New Stills for Episode 5 of The King: Eternal Monarch Preview Heightened Tension and Forced Romance

I need a reason to like either lead characters in The King: Eternal Monarch and 4-episodes I can’t find a reason and the story is so convoluted to boot. The new stills for episode 5 still make me annoyed, it’s the same cool, calm, handsome beautific smile from Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun alternatively is looking dumbstruck, then smiling, then being a tryhard badass and pulling a gun on Woo Do Hwan. Why is she pulling a gun on a dude in a world totally foreign to her!?!? Why why? Can she freaking just stop and process what’s happening around her before spitting out annoying retorts and pissy dialogue and then waving around a firearm.

As mentally stunted as her Ji Eun Tak was in Goblin, and I can’t believe I know feel this way, at least she was half absorbing and accepting of all the supernatural around her and mostly just wilding about how crazy it is. Her Jung Tae Eul here is supposed to be an adult and a detective but is even less mentally sharp and mature. I really hate having to rag on female leads, it’s feels like a cheap shot, but Lee Min Ho’s Kim Gon is exactly the one-dimensional King he’s written to be and Lee Min Ho plays him straight, but nothing about Tae Eul works. Can we get a new female lead character midway through the drama, please?


New Stills for Episode 5 of The King: Eternal Monarch Preview Heightened Tension and Forced Romance — 68 Comments

  1. The first collage: it looks like they’re performing a skit in front of their peers in drama school LOL

    The last collage: what’s with the forehead bumping? Are they trying to communicate telepathically? Hahaha

    So they’re 100 percent mutually in love now in episode 5? This romance is as believable as there are portals and alternative universes in reality ?

  2. Wow you really hate this drama but still can’t stop to post everything about it. I guess it brings a lot of clicks. I haven’t watched it yet but if I hated it as much as you I would have stopped watching and talking about it all together.

    • It’s koala’s playground, she can use her free time as she please. She obviously still see entertainment value in watching the show, so let her be. —At least she’s giving examples and explanations of the positives(past article) and the flaws and not just outright dismissing it haha

    • If you don’t like it, you can always leave the page. Don’t stop people from voicing out their dislike for this drama.

      • @koala
        You have a way with words. Yes, can we please replace the lead actress before this show really goes down the drain completely? She’s annoying, overacting, exhausting to watch. And LMH, can you please show a bit more emotion?

    • She used to make homophobic comments on lee min ho’s look during heirs day. U can ho n check. That is why i never bought her fake fangiri on lmh before drama airing.

    • Exactly, if you don’t like it don’t watch. I like the drama and I really understand the plot and not confuse about the 2 parallel universes, so I don’t agree with the writer at all.

    • Lol.Don’t mind Koala.she knows what she is doing.posting negative things about this drama makes people visit her blog often.she is just using this drama as clickbait.what happens to dropping a drama if you hate it.
      Haven’t you noticed that any post on”king:eternal monarch”has the most comments here.Look at how she is criticizing an episode that hasn’t even aired.At this point,I think she is obsessed with the drama and the cast.People are hating on this drama deliberately and using “having an opinion” to mask their hatred.I believe that this drama is not the best out there but believe me,it is not the worst I have seen this year.I have dropped so many bad dramas,but none of them got this type of hate.I watched first episode to see what the hate is all about,but believe me,it wasn’t bad at all.The actors and actresses are doing their best.The hate is getting ridiculous at this point.

  3. It is not only Koala even koreans have some issues with this drama. Yesterday I watched a review of epi 1-4 by two Korean male youtubers who usually upload videos about kdramas or kent related stuffs. Their channel is called DKDKTV and I assume they are quite popular having more than 600 k subscribers.

  4. I understand disliking the leads, the romance, and even the acting, but how is the story convoluted? I’m not specifically referring to your comment, Ms. Koala, but this is a criticism I often see that is baffling to me because the story is pretty straightforward. I don’t know, I just really enjoy the story and the concept of this drama. It’s so fun to pay attention to the details and how they add to the world-building and the concepts. I even enjoy theorizing about it. Of course, this is still a KES drama and I might be thinking too much about it.

  5. This is a childish article period. As someone mention if this is not for you kindly move to a green pastures but that is not the issue here this is entirely something else

  6. The only problem I have with the drama is that the romance seems forced. I can’t really see how Lee gon is head over heels towards the girl since the first meeting.. What if the person who left id card in the past, was a man, would he also hv fallen for him then lol..This is Heirs all over again where the LMH character was obsessed with the FL since first meet without any apparent reason.. The writer is bad at writing romance development

    • @amy
      I agree, the romance is the biggest flaw of the show for me so far. The main leads can have the best chemistry in the world(in this case they don’t) and it still won’t be able to save the romance. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s like the romance developments are puzzle pieces from different sets of complete puzzles and the writer is trying to jam it all together despite it not fitting together cohesively. It truly does feel like she made a fan fiction from her previous works, and not a good one lol.

  7. I believe this page is called koalasplayground,so if you guys feel offended with what she writes, either you learn how to accept that she is not a fan and she has the right to criticize the show and actors or you can scroll to other articles that does not talk about the show or just leave the page and find another page that fits your liking of the drama and LMO.

    • Her blog is public. She can make it private chatclub if she wants people to agree with her only. If she is making it in public space, her views can be pointed out

      • It’s also hilarious people who hate her opinion come here to read HER blog ???

      • there is no hypocrisy. if u make a blog then dont expect people not to come. only dumb hypocrite here is u

      • Am not here to rebut the blogger. Am just amazed with the fact that considering she is not a fan and yet she is following the series like one.
        why waste your energy on something you don’t like?

  8. Na, koala make the same article like this for vagabond and no one complain. This is her blog, she can do whatever she want. Mayority of people criticize this drama, so her comment not bias at all. Btw no one check Pannchoa article about LMH? Thats the worst

    • He always get hate from edgy people. We r used to it.
      He has gained 1.1 million followers since drama started airing he stays winning

    • Btw that article is not even criticism but full on hatred. Even neutrals r bashing the writer. Lookat the pathetic wording. Not professional at all. U think it is criticism? Maybe yes for u it might be criticism It is slander in real world and shows her actual hate

    • Sure it’s prerogative to write and express her opinion.
      As a human being i can’t help feeling amused that she is willing to utilize her precious time to write about her least favourite subject matter. ??

    • Koreans have given their views and ratings towards the drama. Those who are so affected by what koala writes here will not be able to stop the decline of ratings and criticism for it.

  9. @Tiani,I understand your point about people having their own opinion.But there is a difference between constructive criticism and Hate. What I see from the comments about this drama is’s like people having been waiting for it to fail.

    As for Lee min ho getting hate,that’s a normal thing.people will always criticize you when you are popular and call you overrated. If he were as bad as people label him,then I wouldn’t have sat through any drama of his drama.I liked him best in City hunter and he is decent in this drama too.He is not the worst actor of his generation and he is not the best either.I’m not saying this as as his fan girl though.My bias is Hyun bin.

  10. It’s amusing to see just how personally some people take criticism of their faves’ dramas.

    I have disagreed with koala’s opinions many times, liked dramas that she disliked, but I don’t take it personally – it’s her hobby blog and her thoughts on some drama, if what she says bothers you so much to the point that you think this is some personal vendetta from her against some drama or “childish”, then make your own blog and post onmy what you like there. She has every right to hate-watch a series if she wants, especially after anticipating it based on the previous track record of thr people involved.

    If her blog is a public blog, then dramas are publicly viewable too and those who give their attention to a drama have every right to comment.

  11. Just finished ep 5. It was really bad.
    Tae Eul was worse than how koala imagined from the stills.

    She was rude, condescending, have no manners or respect for royalty or people she just met. She acts like she is the empress(how ironic).

    And that kiss came out of nowhere.

    *lmh that kiss was reserved for me only 🙁 LOL

    • I thought that tonally episode 5 improved upon the previous episodes and that the show is getting better. Either that, or it’s growing on me. I didn’t like the previews of episode 5 shown last week, but when I watched the actual drama, a lot of it made sense. I don’t think Tae Eul was that bad, she was quick to process the rapid changes she was undergoing and ask questions like a detective. It wouldn’t be realistic if she suddenly became fawning and obsequious to royalty. She’s a rough around the edges detective who grew up in a democratic country, after all. So her reactions were appropriate for her. LMH’s and WDH’s acting was looser, less uptight so they are settling into their roles as well. Compared to the first 4 episodes, the drama seems to have found its footing, imho. Still think KKN’s performance is one of the best things in this drama – it’s natural and nuanced.

      • @adal
        It’s okay to have inverse opinions haha

        I thought her scheme to prove she’s in a parallel universe by pulling out her gun and aiming at the Lee gon (I’m still confused if she was actually planning to shoot him or not) was a horrid idea. She thinks she’s in a dream or something so that’s prob why she was willing to shoot him. I really disliked how she reach over trying to grab WDH gun before giving it to her. Keep your hands to yourself girl lolll

        I agree she wouldn’t fawn over royalty but there should still be proper decorum, you would not show disrespect to those in power esp political power. Offending foreign powers can lead to unintended consequences in the real world. People can be petty lol Luckily for her the monarch of that kingdom is heads over heel for her haha

        What also made me shake my head was when she requested beer after given tea, she’s acting like she’s at a bar instead of a palace.

        KKN is indeed the standout of the cast. Writer kes took care of his character well unlike the rest haha

  12. What is this rubbish ya , how can you criticism and judge the show so unprofessionally .this is really ridiculous.The show is doing so great internationally,I don’t know about Korea . But still there’s way of giving review about something,it should be logical.the leads are doing their job it’s Lee or Kim go eun. obviously, they will only do what director instructed to them.the story is great there’s is just a little problem with the execution and that is also neglectable and not a really big issue as you are making far as I can see Lee is shining in the drama with his acting skills and no one can deny are talking about expression and emotion,he is the only k actor who can act through his eyes and his charisma is undeniable.Your continuous negative words about the drama can damage the image of the show.please stop it and be fare

    • frankly only pds is lacking with the execution. They have to create a very very intense episode which they have lacked so far. They need to do it fast
      today episode was good but light hearted and kiss!

      • Yup ! You are right.I hope they do that fast?? cause until now I think only Lee is carrying the whole show on his shoulder.?

    • This is Koala’s HOBBY BLOG, what nonsense is this word salad about “unprofessionalism”?

      She has said harsh things about dramas I like too (Arthdal Chronicles) but you don’t catch me whining and having a victim complex about it.

      And “damage the image of the show” ????? how about you blame the show for damaging its own image by being bad? Don’t shoot the messenger!

  13. Thank you for posting this – I just watched Ep 5 and needed a place to rant. Soompi is covered in fawning idiots.

    What a colossal waste of my time. I pressed on after the first awful 4 episodes (FFed so many scenes; GAWD I really wanted this long awaited LMH/ KES drama to be good), hoping that Tae Eul would become more bearable (or just less obnoxious to everyone, maybe?) in a new environment and we would get some believable character development and romance. Instead we get her running around being a complete idiot in the Kingdom – being rude to LMH’s character in front of others, even after believing he’s a king as he says, AND pulling a gun on him?!?!?!; using his name even when she knows she can’t (TWICE, and once on effectively an emergency hotline – this makes me think of the Thai lese-majeste law and makes me question her common sense and general knowledge); asking dumbass questions of strangers instead of quietly reading up (like he did); running all the way to Seoul and not having enough money to buy a return train ticket because girl can’t count?! Can’t plan ahead?! God knows how she passed her police exams (I thought those were tough in Korea?!??)?!? How the hell does she even plan her investigations?!

    LMH’s King continues to baffle me – why does he even like this chick who displays no signs of basic deduction nor decorum? Why does he kiss her? Given that she has shown no signs of reciprocating his feelings, AND his position of power over her, it’s practically sexual assault in this #metoo era. Hasn’t he appreciated that his “saviour” may not be her yet, since there’s clearly some element of time travel involved? The attraction is just inexplicable. I appreciate that he’s playing the role as it’s written – can we change writers halfway through a drama? And directors while we’re at it – no need for 10-second lingering shots of Tae Eul in Kingdom Seoul/ the main couple *looking meaningfully* at each other when their chemistry is non-existence, thanks. I think I’m gonna have nightmares of their awful interactions (basically LMH’s kingly smirk and KGE’s confused look or antagonistic glare on loop – filmed using a 360 camera) tonight.

    Only saving grace in this show is the Royal Court Lady. She is 10/10. 11/10!!!! She speaks so much sense. Ah, that they would all listen to her (ie tell people before you dash off to a parallel universe; don’t go around being curious and talking to strangers and dropping hints that you’re an ignorant idiot and causing trouble for the King, etc).

    • @sand
      Your comment is well-thought out. I can’t tolerate Tae Eul and her hare-brain ways. It’s like using her noggin is considered a chore for her.

      Lee Gon infatuation is consuming all of the oxygen in his noggin to think properly.

      Grandma court lady may be getting there in age but she still has more intellect and sound reasoning than them. It’s like she is a forever babysitter for adults.

  14. Why does KES write the FL character soooo soooooo sooooooo bad? Is twice casted KGE going to take the blame for dumbass female characters? How much is this annoying acting related to the plot character or KGE’s portrayal (her demeanor, facial expression, voice/tone projection)? KGE is just not likeable both in Goblin and The King. I don’t know her true personality, but being bossed around twice by an overrated cheesy writer to do dumb characters is unacceptable for any A-lister actress. DoTs FL character is a lot more likeable just as an example.

  15. Why is there a faint burnt smell in the air? Like gunpowder from an imminent rating war…

    This time KKN hardly appears in the drama. Who should be blamed for the dip in ratings? I’m wracking my brain here … Oh, right, today is May 1st. The SK audience were probably busy eating out and dropped dead asleep when they hit home! Sure there must be someone responsible! May 1st it is indeed!

    On another note the story has so much potential but why are the main characters’ actions so stupid? Like they have to act that way for the plot (or non-existent romance) to develop. The scenes I like best? Sam-chon with that poor woman and Tae Eul and Yeong bickering and throwing dagger eyes at each other. Can these two be a couple? They make much more sense to me than Tae Eul and the King.

    I actualy like the PM, like, a lot, whenever she doesn’t interact with LG. she’s got some true sass right there, but she’s so annoying whenever she’s around our ML. Can KES do her more justice?

    • Isn’t it ??. The lowest rating so far. Last time I praised saying KKN was shining out I was flaked with reasons that due to him epi 3 ratings were lowest. This episode was entirely dedicated to King Tan then why??? . Also it was not only me who found KKN character amusing as you can clearly see. People easily get pressed if their faves are not praised but some other side kick.

    • Still don’t get why the main characters kissed in ep 5 even though the FL dislikes ML. It’s almost like Kim Eun Sook is forcing the romance down the audience’s throat.

      FL and 2nd ML have more chemistry than FL x ML.

      • Charge the ML for sexual harassment. Kissing FL when she was not prepared. Girls, speak up, since some of you are so quick in making assumptions!!

    • @Hye Mi your second paragraph, I see what you did there ??????

      Kim Eun Sook dramas are expected to be ratings hits with the Korean audience, even smash hits, that’s why actors sign on to them. She picks actors with at least some baseline acting ability and writes cheesy lines for them to pull off, and the dramas end up scoring at least 20 percent (if on network tv) or 15 percent (if on cable). All the twitter trending and Netflix in the world can’t make up for that. No wonder people are noting the numbers here – it’s respectable for any normal series, but not for KES, especially when other dramas in that exact same time slot were smash hits last year (The Fiery Priest) and there’s a cable drama making waves with 20+ percent ratings right now.

      • I keep thinking that maybe, maybe just maybe this is why people turn off their screen, “not this theory again” XD

      • What’s next, she’ll turn out to be an antivaxxer too??

        (But seriously, people – get vaccinated/vaccinate your kids against preventable diseases!)

      • Royale Hahahaha! And doesn’t believe Covid-19 is real! Oh no! She’s one one those who protested in Huntington Beach!

  16. Hah! When I decided to watch this series I’ve also decided to turn off my brain so I can enjoy the show for what it is – cheap entertainment. I honestly think that EP 5 was an improvement from the bore fest that is EP 1 to 4. But that’s just me. I like me some giggles. I had my giggles. So, all is good.

    • This is someting I can agree on. Episode 5 was totally a nice improvement over the first four episodes. I just don’t agree with the author saying the romance was forced. Obviously, when love comes, it happens even w/o reason. Whether the author does this hate for the drama for clicks or whatnot, the drama works fine. The story isn’t convoluted at all as it is laid pretty straightforward.

  17. If you don’t like this drama can you please shut your mouth and leave.. here nobody wants your so called suggestions about this drama …

  18. I totally agree with you, Koala. I thought I was the only one feeling annoyed with the lead actress. Thank you for validating my feelings. ?

  19. lol people who think it’s normal to tell others to “shut your mouth” just because they dare to criticise some drama…..pathetic. This isn’t a fan site, if you are that invested in some drama that you can’t handle hearing different opinions, just go to some other site.

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