tvN Mon-Tues Drama A Piece of Your Mind with Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin Wraps Up Early in 12th Episode with 1.214% Ratings

I feel like tvN Mon-Tues drama A Piece of Your Mind was the similar cousin to jTBC also Mon-Tues drama When the Weather is Good. Both were quietly paced and warmly emotional, and neither got high ratings or buzz during its run. I watched all of When the Weather is Good, really powering through almost because I wanted so much to like it but never did, whereas A Piece of Your Mind I pressed pause after episode 2 and never looked back. The drama was one of rare tvN low rated dramas but that doesn’t mean it was necessarily bad, just that it didn’t hook viewers.

Rating started at 2.449% and kept falling ending with 1.214%, and also an early wrap with 12-episodes instead of the scheduled 16. I liked leads Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin in their prior dramas but didn’t like the story here from the outset to continue, and their acting I didn’t watch enough of to ascertain whether it was good or not. K-netizens tend to attribute the drama flop to their lack of headlining star power but if the story was compelling I would have continued. Honestly Spring Night was wayyyyy slower but the story was so rich with pathos and depth and here I was alternatively bored and uninterested in the whole first love into AI premise.


tvN Mon-Tues Drama A Piece of Your Mind with Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin Wraps Up Early in 12th Episode with 1.214% Ratings — 37 Comments

  1. well its life. ups and downs ye know.
    I skipped this one ’cause it wasn’t my cup of tea same as the weather.
    Lets leave the past behind, I look forward for their next project.

  2. He needs to do some fun drama. Serious dramas wont work without big female leads
    Do a fun drama and build a fanbase

  3. The first two episodes were way too vague and confusing. I almost dropped it as well but I’m actually really glad I kept watching. The relationship development between the characters grew so naturally and honestly. It’s not for everyone but if I’d recommend it if you’re in the mood for a warm and healing drama, or if you like that soft cinematography.

      • It was definitely slow in the beginning. A lot of fans were mad that tvn cut it to 12 episodes but I can’t imagine it being 16 episodes now after having watched the entire thing. The pacing is just right for 12 episodes.

  4. this drama is therapeutic for me. I really love that it has so many golden lines, metaphors, great osts, beautiful scenery, and fantastic acting and chemistry especially from JHI and CSB. I also enjoy reading others interpretation to the scenes, it gives me better awareness on emotional depth. It might not for entertainment purpose, since what I get after watching this are feeling of calmness and healing, and it also deals with different kind of grief for each character, so I understand this is not everyone cup of tea. But I would say this drama is my most favorite from both CSB and JHI, even it could replace my love for the rebel.

    • plus this drama is suitable for a rewatch if I need certain emotion or motivation, it has large range of emotions. Totally my highest rewatch value drama

      • I agree with you. For the entire episodes, I never skipped any scenes so maybe that’s why I really appreciate this drama. I witnessed their character’s development and at the same time deep emotions and romance. This drama is so warm and peaceful that you will wish to find the same kind of love jung hae in and chae soo bin have.

      • Me too. For me this is one of my most favorite series. I never skipped scenes or episodes because I got hooked up with the story. I find it calming and therapeutic for me. Well we can’t please anyone and everybody has their own definition of their likings. Let’s just hope and pray that all the actors in this drama are proud of themselves and there’s definitely no reason to be disappointed. I’m sure they gave it their all. I hope
        that they are full of happiness up until the end of this drama. Fighting oppa! Fighting unnie!

    • Thanks, @lemonice

      I was on the fence to watch this, but your opinion of this drama has spurred my interest in it and I’ll give it a go. I loved I’ll go to You When the Weather is Nice and found it a healing soothing drama, if this is in a similar vein, then I will try it.

  5. I liked this drama but it took me till ep 4 to get hooked. It’s more about character development, internal struggles and friendships. Excellent acting by Hae I’m and CSB, their chemistry is so good. I was swept away by the cinematography (so stunningly beautiful) and the music.

  6. It was great drama. I love the use of the AI for once it wasn’t for desesparate women who can’t find love and need a perfect boyfriend without really asking questions about the futur… The use of AI in therapy was really smart and was touching to watch. The story wasn’t confuse, but was in the details. To watch all these wounded characters healing was a warm journey. The love story was super cute and warm too. JHI and CSB had a great chemistry. I want a banbogi from JHI too!

  7. I loved both. I appreciated their quiet portrayal of people in pain from emotional trauma. Both had good endings, both had fantastic actors. It’s too bad so many think that a drama has to be action packed to be watchable. You’re going to miss out on special shows like these. ?

  8. For whatever reason, this drama showed JHI’s still lacking in acting depth. He still can’t execute subtle emotions, as his quiet facade acting lacks a bit. As for CSB, she lacks the charm here to elevate the character. And both are in a way typecasting themselves with almost the similar character types. And yes, the story was meh and disjointed for some reason.

    • agree, it’s like drama that good on paper and in written form but when you watch it, you keep thinking that there are better things to do

      JHI does feel inadequate and agrees so much with CSB lack of charm.

  9. Love this drama. Slow, healing, warm. The only actor that didn’t do anything for me is the second lead female actress. Her acting is flat. CSB Is natural.

    • Loved the story 1st time i watched Jisoo(Park Joo Hyun) liked her beauty for me its calm,kinda natural then i watched EXTRACURRICULAR the more loved her watched CSB in Strongest Delivery Man, JHI, is one of my favorite k actor. More3 projects JHI?

  10. I think this kind of drama is so rare this days. I love how the story progressed. I like how the lead actors and actresses portrayed their roles very natural. This gave me peace and strength. I wish it was allowed to run its full course.

  11. I am really enjoying it. Love both of the lead actors and characters. Think perhaps the script could have been better perhaps? Bit slow in story telling but that sais I’m really sorry that it has stopped at 12 episodes, I think it deserved to run full course of 16.

  12. I am really enjoying it. Love both of the lead actors and characters. Think perhaps the script could have been better? Bit slow in story telling but that said I’m really sorry that it has stopped at 12 episodes, I think it deserved to run full course of 16.

  13. Loved this drama and was so sad to see it end. I have already rewatched several times. Jung Hae in is an awesome actor simply one of the best. This drama was life people. We all suffer different loses in our lives and sometimes we meet people who inspire or help heal us. Beautifully written, filmed and portrayed. Can’t wait to see Jung Hae in’s next project and I’m a new fan of Chae So bin.

  14. For me weather is fine and a piece of mind has a great story ,maybe some of you dont appreciate it but in the end there’s a moral lesson that we will learn from it .and for me thats a standard that not everyone can see ..

    • For me, A piece of your mind is really nice. I loved everything in this drama. The locations were nice,the actors were great and i love the sound tracks.Beautifully done. I was frustrated because it was ended soon. This is the first time i admire korean actor, i have seen many but Jung Haein is kinda different from all of them. He is so lovable. More projects for him.

  15. I really like slow pace drama like when the weather is fine? i really felt their emotions in the story? i hope everyone will see the beauty of this drama. . . . I will watch ONE PIECE OF YOUR MIND

  16. Watched this drama because of JHI, liked the story, caught my attention Jisoo(Park Joo Hyun) Liked her beauty,calm natural 1st time watched her, then watched Extracurricular loved it.

  17. Glad this drama was cut down by 4 episodes. best decision of TVN. They should not cast this Female lead. Mediocre actress, no charisma at all. she did have chemistry with Jung Hae In. drama always gets poor rating whenever she’s in. shes like the FL in the born again. she does not know how to act.

  18. A piece of your mind is the most boring drama that ive seen in 2020. I watched 2 eepisodes and dropped it. Sorey, Jung Hae In. i tried.
    Chae Soo Bin is a wooden actress I dont know why she keeps on getting lead roles.Her acting is not even passable
    and they call her pretty? lmao.
    TVN dont cast her again. Dont waste your money.

  19. I loved A Piece of Your Mind. Everything in it is beautiful — the story, acting, aesthetics, & OST. IMO, the problem wasn’t the slowness but the vagueness of the 1st episodes. It’s like stepping into a narrative in medias res, we have no idea what the heck is happening. But by the 3rd ep, the narrative becomes clear. It’s sad that it wasn’t appreciated during its run. I hope people would give this gem of a drama a try. It’s really heartwarming. Plus the love btwn Ha Won & Seo Woo is just pure, beautiful, & healing.

  20. It’s deep and romantic…people nowadays don’t like slow process in love…But I do love this slow romantic and poetic story..I enjoyed… they are both effective and wholesome…

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