Song Hye Kyo Looks on the Bright Side and Stays Positive in Elle Singapore May 2020 Edition

Most Korean actors and actresses get their coverage domestically with South Korean editions of magazines and CFs. Only a handful of Hallyu and international movie cred actors and actresses get coverage outside of Korea and K-actress Song Hye Kyo is one of the most broadly featured. I’ve seen her on the cover of major fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more in the China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and even Thailand editions. She’s really really famous lol and her buzz is no joke twenty years into her acting career. Her latest pictorial is from Elle Singapore May 2020 edition, a boudoir backdrop spread that gets up close and personal with a different makeup technique and lose messy long hair. My only quibble is that all shots are from one side of her far or straight on, I would like to see a different angle unless she’s one of those stars who prefers one side in pictures which is actually quite common.


Song Hye Kyo Looks on the Bright Side and Stays Positive in Elle Singapore May 2020 Edition — 34 Comments

  1. That.goes to show you that she didn’t need a husband who thought he was “all that”. She can carry her own because she’s beautiful and talented! She has my support in all that she does.

    • Under who’s assumption that SJK thought that “he was all that”? You are a friend of him or her? You know the details of their marriage and divorce? It’s you who could not get over their divorce, thus feels the need to drag SJK in every single posting about SHK. Move on please. Feel weird that you are the one so affected when they were the ones getting divorced.

      • Apparently you’re affected too since you had to rush to his defense. It is what it is. She will do fine whether she is with him or not.

      • Is it really necessary to bring this topic up when no one ‘knows what’s up?’ besides the couple in question?

        Just praise her beauty and move on without bringing up old news.

      • @Janey
        I am affected to read such annoying comment. And yes, I am free to read whatever comments in this blog.

        Not defending but merely stating the facts. You just can’t accept the fact when others told you to move on. It’s shameless to keep on bringing her ex here. Just praise and worship her however you want without bringing other people down.

      • @Laura

        Read carefully. I didn’t bring him up. I was merely stating the fact that @Fran should not mention her ex in her comment. Nobody knows the truth except them. They have moved on from their divorce and so should their respective fans.

      • @ Alexis
        I wasn’t referring to you, I was referring to original op, Fran. I’m on your side.

        She’s the one that started instigating by mentioning ex-husband in the first place.

    • She doesnt need any man to suppport her she owns lots of real estate and business. And face of biggest korean makeup brand . She can retire and earn millions in rent and cfs! She doesnt need a man to pay her bills

  2. Being a longtime k-ent fan, I am always happy when I see K-ent stars on international magazines like recently when the U.S version of Allure had TWICE’s Jihyo on the cover and an article on TWICE and GOT7 in its pages and of course the many publications that BTS has covered since their rise here in the states.

    • Keep it up!!! You are a beautiful person, a strong and an elegant woman!!! Everything you do is amazing!!!

  3. Im super curious, why most of the model rarely smile on their photos??? Especially this pretty eonni. Bcuz of the theme? You want to stay positive but you look like you’re so mad.
    Nevertheless, this eonni is very pretty. One of my faves.

  4. Song Bye Kyo is really pretty and gorgeous. I hope she will find a man who can stay by her through thick and thin.

  5. She’s like a Won Bin to me…drop dead beautiful but…wish I could like her more for her work on dramas and films…

  6. she really looks young she looks late twenties. im imagining how will she look like 10 years from now. she’s not aging. shes really beautiful

    I hope that shes happy. i hope that she will find the man for her.. i hope to see little kyo in the nearest future.

  7. Hello SHK, you are so beautiful and good actress too, started seeing you the drama series ‘ FULL HOUSE ‘ w/ RAIN – keep up idol!!

    • I remember how huge it was back then. Whereas rain is a has been now but shk keeps herself in a list even going to china with presidrnt for official talks

      • While I agree that as a Kpop star Rain is no longer very popular with new/young fans but I would hardly call him a “has been” when he’s still making good dramas that people tuned in to watch – Come Back, Mister; Sketch; and Welcome to Life. I’m hoping to see more because he’s a very talented actor.

  8. She is a versatile actress no matter with whom she works moreover this lady is full of divine wisdom & flawless beauty. She knows exactly how to carry herself in most delighted way.

  9. Yes, stay positive and be on bright side Song Hye Kyo. The past is behind you. Chase your dreams and focus on your career and happiness. Life is long and live each day to the fullest. She looks so beautiful in these photoshoots. The high end jewelry brand, Chaumet, suits her.

  10. Looking at these pictures- her beauty wins with age. It gets more depth and makes her more gorgeous with every year and experience added in her eyes.

  11. She deserves the best of the best. I hope one day a non-celebrity will knock in her heart and be happily married. God’s will.

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