Jang Dong Yoon Considers Joseon Exorcist Drama and Ro Woon Now in Talks for Rom-com Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick

It’s crazy that K-actor Jang Dong Yoon‘s name is attached to so many dramas in 2020 already. His new thriller action drama Search will premiere soon on OCN, a great pick for him to totally change up from his last drama The Tale of Nokdu. He was also considering the jTBC rom-com adaptation of the manhwa Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick which sounds like a gender switched noona-dongsaeng romance version of Why Secretary Kim. Now K-net is reporting that he’s in talks for the fantasy supernatural sageuk Joseon Exorcist playing a royal prince who has the ability and desire to protect his citizens from spooky baddies. In terms of the Lipstick drama, now Ro Woon has been offered the male lead role and while I don’t think the two are close in acting ability they do have equal visuals and Ro Woon is coming off a promising turn in last year’s Extraordinary You so I’m cool with this swap.


Jang Dong Yoon Considers Joseon Exorcist Drama and Ro Woon Now in Talks for Rom-com Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick — 63 Comments

    • As much as I love Ro Woon, I don’t think Song Hye Kyo is the best female lead for him now. He’s still green in the acting department.

      • I agree. SHK already proven her star power in rom com. It’s about time she takes other genre like in TWOM. I have a good feeling she will excel in that kind of genre.

      • Maybe u r right. But bcoz of her physical limitations she will never get roles like jjh mount jiri. I wish she had taken hyena and it was a very well written drama.
        Depends on type of role. A thriller and blackmail drama of older female lead with young guy i dont mind

  1. Wow! Can’t believe that JDY has already 3 drama offers in less than a year after TTON. Same with SK who also have 3 drama offers in less than a year after LAS1. It just goes to show that every male leads of So Hyun gains popularity boost after starring in a drama with her.

    • Lol. Obviously, TTON is made for JDY. But KSH made an amazing performance for playing Dong Joo. Can’t see anyone other than KSH playing that role perfectly.

      • She is good but she never better than good, I think KSH best role is in school 2015 but then I felt she regress and less each drama. Still good but I can see other girls play in nokdu better than her. I am disappointed in love alarm, not just the script but also her performance.

        I mean, at least we agree that he overshadows her big time.

        Before anyone think I am here just to boost other girl (since this blog has severe kim so hyun vs other girl things).
        I am just saying that her acting is good but not special. There are degree of criticism and just this isn’t a hate comment.

      • Well, it’s your PERSONAL opinion. Her performances in TTON and LA were postively reviewed by critics. Those dramas will never be hits without her.

      • @danny
        I’m sorry, your words are well written to the point where it almost seems like it’s not a dig but when it is a dig at the girl.

        *overshadow so big= translates to so mediocre that her performance is considered ordinary to a rookie performance.
        *she is good but never better than good= mediocre
        *best role is school 2015 but I feel she regress and less each drama = that means she hasn’t grew at all in 5 years
        *I can see other girls play in nokdu better than her= comparison, comparison, comparison. putting her down to lift up other actresses.

        —— nice try, everything you are saying is essentially boosting up the actresses you prefer in your heart. It’s intelligent of you not to mention the names, sneaky strategy. If we read between the lines, we know how you feel. You know there’s a huge comparison battle between the girls (I’m a huge fan of both girls), but you’re scratching the rocks, and there are sparks coming out even if you saying that’s not your intention.

        —I also disagree that she was overshadow by JDY but that’s subjective and your opinion.

        —you are allow your opinion but it is preferable if you can straight up and say you don’t like the girl and her acting abilities, but don’t do it under false pretenses and false skins. I don’t like it when people go-aroundabout, just be honest with your feelings and you’ll be more respected.

        —this is my interpretation of your comment, feel free to disagree LOL

        *JDY gave a mighty wonderful performance, he deserves every role offered ^^

      • @danny don’t fake hide your hate as criticism nobody is buying your lies and fake concern.

      • damn fam

        You only said that you never find Soo Hyun acting extraordinary, just good and people are coming out of woodwork and said that you dissed her.

        People are reading too much between the lines. Feels like they are hurting because it’s true. Tsk tsk tsk

      • @tetra
        He said way more than just thinking her acting is just so-so. He’s comparing her to others and dragging her down. It’s not an over-reaction to question his sincerity.

        But it looks like you want to add some gasoline by saying *…hurting because it’s true?*

        At least you’re not concealing your dislike unlike Danny, so props for that I suppose.

      • @laura

        What I see is a commenter who didn’t think much of the initial comments. Thinking that with Jang Dong Yeon acting, it is due time for him to be recognised. Then Danny probably realised that s/he need to give more context to make Kim Soo Hyun fans don’t diss someone else.

        I don’t think Kim So Hyun regress but even “good” is now a bad term for her acting ability??

        Nah you guys needs to chill.
        You guys really sound butthurt and overprotective over the smallest detail.

        Rather than hating, I find it an overreaction to see fans ups and arm just because one person said that they find her to be “good”.

      • @tetra
        If you would read my exposition, I believe many would see that his words aren’t as kind as you would think it is.

        He could had simply say that KSH isn’t one of my favorite actresses or I didn’t enjoy her performance, and so forth but that’s not what he did. His words were encouraging comparison and feuds.

        Imagine this, imagine if someone told you that you haven’t improved in whatever you’re doing for five years and not only that but regressed with each year? —That’s a blow and calling her a *good actress is just a facade. Saying that all of her roles since school 2015 aren’t to the level of school 2015, what’s less than good? Bad, obviously.
        So is this his ranking system?
        1. School 2015: ultimate good
        2. Page Turner: medium good
        3. Let’s fight ghost: okay good
        4. Pure Love: meh good
        5. Nightmare Teacher: lightly good
        6. Goblin: slim good
        7. Ruler: tiny good
        8. Radio Romance: bad good
        9. Love Alarm: maybe good
        10. Tales of Nokdu: 1 second good

        Then imagine if someone said to you that youre not doing a good enough of a job and that you’re replaceable? —he was imagining his favorites playing her role.

        It’s ridiculous to think otherwise. Really. If you still think the same after my explanation, I rather talk to my house plants LOL

      • Laura@ I always see you in this site,

        With your reply, I agree with tetra here, you guys need to chill out, eat snickers, what if School 2015 is extremely good but the other is just varying degree of good enough.

        As someone who thinks KSH acting is always good, even I can see other girls play her part as good. In your mind, not good means bad when it perhaps just okay and just because KSH did it, other girls can’t.

        Now I realised why KSH fan is deemed insufferable

      • with good, I mean really good, perfect fit for the character since I don’t usually say great unless it’s Jo Seung Woo

        I add so KSH fans didn’t come at my back and said that I also said good and don’t like KSH or she is not my cup of tea.

        She hardly disappointed but just because of that doesn’t mean other girls, had they got the opportunity can’t be as good/perfect as her in the role.

      • @wenwen
        I respectfully disagree with your interpretation of his intentions haha

        Saying someone acting abilities getting worse with each subsequent drama for five years contradicts with “good actress” label.

    • Ahahaha thank you for your opinion. But as for myself she never overshadow by anyone. Every character she play is iconic, i never think that other actress can act her character better than her ? her acting is special for me, specially her eyes, which can deliver her character feeling.

      And yeah, i hope in the future she will play female centric drama so i can see her more ?

      • Too much emphasis on the overshadow eh? Afaik the title is The Tale of Nokdu, obviously dongju’s character is only supporting to nokdu, the main one.
        Not bec I’m biased to KSH I have to agree, I can’t see any other actress playing dongju better than her. I mean, that swing scene? How can she easily change emotions like that? I couldn’t be more proud of this young woman.

      • @ he really did over-emphasized overshadow. I’m not buying his flowery, warm spring weather language hahaha

        I agree TON was male-centric but it would not had the same emotional punches without Dong-Ju gravity and KSH behind the character.

    • “Overshadow”? KSH holds up on her own.TTON cannot work without a feisty FL. @danny – Try harder next time to diss a FL. Go watch The King. Hahahaha…. If you are a dude, watch a very ugly FL and tell me what you think.

      • @joker
        I agree with KSH holding her own, she does more than just that, but let us not critique someone’s look. Everyone is beautifully physically, it’s just our eyes are tainted when we don’t think so. Every girl is a unique, pretty flower, every guy is a unique, handsome, precious mineral.

      • I agree with you that Female lead Face is……. so so ……. lmao.

        Cant they make her pleasing to the eyes of the TKEM viewers?

        Cant believe that shes the muse of that luxury brand. smh

    • Nice try with the overshadow comment since the actress you stan always gets overshadowed in her dramas but everyone knows KSH has never been over shadowed by anyone. Even commentators on DB talk about how KSH gets stronger with each role and her acting keeps growing by leaps and bounds. -The K-media praised her acting in both LA and TTON she won accolades from critiques around the world for LA even Forbes US praised her acting heavily. So don’t try and make fake news about KSH because she can act circles around your bias any day and everyday.

  2. I don’t think RW is ready for a lead role yet. I prefer Kim Min Jae as the male lead for the Sunbae drama. KMJ is a much more charismatic actor and also super good looking for a manhwa character.

    • Exactly Kim Min Jae is a really talented actor.I fell in love with him in Goblin.Hope he acts with So Hyun one day. In Goblin,infact I preferred the second otp story more than the main one be it the goreo era or modern era.

    • Kim MIn Jae has already a drama with Park Eun Bin about classical music.

      And Rowoon was the lead in Extraordinary You and did well. It’s not like KMJ had more experience as a lead actor, he did only one drama.

      • RW is only a co-lead in EY, he did ok but was totally overshadowed by LJW. I never said KMJ had more experience, I never said KMJ has led a drama. KMJ is in more than one drama (at least 3 that I have watched but not as lead). Get your facts straight before you comment. I think KMJ has more charisma to play the role. RW is not a lead material yet, he will be similar to AHS in Abyss… Also don’t forget RW is an idol, not an actor yet.

      • There are always two leads in a drama : ML and FL. Rowoon wasn’t overshadowed by LJW. Some people prefered the typical jerk and other prefered the kind character, but it’s all. LJW auditionned for Haru role and didn’t get it when Rowoon auditionned for the second lead. But the PD chose Rowoon as Haru. It wasn’t easy choice because the description of the character was just one line and was absent during
        The idol – actor thing means nothing. There are idols good at acting and other bad and it’s the same for actors… Rowoon acted in other dramas too. EY wasn’t his first role.

      • @kelly: Idol or actor doesn’t matter, if a person can act well then why do they have to draw the line and throw judgment. Some actors have acted several dramas but don’t improve, but there are idols who are talented and hold their stand.

  3. Good right, JDY can act and charismatic plus he’s still cheap. I prefer a new face like him. Many 90s generation actors failed taking a spot light. Just look at WDH.

    • @tiani
      He’s just phenomenal, and I swoon over his fighting scenes, he’s going to be in two action-heavy drama scenes, this is great!

      Delusional me claims him as my boyfriend every Wednesday haha

      • @Laura.??..Oh my..
        Seriously,our delusional mind can go to any extent . The kdrama guys really make the bar so high that I start to look down on guys that I encounter…This could be the reason why I m still single ?

      • @astar
        Seriously haha I’m on the same boat, most men are less than men compared to K-drama men LOL

        It raises unrealistic expectations but it’s good to also have better standards. I had a two men less than men in my life in the past, but the trash is thrown out.

        Don’t worry sister, you are meant for a great, considerate guy who respect women, don’t settle for less because you deserve a great one 🙂

      • @ astar
        Forgive me for my rush judgment by calling you sister, you might be a guy(I can’t tell by your username), and there’s nothing wrong with that either 🙂

      • @Laura ..can I get a captain Ri for myself..I guess its not possible?. He was the most considerate, soft-spoken, selfless ml character I ever witnessed in any format(plus the looks were a bonuss…those ocean wide shoulders and the manly physique)…The way he treats his woman, doing everything in his reach to protect her,has always set his eyes on her,she is his first priority.etc..aww..can it get any better??..I can write a whole thesis on Captain Ri..!lol!!
        Seriously if you ask me about my ideal type it is definitely Captain Ri .I even told this to my friends and they said “then you are going to remain single all your life”. Although I m at an age where it is not uncommon to be in a relationship but I have been single since birth ??.. And now the task seems even more difficult. Anyways thanks for the wishes and I will wait for the right one. I wish the same for you too..??

      • @astar
        Oh no he’s amazing! Good solid choice for a partner! In fact we can trade custody of him every other weekend LOL you can have him the first and third week of the month and I’ll take him on the second and fourth week. On months when there are five weeks, we will simply roll a dice ? In our delusional world we can have harems, we can have as many guys as we want lollll
        —park seo joon character in Its a witch romance is also ideal for me. Sigh.

        Don’t worry no rush even if single since birth. It’s better to make it right and be clear-minded rather than rush and potentially producing years of tears and heart breaks.

        Thank you 🙂

      • @laura i am already making babies with him, eunwoo, lmh in my dreams. ???? and my family will disown me if i have babies with 3 men???

      • @ady
        LOL your kids will all look amazing. I reserve lmh for every Monday ? who cares what your family thinks, you can just move in with your loves hahaha

    • @Laura.. sure we can trade him every weekend and keep him in our harems? where he will play the piano day and night ??. Seriously I do have a softspot for people inclined towards music. And we all know Captain Ri is a prodigy in that field.. I find him ideal for all his qualities..
      Okay..are you talking about PSJ’s drama..A Witch’s Love.??.I wanted to try that too but read the synopsis that it is a noona romance and that too with an age difference of 14 years ..Thus didn’t feel the urge to watch. But as you said his character is swoon worthy I can surely give it a chance and who knows my harem can get one more occupant apart from Captain Ri..?

      • I totally forgotten he can play the piano, I love a man who can play a musical instrument ? He can lull me to sleep or serenade me when I’m feeling down. Counting sheep nah, I rather count his dimples.

        Yes that drama! Tbh I was turn-off a little by the age difference but I stuck with it and fell for the charm of the show. I have a soft spot for characters(in this case female lead) who are prickly and misunderstood for being mean but in reality they’re really nice and compassionate to the people around them. It’s just that she doesn’t care if she’s misunderstood. He’s the first one to realize that she’s all cotton ball underneath that wall. He’s one of the most patient and understanding character ever, esp once they overcome a misunderstanding. It’s a really light-hearted and fun show. And PSJ, he sings one of the ost in the drama, go look it up on YouTube, his voice is dreamy.

      • @Laura
        “Counting Sheep nah ,I rather count his dimples”..?????

        I know PSJ has sung many osts but wasn’t aware of his song in Witch’s love…Need to check it out.. thanksss

  4. I m so thankful that JDY didn’t take that Lipstick drama. I don’t have anything against it but the premise as well as the name made it sound weird. After TTON JDY became one of my bias. I can’t imagine anyone else but him ,so seamlessly pulling off that female character in TTON. And he still looked pretty as a girl ,it felt like he could give all the girls a run for their money just by cross-dressing..?
    ?.He is a good actor from 90s batch and have great chances to shine further.
    I read in Wikipedia that he didn’t intend to be an actor. But once due to his quick witted plan, he was able to help capture a robber in possession of a lethal weapon. He was awarded,became popular and thus got many casting offers due to his good looks.

    As for Rowoon I m yet to check out any of his dramas so don’t know how proficient is his acting.

  5. I would prefer than Rowoon doesn’t take the role. The main characteristics of his character is to be tall and handsome, like in EY. He already acted a noona romance in About Time. I want him to test something new. Even if he’s looking like the main character :p Trolls movie was a good challenge.

    I’m happy to know that KDY has projects, I really like him ! I’m not sure about Krystal for his next drama…

  6. I heard this rumour is not true, this drama is scheduled to air in 2nd half of 2020,which is i’m afraid he won’t be available.

      • Saeguk takes longer to film. TTON took 6 months and this one has supernatural elements so it’ll take much longer. Plus SBS officially denied he was offered the role.

      • SBS is saying that nothing is confirmed with casting. His agency however stated that he received an offer but it’s not official or confirmed.

        TTON was partially preproduce but also was live-filming and JDY can do the same with this drama. If he starts filming this drama in august/sept, they can prob premiere the show late November/December.

        Hotel Del Luna also was the same and it also requires a lot of special effects.

  7. Lol. It’s not crediting. It’s an observation that every male star who co-star with KSH gains popularity. If you wanna disagree, then, can we credit PBG’s success to KYJ?

    • Perhaps they successful because everyone can see that the “good” KSH is getting overshadowed in real time and nod their head like “ah now viewer can see that this boy good”.

      A good stepping stone isn’t a compliment I guess.

      • Lol. Everyone? Or only salty viewer like you?She was overshadowed by them, really? Lol Again

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