s such synergy between the actors, you can see that they are really comfortable around each other and so in sync. Love the directing. Love the script. It shows you can make an interesting drama based on everyday life with no melodrama. Love JKH, JJS and YYS. I’m hoping for some romantic pairings before the drama ends. Fingers crossed ?.

    • It is, I thought in ep where I think there’s going to be like battles for the hospital like others drama do, but then no they shows sometjing refreshing, that’s where it got mee hooked, although when most of the reply’s cameos coming as priest, gosh I ? so hard.

  7. What I appreciate about this drama is the small tiny interactions between the characters like when Ik jun pooped himself in his biking gear and tried to play it off.

    Or how they order coffee saying hot warm coffee

    Or when the two speak in their country accents and immediately switch to the Seoul accent lmaooo

    Ik Jun and son interactions

    The Army fan base doctors

    Masterpiece I tell you

  8. I love this drama! Love the interactions and relationship among the characters. It’s a bit frustrating that it’s only 1 episode a week but I guess at the same time it keeps you wanting more because it always feels too short each week. LOL

  9. Another Prison Playbook nod at episode 10, Captain Na did a cameo as a divorce attorney and was asked what his girlfriend does for a living and he said a prison guard hahaha. ??

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