HK-actor Jackson Lai Cheats on 8-month Pregnant Wife After Caught Making Out and Eating Cake in a Car with Costar Ashley Chu

Okay, after last year 2019’s epically sordid taxi makeout cheating between top singer Andy Hui with starlet Jacqueline Wong and later forgiven by Andy’s also top singer wife Sammi Cheng, it’s like the entire HK ent should be scared straight on like maybe NOT CHEATING and definitely not in public. But a year later and here we go again – paparazzi caught actor Jackson Lai with his costar Ashley Chu in a car on the mountain top, initially looking like they had sex but later clarified to likely making out and definitely eating cake (like a real cake and not “cake”).

Jackson is married and his wife is 8-months pregnant and scheduled to give birth to their first child next month. He also dated her for an entire decade before they got married 5 years ago so….like props for loyalty for so long I guess? Ashley is dating actor Brian Tse so this is double cheating like the Andy-Jacqueline sordid mess. Ashely and Brian trotted out this morning on a solemn apology press conference and reportedly Jackson was supposed to do one with his wife who refused to go along with it. Hahaha, ok this is the only good part of the story. I hope these two cheating douches lose their endorsements and acting gigs.


HK-actor Jackson Lai Cheats on 8-month Pregnant Wife After Caught Making Out and Eating Cake in a Car with Costar Ashley Chu — 15 Comments

  1. I’m happy his wife refused. She wasn’t the one eating cake- why should she apologize?!

    Being 8 months pregnant, you don’t feel good or sexy most days. Getting publicly cheated on like this while pregnant is awful. Hope she has loyal friends and family giving her tons of love and support.

  2. LMAOOOOO! Because of the title I was expecting to see some WILD pap pics! My eyes were wide open lol lol lol! Too bad.

  3. Want to point out that they didn’t get caught making out. The paparazzi was waiting to catch them in the act but got tired of waiting and just ambushed them before it happened. All they did was eat cake in the back of the car. Not that it justifies that they weren’t cheating – they definitely were. They’re a bunch of c-listers anyways LOL.

    Jackson’s wife forgave him, but probably cause she’s pregnant and doesn’t want to go through it alone. Brian forgave Ashley too, saying he neglected her. I’m sure they will all break up in the future.

  4. Lol.. they are not popular. However cheating is cheating. And im waiting for those who will say “dont blame the girl”, well probably in this case, everyone will agree that WE WILL BLAME THIS TWO CHEATERS. But Brian played a good boyfriend, dude… seriously?

    I feel bad for the wifey. 8 months. After 15 years of togetherness? Sigh. It hurts.

  5. Ugh. 15 years together all for nothing. This just reminds me that after spending almost an entire lifetime with their wives, some men can still cheat on their wives because they want someone younger. A lot of times the wives who are older women are just supposed to live with it or move on, like that Korean director and actress.

  6. Nothing worse than cheating on pregnant wife who is about to give birth to ur chil. Most Men r trash

  7. lol that you even had to clarify about the “eating cake” part, euphemisms are crazy these days.

    But I feel bad for his wife and soon to be child, what trashy behaviour.

  8. Add to that there were reports that he planned to divorce her on March and she was seven months pregnant by then. How low is that?!
    Whether or not, he regretted it when it the controversy was out, she should always rethink of whether he’s worth it.
    The fact that he was planning on leaving her in the most trying times and throwing 15 years of your life. Is he that worth it?

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