C-media Critiques Why The King: Eternal Monarch Ratings are Dropping with Both South Koreans and Chinese Viewer Interest

C-ent was hyping up The King: Eternal Monarch as well as rightfully so. Lee Min Ho dramas always do well in Chinese-speaking regions and same with all prior Kim Eun Sook penned dramas. But 4-episodes in even the notoriously fawning C-media is posting incisive analyses for why The King hasn’t been the hit it was built up to be. On China’s number 1 media review site Douban (think Rotten Tomatoes) the audience feedback rating for The King dropped from the first episode of 9 to 7.7. I thought the reasons given are all really on point so check it out. A few problems could be fixed going forward like adding good OST music in future episodes and hopefully acting and chemistry problems get less obtrusive later on.

  1. CP chemistry low – slow developing emotional connection, fast developing forced connection, Lee Min Ho character’s commanding style doesn’t work with Kim Go Eun’s stiff flat vibe with him.

2. Confusing story – the scope is grand but it’s not explained properly to the audience, on top of that adding characters also without substantive motivation and personality portrayal.

3. Actor selection problem – Jung Eun Chae has a real life scandal plus her acting sucks so far, and Lee Min Ho has one expression when he acts in this role.

4. Background music/OST – music is a key component to the moving medium and adds to the emotional momentum. The King focuses on the visuals and forgot the OST, making scenes feel stale and solemn.

5. Old-fashioned cheesy story construct without the modern day twist – The rich prince, the plucky candy girl, it’s the same old story but Kim Eun Sook’s doesn’t add anything different to make it feel fresh. Plus her dialogue is awfully clunky, even cheesy dialogue works if it’s wrapped in sparkling new packaging. Here everything said is falling like a ton on bricks.


C-media Critiques Why The King: Eternal Monarch Ratings are Dropping with Both South Koreans and Chinese Viewer Interest — 145 Comments

  1. 7.7 on Douban is not bad exactly. By the way the ratings have never decrease if you mean as pure viewer numbers it didn’t decrease exactly. They are on two platforms airing concurrently. They are hitting high in Korea is just that TV-rating is just half of of it and dosen’t show the bigger picture. The other half is Netlflix as they are airing concurrently 22.00-2300

    • My exact sentiment. The drama is not doing bad anywhere commericially and in fact it’s the opposite and even inside Korea it’s doing great. As for Douban dropping from 9 to 7.7 is fairly decent. I myself wouldn’t have given the king 9 which is way over the top rating to begin with for the king. So 7.7 is fairly decent and I would even say 7 would be good endinng

      • @ pete after pressuring my brain
        I finally found the article .It is related to CLOY finale ratings.It was posted in Kdramapal . The article said it attracted approx 6.3 mill viewers only behind Sky Castle finale with 6.5 mill.I have the link with me now but don’t know how to post it here.
        And its okay. We all support it silently

      • Why are people comparing free air with private cable tho, moreover world of married couple is just remake I give credit to the actors only and not the scriptwriter I believe people are watching because they have not watch the US version. I watched it so the Korean remake didn’t excite me. U can’t compare remake to pure writing.

    • Nope not at the same time but it airs after one hour i.e 23:00 in Netflix and it has been discussed earlier already. And at 23:00 The World Of the Married airs in JTBC.

      • Just because you see 20% on rating you think everyone in sk is watching it. Its roughly around 2.4m over something that tones in for the World of the married and definitely not the youth. It’s a Makjang show nothing surprising and it has it’s own targetted audience and they are loyal. I am happy for it but it dosen’t overlap share audience with the in my opinion. People in the mid to late 40s won’t be into the king. Hack they shouldn’t even watch that if it was even for free. The King has been #1 in SK netflix for the last few days

      • @Pete I agree that not everyone watches TWOTM and The King is also doing well in Netflix. I read somewhere but can’t recall now that 20 pc cable audience could even mean over 6.5 million audience.So in SK a hell lot of people watch TWOTM.I maybe wrong cause it is an article I read quite some time ago.

      • I think we shouldn’t stereotype audiences based on age, because that’s just opinions.

        Ratings/trending on Netflix doesn’t bring joy to the network because they’re not making any extra money on it. Netflix is happy but not the broadcaster/producers. They want high ratings on the public channels as well to please their customers(advertisers). It is indeed a disappointment so far for the broadcaster and production team. Hopefully ratings grow. Let’s not stretch the truth.

      • They are both doing good but it’s definitely not 6.5M for 20% more like 2.4m. As for not bringing joy I think they knew what they were signing on before they did. I don’t think would come as shock to them Laura

      • @pete
        I hope you’re right. I hope they’re somewhat please with the ratings they’re receiving. I always feel sad about low ratings for any show even if I think they deserve it. Because it means there will be people losing out. There are cases in the past where drama staff and acting cast didn’t even get paid for their work because the dramas weren’t recouping enough money from their expenditures.

        Since Monarch is preproduction and has a huge budget, thankfully everyone was paid their salary. Hopefully investors/company won’t lose money.

      • @pete
        I hope you’re right. I hope they’re somewhat please with the ratings they’re receiving. I always feel sad about low ratings for any show even if I think they deserve it. Because it means there will be people losing out. There are cases in the past where drama staff and acting cast didn’t even get paid for their work because the dramas weren’t recouping enough money from their expenditures.

        Since Monarch is preproduction and has a huge budget, thankfully everyone was paid their salary. Hopefully investors/company won’t lose money.

      • @Laura yes I agree that we shouldn’t stereotype audience based on age by saying that only old people watch the Makjang drama. Cause as far as I know TWOTM is at no. One followed by The King at creating buzz. These were online datas and I assume that youngsters are more into this than the older people makjang loving people. However the buzz generated alone doesn’t define ratings as we saw in many cases like Extraordinary You. What I want to point out is that TWOTM is popular both among the youth as well the older people which explains the top ratings and buzz simultaneously.

      • @May I have seen that. TWOTM is generating buzz also and is doing good on all fronts. It’s a fact. I am not downplaying it by any means. I am actully watching it myself and loving it. It is a great show. Not a soap opera like the King which I am also watching and enjoying it. It has more serious tone and more grounded tho not a spectacle like the King but it tackles real people issues and most people can relate to that. It’s success is not a fluke. I happy for that Show. I support them silently

      • @ pete
        I replied at the wrong post earlier.
        So yeah I finally found the article which said about no. Of viewers ,after a lot of thinking?.It is a Kdramapal article regarding CLOY finale ratings. It said CLOY attracted approx 6.3 million viewers on the last epi only behind Sky Castle which garnered 6.5 million fo its finale.Thats why I assumed TWOM viewership must be high. I have the link with me but don’t know how to paste it here.And I guess that site must have showed the number of viewers of King’s premier episode as well.
        And sure TWOM is a great drama which is supported by many people.

      • Yes, but Hyena has great ratings and is one he later in Netflix. The problem is there is no chemistry, story is confusing and I watch first episode and it took me two weeks to watch second. I’m not going to denied that is getting better. Both leads are too woody, she doesn’t show emotion and she is one of my favorite actresses.

    • It was not only number in netflix korea and other countries but also number one on korea’s number one streaming site for 2 weeks which saw 56% increase this week. They have made 30% profit already preairig but by releasing at 2 biggest streaming platforms . People need to factor those.

      • Clearly the only problem is that there is NO CHEMISTRY with Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun… Kim Go Eun does not suit the character at all… Action stuffs are really not for her.

  2. I remember reading few weeks and people were saying that WDH is going to steal the show in this drama. Whereas other party was arguing that a B lister can’t overshadow a hallyu star.
    But why do I feel that the 3rd lead played by KKN is stealing the show . Untill now(Don’t know about future episodes) majority of the people are saying that Shinjae is the most nuanced character and they are really intrigued about his story. WDH still do not have enough screentime so can’t tell about that but LMH is definitely disappointing many people with his acting. Hope he does better in the next episodes.
    I m saying this with the pov of a neutral cause I m not a fan of either of three. But KKN really stood out and even if the story sucks further I will tune in to watch him only.

      • What show stealer? His part is considered the most boring by viewers, lowest rating when he took 90% of screen time in first half of episode 3 and his arc recorded lowest rating in episode 3. Too much screentime for his no screen presence. He deserved to be side kick

      • Oops I forgot to exclude the oppa fan girls in my OP,who always have their eyes on King Tan only. Obviously they would like their oppa to be on the screen for the entire episode with dozens of slo-mo and closeups and when other characters are shown they are bound to feel bored.
        King Tan is already a superstar in their fans eyes and nobody can change it even if he acts against a veteran they would still be pressing that he would outshine them..But the general unbiased audience seems to like KKN’s portrayal a lot. Go to any site and people are commenting that how he managed to grab their attention. And those who didn’t ,I already told you about the oppa fans ryt who are blinded with love.
        And isn’t it the case that first half episodes are anyways lower than the second half. KKN maybe in 90pc of scenes in epi 3 first part but what about other episodes.It just happened that epi 3 had to be the worst written out of the three and that’s why its ratings for both parts were low. As far as I remember KKN had quite some screentime in epi 4 as well involving his mother .People loved that and epi 4 had greater ratings as well.I know it hurts when truth is smeared on your face. And regarding WDH , till now,he is a meh for me in TKEM. King Tan will always be a star bagging big projects but I see KKN hitting big this time if the writer gives him enough storyline. Don’t be jealous of a sidekick it will only show your insecurity .They also deserve some praise. He may be not much of a value right now as opposed to ur god but that guy has got the potential in his acting.Remember episode 3 felt boring due to the way his story was portrayed and not his acting cause he managed to shine in episode 4 during that gambling scene.
        Feel free to hate and welcome back to this forum

      • Rofl oppa fangirl is better than typical oppa hating loser.
        Noone cares about that sidekick exoect audience like u.
        Fact is his arc is lowest rated and he slowed down whole episode he has zero screen presence. Born to be side kick and will forveer remain one.
        Thid comment proved how big lmh hater u r!
        And fourth episode highest rating came with the last ten minutes and second half. So take that truth in ur face oppa hater typical edgy hater
        You deserved the truth hating loser. The day when ur sidekick bring 30% profit preairinh then talk. He is born to be sidekick and lick shoes of actual stars.
        Positive comments i can find u on other s too. U have no point there
        And regarfing 4th episode rating it came with lmh scenes thord episode he has less screen time with likes of kkn taking scren time anf episode suffered!

      • Oppa hating edgy hater ur sidekick and lmh in same scene he ate him alive and this is general reception? U r bot general audience to pass ur opinion as fact. Insecure of sidekick? Nope. Just seeing through ur typical hating attitude. Some people are born to be sidekicks.
        When ur sidekick can bring 30%profit preairing to 30 million usd drama then talk him as some star. Till then he is no body! Born to be sidekick
        And nope his arc was lowest rated!
        Fourth episode picked with actual lead in screen time in both episode 3 n 4.
        And yes ky oppa will keep getting offers bco he bring profit already. When will ur sidekick?

    • He ruined whole episode 3 with his arc. When they gave him screen time in part1. It recorded lowest rating with his screentime being the most. Go n watch it again. He was bland.
      The way you guys praised him, i though he is korean tom hanks. He had no screen presence at all. And proved why will he always remain a side kick.

    • I personally think that WDH is way overrated just because he did well in Save Me.

      His follow-up performances be it as leading man in The Great Seducer and as a co-lead in My Country have been underwhelming. The same can be said with his performance in TKEM.

      I would say he is an average actor. Still lacking charisma and screen presence and skill.

    • I honestly can say LMH is a very good Actor . I blame the writer I wish someone else had written for his come back drama. Writer always uses famous Actors but her scripts are boring and the Actors becomes Stoic in the drama. I really feel bad for LMH. I just watching because I am a loyal fan but I’m so disappointed with the lack of chemistry the confusing plots the over dressed clothes and focusing on his appearance rather than acting . LMH will always be my K drama Prince I just wished he had a better drama ?❤??

      • Fans can judge him better so I guess he may be a good actor but other people like us are judging him based on his current performance only .I first watched him in Personal Taste where SYJ stole the show for me. That’s why didn’t bother to follow his work. I tuned in due to the hype and interesting premise only but so far although the story is good ,the storytelling part is weak along with some mediocre acting which doesn’t convince me the reason for their certain actions. Actually I m not able to connect with the characters yet ,nor understand what are their motivation. It feels like they are keeping everything in their mind talking to themselves and giving us disjointed hints only.Thats why I m not able to figure out whose fault it is ,the writer’s or the actors. Many people who are not familiar with the actors’ previous work are dealing with this. However it is too early cause the plot has just started to become little bit interesting and episode 4 was the best so far and it gave me a glimmer of hope that I m up for a thrilling drama. And fans should welcome constructive criticism because it would ultimately benifit the actor itself.

      • @astar i wont like but i m disappointed by director. Too slow paced. Last episode ten minutes have raised jopes though. Naver got many comments n views and many r saying it felt like first episode. Heirs stayed in low range for few weeks before it picked up. So lets hope for d best

      • @ ady yup ,the last 10 min of epi 4 was great hope they maintain this momentum and pace up a bit in the upcoming episodes.

      • astar i dont know what happened to director? scenes r misplaced and sometimes ruins the flow of story. Product placement is so obvious but well they need to make money and many of them have signed the leads as ambassadors, so maybe thats why

    • I agree, for now I’m really enjoying KKN character, don’t know what they will do with him in the future but his acting is already really good. I’m actually watchimg him in special inspector Jo and his hilarious in a comedic role, I’m also hoping woo do hwan gets more stuff to do, which I assume he will but I guess that waits to be seen.

      Honestly like you I’m at the moment watching for Shin Jae.his ep 4 performance p really hooked me. The fact they are giving him more connection to corea is interesting as they could have left him being a sidekick with a crush on the female lead.

      Also the C Netizen comments are pretty on point. I believe the chemistry between the leads improved in ep 4. But I’m neither here or there about them.

      • @ ady
        im not worried at all. it will surely be a hit drama. you are the one who seems to be worrying a lot- wanting the rating of Lee Min No drama to cross twenty percent. Im pretty sure that would happen, in the Republic of Corea and not in south korea.

      • Yeah like her last drama.1% always remember. That is her stat power.
        She cant being profit like lmh did already for this massive drama!
        I m not worried at all. He brought the initials. It is upto script and director.
        I wont predict the future. Heirs jumped later as well. Worry about next flop drama of far girl

      • -joanae bcoz of his star power drama got double digit opening as well as made 30% profit pre airinf. Mearly 50 advertisers xame on board for his drama. Channel has already made bank. Now storyline isnot in his hands
        But dont worry he will never have 1% rating. Worrt about ur girl 1% rating power

  3. The Article could have been alot fun if you could hide your intentions behind it. It would have had impactful meaning but not now. You didn’t do proper research on the ratings and just blasted them up so that it would justify your own opinion about the drama. Hahaha. Koala is hilarious but I love your blogging and articles. You got exposed here but it’s O’right we all do once in awhile.

    There are alot of other good Tv-shows airing now Koala you should probably check them out and drop this one. If you didn’t like it by now you probably not gonna like it later. This my advice to everyone drop a dead horse before it becomes a burden. This belongs to your bin and you should throw it

    • Everyone have their own motivation in continuing to watch a show even if they don’t like it from the get-go; it may be due to supporting a particular actor they like(so they must support the show by watching it in its entirety), or for curiosity since story is intriguing although execution is terrible, or even having the manta of having to finish a show no matter how bad(finish what you start, a little ocd), or even the pure pleasure to see how bad the drama can get.

      There’s no real wrong reason to keep watching a show despite having a sour first impression(s). It’s their life and time, let people do what they please and be entertained however they want.

      I’m still watching this show because of my love for lmh and parallel universes. I’m mighty disappointed in execution and romance and characters motivations but im still going to keep riding Maximus and charging forward unless we fall into a ravine of no return, then I’ll drop the series LOL

      • Well said… as for me I m watching it due to the curiosity about the two worlds and the plot build up. The story telling and acting maybe weak but the story is interesting as well as some secondary characters. Moreover in this lockdown I have nothing much to do.Usually I don’t drop a drama so soon. I go upto around half of the series and then decide whether to watch or not. These days I only watch currently airing dramas as I went in a big slump and can’t bingewatch anything.

      • @ astar
        I feel you, I feel like I’ve been in a slump as well.
        I’m looking forward to checking out Mystic Pop-up Bar in May, it’s flying under the radar but it’s giving me a Hotel Del Luna feel but much lighter. I hope that’s the case since I love HDL to bits.

      • I love this comment me two I’m watching to support LMH despite the fact that this drama is not what I expected. I love his horse and him so I will keep riding to to support him ?❤??????

    • @Jess
      You’re confused, this is her site, her blog. She can write her opinion here with absolutely no consideration to you. She’s not writing anything to make you happy.

      Exposed for what? That the show is crap? She’s not the only one saying that. I say that with absolute yes. It’s not even boring, it’s beyond boring. The female lead overacts, the male lead is like a wooden ornament. The writing is crap. There’s zero chemistry bw the leads, which means the casting director did a crappy job. The only interesting story on this show is the guy cop and his gambler mother. You know why it’s interesting? It is the only clear story on this show that you can follow. Everything else is muddy. The horse is the only thing here that grabs your total attention.

      So she exposed that this show is crap? This show is crap. They exposed it themselves.

      • Exactly found some other kdrama sites publishing articles about the lukewarm response this drama is getting. I guess they are not oppa haters cause their earlier posts were drooling in anticipation for oppa’s comeback.

      • Liking another actors’ performance over your bias doesn’t make me a hater.It is called preference.I just said so far until epi 4 his character is interesting and layered whereas other characters felt one dimensional .And I m not generalising my opinion,go to any forum, people are praising his performance including this one . If you go on name-calling people then surely you can turn me into one i.e a hater. Then carry that sin with you for making a person hate ur oppa without any apparent reason..
        But I know it won’t affect you and nor your oppa so leave it.
        I doubt why those same kdrama sites who go ga ga over the hallyu star became a hater like me as you said..?

      • Those drama sites have hated him for years anf then started anticipating him suddenly. Lol. Their intentions have always been the same.
        And if people werent liking it, it wont have been number on koreas biggest stremaung site whwre it saw rise of 56% this week.
        You started oppa fangirl thing to mock fans. So u must be hater.
        Oh pls u like him bcoz u need to 0ut him down. Anyways his arc stil is lpwest rated. Hope no more screen time to that sidekick!
        And those people were praising even before the start of drama lol. They always wanted to push sidekicks to put lmh down. His arc was terrible so waa his acting!

  4. I kinda wait for it to end for rating, perhaps it’s satisfying at the end but my complain is KGE, call me anything but she really doesn’t match the role and so annoying, her character and her acting just like “calm down, slow down” or just she doesn’t even look like the ace of her job.

    • LOl blaming the girl acting? She is best actress proven and tested. Even lee min ho admit that. Why you always blame the female actors.. even I love lee min ho i must admit his acting is always the same since BOF. Don’t put the blame to others expecially the girl just to justify or praise your dream oppa

      • how it is same? he was different in faith, won acclaim for his movie which was dark. lotbs he stole show under jjh’s nose. pls get ur facts right

  5. If I don’t like a series or drama I geninuely drop them. I am a purest consumer if it dosen’t speak to me I am out. I dropped high profile dramas before without looking back. I was not drawn in by the hype or histrionics. I am averse to hype. I strongly follow my interest. I am actully loving this drama but if i didn’t I would have dropped it in the blink of an eye ruthlessly.

    But I am relieved that you are also loving this drama and yes I agree it has interesting plotline and world-buildings. It’s enjoyable in that sense. I am also enjoying the actors and actresses involved in it not the biggest KES fan but I am digging this one

    • @jules
      Yes! Honestly, I’m lukewarm but I’m still optimistic and there are ingredients in the show that I enjoy vastly. I hope the future episodes will spend more time investing in world-building and explaining more of the science behind the parallel universes. I’m looking forward to seeing other alter-characters like Luna. She’s suppose to be the most powerful character in the drama. So color me intrigued. Also I think Lee Min Ho alter character is still alive, at least he should be to help make things more interesting haha

      I just checked out the hype(only due to high ratings debut) Good Casting, I was so bored and I fast forward some scenes and it was very over the top although it was intentional, it was too much. The fight scenes in the prison was fun to watch tho.

  6. I finished ep 4 yesterday, and I will say this drama is hard to watch. No chemistry, gezzt, thats the most important thing in KES drama. I understand why people critizing KGE in here, her character is not lovely. I dont know is it about the script or her acting? KGE act like she has grugde to LMH. She kept mocking him, and act so hateful to him. And for me LMH is stupid for liking a girl like her. I dont like the pair.
    I dont know if I will kept watching this or not.
    But I like the ost, nell gravity is good.

    • Episode 4 last ten minutes give change in future. Lets wait it. I was bored in epiaode 3 with sidekick actor taking all screen time with his zwro presence

    • The drama is not real life. Bot everyone or not all the time lee min ho should be put in a pedestal especially in the drama. Remember gum jandi hates him so much but a lot of people love that story. Dont look on to the actors but to the stories. Lee gon is not lee mim ho. Also, KGE is a detective in the drama she should be tough especially when someone whom she doesn’t know suddenly appear and hugged her and told her he wants her to be his wife. And what do you expect her reaction will be if someone keep on telling you that he came from parallel universe? Do you expect her to kiss and hug lee min ho or say i love you? Watch the Behind the scene or the making of the drama instead.. their you’ll see how close the two if you cannot stand watching drama that the lead actress is not head over heels(like you) to LMH

  7. Hmm I’m actually surprised with the lower ratings when I find that the story, concept, and characters came together (while still having a lot of room to explore for the mysteries) by episode 4, which was the strongest episode by far.

    1. I quite agree with this point, but for me, I don’t see the need for chemistry yet because the romance hasn’t started. Yes, there was the proposal but it didn’t came off as romantic but more like the way of an awkward king to get to know his savior or someone related to his savior that he’s been idealizing, even fantasizing, and waiting to meet for so long. But I saw hints of the chemistry with the last scene of the episode 4. I think people are used to the writer’s style of infusing crackling chemistry and romantic banter early on like in DOTS. I see the chemistry here to be more like Goblin where it started later.

    2. I think the confusion stems from the writer having not just 1 but 3 central mysteries that she has yet to explain: (a) the exact mechanics of the parallel world travel and a possible time travel aspect, (b) what exactly the villain has been doing all these years (a point some viewers seem to miss is that the seemingly case-of-the-week story in the republic of Korea is actually closely tied to the villain), and (c) the parallel world counterparts that we have yet to see, their motivations, and how they will affect the characters and story. I actually like that they don’t explain everything early on unlike for example in W where the twists and rules they add in the later episodes felt forced and needlesly convoluting to the story after brilliantly building up the world in the first episodes. In The King’s case, it honestly makes for an entertaining and exciting watch for me because it’s unpredictable.

    3. Hmm I think most of the actors are doing well but that’s just my opinion. Lee Minho’s not the best actor especially compared to other Hallyu star actors, but in my opinion, he’s charming and charismatic.

    4. Now this is what I most disagree with. I actually appreciate that songs aren’t blaring in the background for most scenes like in many kdramas. In fact, we barely hear them except for the end of each episodes? It’s a welcome change from the writer’s usual fare; I find that her lines tend to be more cringeworthy and cheesier when “Love is the moooment” or “I love youuuu” play in the background especially when the couple has just met and barely know each other. But that’s just my preference, and I know that catchy songs in the background are part of the charm of kdramas.

    5. Now that I think about it, a lot of my favorite dramas are actually really tropey lol. I don’t mind them since they’re part of the escapist factor of kdramas. So far, the show hasn’t really emphasized the wealth gap of the characters and why they can’t be together because of it, which is the standard conflict for this trope in kdramas. The conflict so far is more like in time or dimension travel dramas where they can’t be together because they’re from parallel worlds. I’m actually really curious how they will resolve this (if there’s even going to be a happy ending for them) with the added problem of both characters having counterparts in the other world. It’s a refreshing twist to the trope especially when we don’t how their counterparts are like. There’s also the genius aspect of the male lead which I thought was just an added background to be the typical perfect kdrama hero. But it’s nice to see that it actually comes in handy in exploring the parallel world and time travel with real-life mathematical concepts and theories about them. Also how his mathematical interests is tied with the Crown Prince in history whose life was the key divergence in the parallel worlds.

    I think people have high expectations because of the hype with the writer and this being the main actor’s comeback drama. So far, I’m surprised with how much I’m loving this drama and am intrigued by its mysteries, which is a first for me when it comes to this writer. It’s fun to see how polarizing it is to kdrama fans and commenters and the lively and even heated discussions it generates.

    • Finally someone I agree with. I think what majority of the people who dislike the drama have a problem with is that they aren’t understanding the hints that are left in each episode. After looking on some comments I realized that a lot of people aren’t following the story, which shocked me because it isn’t hard to follow. For example, many people think lee hon saved himself when he was a child when nothing has indicated that. It is highly more likely that the female lead’s partner was the one that saved him because he somehow knows the royal symbol and they keep mentioning these nightmares that he had in the past. It’s also slowly becoming obvious that lee Ron’s uncle is somehow involved in the murder the detectives are trying to solve. I think the public’s problem is that they expected a romance or something easy to follow.

      Also, do they expect the leads to just fall in love immediately? For lee hon, he has been looking at a picture for 25 years, imagining what she would be like so it’s understandable that he’s in love with image that he has of her. However, eul taek has no reason to like him, in fact I completely understand why she treats him like that. A strange man hugs her, says he’s from a parallel universe and says he’s the king of the country he’s from,has no history in her world and will not leave her alone….

      The scandal that the actress was in was from years ago and it’s was resolved so I don’t see what that has to do with anything. The only thing I agree with is that lee minho is kinda stiff, this is my first time watching a drama of his, but I’m willing to overlook that since it’s his first drama after discharge and I love Kim go eun

  8. I can see where the dissatisfaction come from. Its a matter of expectation in psycholoy,it happens when you expect sth to be so perfect. when the time comes and you face what you’ve been waiting for to be excellent, youll probably be diappointed and frustrated with it cause it didnt reach to the perfect position you had in mind.human brain is unlimited yet the reality is. while facing reality your brain quickly identifies things that are different from your expected version as errors. then you lose interest.
    Im saying someone who didnt have slightest idea about this drama (for example) would probably enjoy it more than those who waited long and expected much. the more idealistic your brain is, the more bothered you will get. Thats why they say “hope for it but do not expect it”

  9. I like Jung Eun Chae, she’s not bad and the scandal? It released at the beginning (oh surprise) and it’s not like the production could change her and it’s an old story. It’s really not fair to mention it.

    Personaly, LMH, the chemistry between LMH and KGE and the OST are lacking. I like the story and the characters, the cinematography is beautiful. I need more growth of character for WDH because he’s character is more like the usual secratary or bodyguard than a second role. KKM is really good and his role looks like the most “human”.

    • @Sayaris -I agree, Jung Eun Chae is not bad in this drama. At the very least she’s emoting and turning in an adequate performance. And she’s very pretty and gorgeously styled. As for me, I’m able to separate the actress from her role although, I confess I don’t do this in all cases. But compared to WDH’s and LMH’s wooden acting and KGE’s overacting – her playing the role she’s intended for is a welcome relief. Kim Kyung Man is the other praiseworthy actor in this drama. His scenes with his gambling other were gold compared to most of the fluff in this drama. Imho most of the blame for the disappointing turn out of this drama goes to the editor and director. It’s true that the drama has been disjointed so far. Those staff need to step it up if they want to keep the interest alive in this drama.

      • he is not wooden. He is acting like a royal. Director wants him to act like one. U cant expect him to 1000 expressions there.His character is shaped like that
        KKM ruined whole episode 3 with his screen space. the lowest rating came when he got all screen space. Guy got no charisma. No wonder he is side kick and will remain one.
        And plase u and sayaris always bashed lmh. so drop ur saint attitude and directly say u wanna bash him. Atleast bashers r better. Dont act like u double faced people.

      • Yeah, she is not bad, but so far is average, if she could get something to work with, it might help alleviate her character. But she is pretty that’s for sure. It think KGE is doing well enough so far, I haven’t rely found her to be an issue. LMH is LMH as far as acting goes, he can be charming which we will see in the upcoming EPs, but acting will be about the same as it’s always been.

        WDH is doing alright, he isn’t being much to work with, I wouldn’t say wooden from my end maybe do 1 and 2 he was but his character is lacking thus not helping WDH in showing his capabilities and can come as a bit stiff or boring.

        Yess!! To Kim Kyung Nam, his really getting to showcase his acting here and overall his character is being written really well. His acting with mum and then him tearing up near the wall was some good acting. I’m actually watching him in special inspectorJo and his hilarious in it.

        Agree the writing, directing and editing is the biggest issue if they can tighten that up then we will have a pretty good and enjoyable drama. I’m hoping after to 4 that’s the case as it improved.

    • LMH is not lacking. he is doing what his character demands!
      Wdh is wooden piece and ugly.
      KGE is doing amazing and last episode last ten minutes naver was ful of praise for pair’s chemistry. Chemistry is built and plot is setup for few episode
      KKM? that guy has no screen presence. He ruined whole 3red episode part 1 which got lowest rating and in scene with lmh, he was eaten alive by lmh. He proved why he is born to be side kick
      KKm need to have some charisma. He sucks. And expected from u. U will praise anyone just to downplay lmh. Guess what? he will remain male lead whereas kkm will always be sidekick! People dont even know his name

  10. I know it is useless to post it here because logic not gonna work and koalas completely avoided the fact that it was not only number one on korean netflix which have millions of users in korea but also number one on korea’s biggest paid streaming site where it saw 56% rise in second week and topped it in both weeks run easily. Production made 30% profit already , when they signed with such sites sacrificing potential viewers.
    Anyways i am glad i am ignoring this site because haters here must be having field day. So i hope it does well as it picked up in 4th episode ending . And people are interested. I hope director doesn’t mess up this week.
    I expected from you considering your homophobic posts during heirs days.

    • @ady…
      Logic doesnt matter in a drama that doesnt deliver. It just doesnt deliver. The acting is bad. The directing is bad. The casting director was feel asleep while choosing the female lead. The writing is crap. No matter how much you explain this logically and force people to accept your opinion and believe what you believe and live it like you do, it’s not going to happen. This production is not even mediocre, it is very bad.

      • Whoa you nailed it! Too much of same ingredients is yucky! Author should retire. New plot which could help humanity survive pandemics, calamities ufo invasions & teach our youth to cope beyond love stories.

      • @mindy drama has picked on episode 4. It was boring espeically third wpisode when cop guy ruined whole episode but i will say just they were building a plot. It takes time sometimes. Lets wait for this week to see how they take it forward. If they dont deljver i will agree with u. 4th episode has chnaged my.mind.
        I think kim go eun is fine. People r too harsh on her
        I had problem w8th pacing but i think they did good job on episode 4th and even knetz changed their mind after 4th episodr

  11. Useless arguments of a boring drama with a stupid plot, an overrated writer and two bland leads. The horse is actually the best part.

  12. I don’t think Jung Eun Chae’s scandal should matter at all (especially considering what guys get up to… consider the ML of Mr Sunshine.) She’s beautiful, talented, did fabulous in the Guest, and is great in TKEM so far. She’s an asset.

  13. I love this comment me two I’m watching to support LMH despite the fact that this drama is not what I expected. I love his horse and him so I will keep riding to to support him ?❤??????

    • Keep supporting our prince?? pppa deserves the best. even i m bored to be honest but i have hopes aftee episode 4

  14. I don’t know why the critics are so early to judge. Let the series end first. This may have a slow start but it may turn out better in the next episodes.

  15. non-factual stats thrown in with her own opinion hahahahaha. That is only something koala can pull off. I love you Koala by the way.

    Aside from all that the show is decent and I find myself enjoying it. I don’t see the fuzz to be honest. It has big production value. I can’t help myself but love it. I also love the main couple

    • Thanks for neutral view. My friend mailed her some stats but she doesnt post it and always give one sided view. But its ok she need views n comments. Negative articles bring more buzz.

  16. I am watching other shows such as Ozark and I just dropped the outer banks. tried couple of others with success for me. I was searching for that one drama that can hit with me on all levels. Than finally I stumbled on the king. I was pleasantly surprised. I am all hooked up.

    As for ”the King” I am enjoying it savagely. I love the chemistry between the leads alot and I want to see them date and probably tie the knot hahaha. I know I know this is over the top something to wish but hey. I am into this Couple they are my kind of thing. So please excuse me for my fanciful wishes. Thats what is good about Kdrama you can ship people together so on and so forth. LMH X KGE is where life is at currently

  17. This show has the best OST i have heard for awhile. Hawsa Orbit! Thats the best song I heard for a long time. I agree to disagree unless you haven’t heard it yet. It’s absolutely lit

    • I don’t know which one it is cause so far I only know the name of one Ost called “gravity” which sounds okay to me. However the song that played at the library scene in episode 4 when they were missing each other was just great. It was such a soothing piece..I can hear it again and again. Are you referring to that or another one?

      • Gravity is okay good. It hits good tones at some points but the ”it” Song is called Orbit. Check it out on Youtube. Hawsa Orbit – The King eternal Monarch. An Absolute fiyaa OST! They rarely come this good

    • I agree Hawsa ”Orbit” is ridiculously good. The vocals of Hawsa can bring down a building. Beautiful voice and rhythm

    • hwasa is most talented among her gen. not from big company like jennie irene etc but blow them out of water talent wise and also has become IT girl, cf queen etc bcoz of her huge popularity in variety. she is amazing and defies beauty standards

  18. I am lowkey loving this drama. The teaser left us in a great cliffhanger. I wanna see what is in store beyond this. As for the chemistry between them I liked it alot and thats only speaking for myself. I find them to be cute together.

    I also lowkey take interest in the plotline specifically the time-travel and parallel worlds. Multiverses and what not including the magical flute and all that mystery and on top of that LMH and KGE how can you not be into it. I am simply person I see them I click but aside from jokes. I am enjoying it quite alot

  19. So…here’s my take on the show. Can you imagine the expectations regarding the writer after Goblin and Mr. Sunshine? Two knockouts in a row, both in popularity and quality.

    I think the expectations were extremely high, maybe unrealistically so considering this is also the writer of Heirs.

    And this show has a different PD, right? I wonder how many of the shortcomings are related to the PD. The way things are framed and shot? The instructions to the actors? The pacing and editing? The soundtrack choices?

    As far as the cast and plot, I’m giving it time. I highly doubt I’ll be getting Goblin feels. But maybe it will still be an enjoyable show. I feel like there’s been way too many hot messes extremely dark themes, and lackluster shows recently, so I’ll settle for enjoyable.

    LMH is really like a younger Korean Tom Cruise to me. Always seems to be LMH, not a character, but he is nice to watch.

    I have never understood the KGE hate, I think she is a fine actress. I really liked her in Goblin where she was able to convincingly portray both a 19 yo and a 29 yo. . Didn’t really care about the age difference with the OTP because it was a fantasy/supernatural show (hey, Buffy and Angel, and for that matter Buffy and Spike).

    • I agree with you on that! LMH is the Korean Tom Cruise. Both are gorgeous on the screen but needs more improvement in the acting department. Makes you just want to Just stare at them and not care about the story.

    • Its the same acting & plot banana for KGE. Back to back with Goblin, she should have chosen a different genre. There’s such a thing as fatigue. I find her simplicity & sweetness stance over used. It’s beginning to look fake or a poor copy.

      • But she is not sweet in this drama. There were a lot of complaint comments about her “unfeeling”-ness to LMH. KGE is a detective. She is supposed to be strong, cold, tough as nails, glamour is off the shelf because she goes on stake outs with the boys (she can be glamourous too, if it will be asked of her by the writer). KGE’s portrayal here is just what KES ordered.

  20. Hello from England! Am loving this drama on Netflix we get two episodes a week and the only thing I hate is the wait! I love the quantum physics, exquisitely shot, the broken flute, the moments with repercussions, a raindrop falls and lands in two places at once. It’s fabulous. The horse is gawjus!
    Am 4 episodes in and the best dramas always leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next. This one really delivers. It’s terrific. I’m hooked.

    • lee min ho’s other show heirs was trending on british netflix. happy to see u guys enjoying k dramas.U wont regret

  21. His role is of king. He has to act like royal which he is doing> what people expect him to do? act 1000 characters? He is not wooden he is doing what a royal should do? criticism here makes no sense but most commentators here always bashed him. expected lol. Ask the director who wants him to act like royal/The two second leads are tragic. WDH which was praised to skies here. he is wooden actually and that cop guy he ruined whole episode 3 with his arc. He had no presence and charisma at all

    • You get hostile when people criticize LMH’s acting, accusing them as haters. And yet you’re acting like a hater yourself, insulting other actors, blaming them for low ratings. You really need to calm down. Respect other people’s opinion and preference, and people will respect yours.

      • Agree. Ady says WDH is wooden and ugly. I think LMH is the same wooden and ugly. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. LMH nose is so big which can hold ten flies in each nostril if you ask me. The FL is ugly too. Only the second female has some visuals.

      • She won’t get it .She is the biggest hater here who gets pressed just by the name of other actors.That cop guy was in epi 4 as well. Regarding epi 3 ,that whole lot was a filler ,it was not the actors fault but the writer and director.

      • @anya i m doing what u people r doing to lmh. So dont lectur me
        @joker u always say the same. Nothing new. He is considered a visual in real life by majority of people
        @may u r the buggest hatwr. Tjat cop huy ruined whole episode bcoz he lacks charisma. Move on btch

      • Ady. You always say the same too. Nothing new. Why do you call others btch? How would you feel if you are being called btch?

      • I dont care. I know i m btchy. People say in real too. Bcoz i dont take crap. Str9ng women r always called one???

      • Lmao may 2 kind of btches. Strong is me. U fit second kind. Afyual btch

    • Lmh is bad actor that a fact literally everyone has spoken about. It not only on this forum visit other they have same things to say about lmh acting. Your logic about cf and profit doesn’t matter when the end product is not even mediocre.

      • Everybody who? These edgy people on internet?? U guy r saying it for years bcoz of ur hater boner for the king. Bcoz ur faves will never get such projects!
        And he is not directing the drama.he will do what director ask him to do. Prince role demands him act certain way. If u cant understand that that ur problem
        @mother teresa converter fckng btch

  22. I am pleasantly enjoying this drama on Netflix. I didn’t really know much about it before diving into it but I found myself entertained. There are so many complex things about the math use in that zero reference was a new touch.

    Specifically 4th episode was refreshing and cute at the same time. I wanna see what is in store for this drama as we are progressing into the 5th episode soon. I enjoyed the acting of both leads.

    As for the chemistry I found it to be pleasant and realistic. I loved one of the side character what is he called I think Jangmi he was hilarious. great addition.

    I haven’t watched other works of this writer might have to give her a try and see what she has in store

    • I have played that last part of the 4th episode over and over again. I watched some of her other works avoid Goblin the age-cap is not ideal and the same with Mr.Sunshine. Go for DOTS you will find that one ideal and will fit you if you are looking for something acceptable in moral values.

      As for the show itself it’s good and has cliffhangers kinda wished they released all at once but they didn’t want it that way I guess which is for the best but I am being selfish here. I can’t wait for friday to come

      • Regarding the last part, same here I did the same thing, too.

        @Brune I also liked the zero reference.

        This is the only drama I’m keeping tabs on right now.

  23. This drama gets alot of things right and one of them is the cinamatography, world building and the background scenery including the acting of the lead actors they sell it to you. I am definitely onboard with this drama by all means necessary.

    I wanna see them explore more about the multiverse theory and the time-travel which I found to be exciting aspect of the drama. We will the main couple end together or will someone die. I have a feeling someone might die. Seeing him come back from the future to save himself carrying her badge is suspicious

    • I hope certainly not that one of the main leads falls victim to the villian. I want them to end together as I am lowkey shipping them together for the time being. I will riot if one of them dies in this show. No No please. I have seen some of KGE other works I like her alot. I saw her in some of her movies and CITT

  24. I started to binge the remaining 4 episodes and I loved it alot. The production value is truly great. You can tell it’s a big budget fantasy romance and alot of thought and work have gone into it. I didn’t know what to expect before diving deep into this but I came out pleased.

    The question I have is who saved the kid because someone saved him who has his face covered. I guess it’s himself. Someone actully saving their ownself from the future is this some sort of another grandpa paradox this circle could go on forever? Am I into something here? Did I just figure out something. I am not good with science but I have read little bit about the grandpa paradox and how it can become a circle.

    I loved the main lead both the king and the cop. What an interesting pair and I don’t think I have ever since a ”King with a Cop” pairing before thats a new one. Wait they I just figure something else out. Okay I gotta stop praising myself it’s getting awkward but now that being said. I wanna see more of it and I am enjoying it so far

  25. Hahahaha…. Y’all don’t want to accept that the drama is bad. Stop beating around the bush, if it was a different drama without that much big budget around it y’all will be first to criticize it. I don’t like it when a big budget drama fails to deliver in its story that means there is a problem somewhere, let’s face it the acting has been bad, story writing is not the best, the editing, background music is off atleast for now. I won’t drop this yet cause I like to give dramas chance and the last 10 mins of Ep7-8 did improve a little but they need to do a whole lot better to keep viewers interested.

    • Yes, I agree 100%. Minho needs to graduate from his handsome chasing plain faced girls & looking so perfect type. The girl has same acting as in Goblin. She’s copied the original cuteness & sassy Park Shin Hye. Writer used same genre as in Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea etc. Viewers want a reality story now bcoz of present pandemic.

    • Agree. As of now KKN character is the one that stealing the show and As you can he is at least had different reactions in his face. Sorry for all the LMH fans I like him in City Hunter and I can say that’s his best drama second is Faith. And I watch all of his drama but it seems like he is doing the same character all over again. I know cause he is handsome but please I hope he will challenge himself on his next drama. The writer is a famous one and I watched all her written drama and I can say that most of her drama even the lines are cheesy they work well. She made some of his cast became popular because of her drama. I can say her best are City Hall, A gentleman’s dignity and Mr. Sunshine which are all well written and of course Goblin not that great as the three drama I mentioned but the OST are amazing! and the bromance was on the spot. I’m not against LMH he is okay but I can see in this drama that there’s no chemistry at all when he looked at KGE i felt like he is staring somewhere else there’s no emotions in his eyes while he is looking at her. Transition are all over the place and still waiting for the characters development. You will say it’s only 5 episodes it will still pick up and yeah I hope so cause i love watching fantasy time slip dramas. This is my opinion as a Korean drama watcher since 2005.

  26. I love the show so far. It’s going places. there is so many things that this show did outstanding. Cinematography, acting, and both lead characters are very subtle folks so it’s easy to like them in these scenes but what I like most is the chemistry.

    But enough with that now I would even watch them in a low budget 90s short erotic film if it was available on the market from the last remaining VHS shop in the world in Serbia belgrade. Hahahah. Just kidding with you folks. I like to joke around often and I don’t know if there is anywhere you can find VHS on this globe it would be a nightmare except maybe Ebay and people selling there childhood disney renaissance nostalgia VHS tapes.

    Back to the drama enough of me. Where was I. Yes KGE and LMH chemistry. not gonna lie I loved that 4th episode alot even as a tough guy I enjoyed these cozy scenes.

    I am anticipating where the 5th episode will go and wanna see them explore more the time-travel and parallel worlds. The acting was great on top of that

  27. I Think it’s because it’s on the NETFLIX, a lot of people just wait a few hours to watch with english sub after the actual showtime in S Korea.
    They have wider range of viewers in terms of international exposure. I am from australia and i love watching it soon after it’s shown in Korea with english sub. it will be a good exposure for all the actors.

  28. Hopefully the show ramps up soon…rating is understandable when the best character is the court lady, then the old prince, then the villain, then Maximus. The rest are just meh!!!

    • I totally agree! No joke, my favourite is the horse. Hopefully the story starts to make sense, the acting by the leads less hideous and the romance not forced but actually believable!

  29. I love this drama to be honest. It’s cozy and cute drama overall. The main lead are good together so I am all for this drama.

    I am digging it pretty much. I have watch other KES dramas and watching even other dramas currently and couple of movies that I have to check out very soon. The acting and the cinematography especially from the leads

  30. I’m loving this drama alot dispite what Knetizen and Cnetizen are ranting about. The cinematographic is so beautiful. My girl KGE and LMH have warm chemistry. Don’t care about the ratings. Waiting patiently for the next episodes to air.

  31. I agree with everything in this article. Their chemistry is low. I don’t feel anything spark. There’s not much emotion. The OST/music doesn’t echo in my mind after I watch it unlike other dramas. The acting of the cast seems lacking. When LMH says “she’s scary” on the library, she’s not even scary. It lacks humor too. The storytelling is confusing. There’s nothing to tell the viewers if they’re in the republic or monarchy world. It’s exhausting to watch. I don’t feel love or fun. I love LMH but The King doesn’t seem promising.

    • It’s getting better at Episode 5 🙂 They kissed and there’s chemistry. The story is building up too. Still looking for a good OST to add feels to the scenes.

  32. LMH is mostly a miss for me, I just find his range quite limited. I liked him best in City Hunter & Legend of the Blue Sea. Kim Eun Sok dramas are to be enjoyed and not to be analyzed. Lead chemistry is usually a part of her selling point but I’m not sure if Monarch will deliver. There’s nothing yet that compels me to stay tuned for this drama. I’ll marathon later if I hear better things. Even my love for KGE isn’t making me look forward for the next episode.

  33. Othet viewer like me stop watching its not because I dont like it but because of waiting when this full episode be finish so i will watch it fully without stopping.

  34. I wanted to drop this after the first 2 episodes. Watched another 2 and my opinion of the drama has not changed- it’s trash. Minho, although very good looking, imho is a crappy actor. He’s stale and unbelievable in everything he does. Fortunately for him he has a huge following that allows him to keep getting work. From the jump the story itself has been messy af. It reminded me of Goblin in terms of great production but that’s it. Eunsook Kim happens to be the writer for both and she really needs to retire from writing dramas- they are never good.

  35. I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS KDRAMA OF THE ‘THE KING: ETERNAL MORACHY’. And I will continue to support it! I do not care about how others find the drama and reluctant to say those who do find it troublesome needs to S-UP MXM! They have a fitting attitude and they display a great sense of reality, btw, you cannot just fall in love after a weird parallel theory ASSUME a guy coming to you with all that NONSENSE mxm guys… YOU also wouldn’t believe at first (and gaze it as stalking or some things, but after her seeing his world because seeing is believing their chemistry when SKYROCKET) I LOVE the actress role as well as the actor! They doing a good JOB. Also, those who say ‘there’s no chemistry’? pfft, this series/drama is full of it. They doing a great JOB!

  36. Sorry for my engllish, but regardless i love Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, i must say that it’s feel like a bad copy of Gobling. I mean the OST really? the sword? You can recall for a resemblance, but i find too many.

  37. U people u need to aporeacite king eternal monorach success wold wide because is only drama that are trending in top 20 best serie in 2020 please move on bcs king became international hit only korean drama trending world wide how can u notabut tkem

  38. Worst chemistry between the hero and heroine. She looks like his elder sister.
    So boaring. Stopped watching in second episode.

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