First Look at Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk Filming tvN Drama Start Up

Spring 2020 is midway through now and the anticipated dramas that arrived so far have not followed through with predictions. Time to look forward into the summer to tvN drama Start Up (formerly called Sandbox) starring Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk. It’s about the Seoul equivalent of Silicon Valley and true to the title is a drama about the world of start up companies. Nam Joo Hyuk is a math genius turned start up entrepreneur facing the inability to translate idea to financial success and Suzy is a girl working multiple jobs with a dream of her own start up company. The drama also stars Kang Hana and Kim Sun Ho and is from the screenwriter Park Hye Ryun who wrote While You Were Sleeping, Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, and Dream High, so she’s worked with Suzy three times now and is a writer who picks Suzy when the role is right for her. The two leads were spotted filming at a bus stop in Seoul and for some reason Park Hye Ryun dramas always involve important scenes at bus stop lol.


First Look at Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk Filming tvN Drama Start Up — 82 Comments

    • So dont watch them dont comments if thier terrible.
      In the first place nobody will recignise them if they are terrible in acting.
      Youre favorite did they have awards already?

      • My faves are kim so hyun and yeo jin goo and yes not only have they been receiving awards for their amazing acting since they were in elementary school, they can act circles around them both (school 2015) is a example of kim so hyun acting circles around nam joo hyuk.

      • @kittykat
        I like both actors mentioned but I also love nam joo hyuk as well. He’s been improving so much esp for his last drama. His performance blew me away in Dazzling. I didn’t like him in that water god drama but I think that’s the only role I never liked from him.
        — He’s also getting recognized more and receiving awards, even for his last film.

        Let’s not compare awards or not, it’s not always the best litmus test to gauge talent.

    • @kittykat

      i agree these two cant both ACT. Lucky Girl and boy to be working non stop despite that they cant act.

      • Lol, how can you say that to a promising actress and actor in korea?lol

      • I think the proof is in the pudding. They’re both booked and busy and going into their million dollar homes, not that millions of dollars, CF deals, and casting offers means they’re successful or anything. RME

    • This PD really good covering bad acting. And NJH not that bad, yes he still need to improve his acting but at least his acting not as limit as Suzy.

    • There acting is so good, this is the best Korean I’ve ever watch. Even sometimes I can cry while watching Startup because of their acting.

  1. Holy crap, these writers and networks, why can’t SHE be the freaking genius? Hell, why do either of them have to be geniuses? Think outside of the box PLEASE.

    • My thought exactly. Why can’t the writer reverse the troupe and make her the genius instead? Maybe she feared creating Elizabeth Homes kinda character. Lol.

  2. I don’t like the female lead but I trust the writer, I enjoyed every single one of her works. I’m excited to watch it!

    • i like the male lead. He is handsome and improved in his work ????
      Dont know about writer. And lead actress dont know how will i tolerate her

      • I love the male lead, I love him the most in dazzling. I’m hoping the writer’s talents will compensate for the female lead(using her strong points) like she did in While You Were Sleeping and Dream High.

        After shutdown ends, I’ll be going on my first date with Nam Joo Hyuk LOL

      • How rude u people are …..If u don’t like her ignore her… U people can never improve….Stop hating around ?

      • Her skills r beyind pathetiv. This is not her fan club. Go n join fan club if u want to hear praised for wooden showpiece ask marie. She can guide u to how to worship woozie

  3. Nam joo hyuk wanted to watch him but woozie is there. But for him i want to to work. Poor guy has to carry everything on his shoulders

    • She should thnx jyp for taking her depsite her lack of singing n dancing ability whereas missA 3 members were talented. Then he pushed her only never gave chance to others. Ruining their careers. Never did the same with twice.
      Thnx jyp oppa. He is genius ??

    • ady, don’t you think you are being too harsh with Words? Imagine if someone attack your bias with the harsh words, can you endure them?
      People said “an eye for an eye”, “a tooth for a tooth”, isn’t it so difficult to be nice with your words.
      There are time I do agree and kinda really like reading your fierceness comments but there are certain time like this, even there is nothing trigger you, I don’t think it’s necessary to be so harsh.

      • Her fans bash my fave all the time especially one here. She deserves the same. I m doing what they do!
        I m not a saint and i never claimed to be one
        It is fave is not from idol company serving on platter. He earned roles by auditioning without backing of big company.
        And she is really known for her dumb speeches. U can do search lol. That is whh i find it funny

    • it would really be a challenge for her if she were to portray a genius role. Lol.

      I cringe whenever i see her giving acceptance speech during award ceremonies.

  4. Interesting to see how this drama will turn out…. Writer is better than that cheesy KES in my opinion. Storyline sounds boring but visually quite strong.

    • And u r straight up loser and nope i dont want plastic monster woozie to know me. Fun y thibk she doesnt give a damn about ur existence lmaoo
      I have achieved many thing in life and i am settled didnt need anyone to push me unlike ur fave.

  5. Its my first time to be curious how a drama will fare. Hahaha. Goodluck to both of them. If ever, this will show or prove if they can carry a drama themselves. Storyline doesn’t interest me so far.

      • This is so funny coming from LMH fan who’s fave is the true “eternal showpiece,” acting for 17 years yet playing the same cringe chaebol role once again lmao.

      • Lnao coming from u. He has played criminal role where he sweeped all awards. Faith was different. Get ur facts str8. Woozie is eternal showpiece. Playing useless role in lee byung hun moviem remember?

      • ur life must be so difficult and harsh eh. no social life, no nothing.
        i saw that u like to talk fact.
        u like Njh much and blindly think hes better than suzy?
        how many dramas Njh has played as main lead? how many of it make it big? none? i like him cause he’s good looking too. But suzy? no matter how bad u think she is, all of her drama can be considered a SUCCESS. what? u will say shes lucky, writer nim is good one, the male lead helps her, whatever ur excuse, all of her drama and movie is sucessfull. that’s a FACT. Now you still like talking fact?Not so much? u will bend it to your liking anyway? hater is just hater.
        and what? Miss A will be better off as 3 without her? U insane? go get help please. u hate someone so much u blind. it must take so much passion to hate someone. like me writing this long passage right now. its just how sad u are in my eyes. but at least i’ll not be going around draging u down unlike what u did to woozy girl who will never know u exist.

        my concusion, you’re just straight pathetic. pls try to get a life. Ur life is pathetic doesnt give you right to make innocent ppl life sounds more like u. ure not gonna go far with it.
        u’re home quarantined as well? u bore? jus go pray or study. it’ll be good fo ur brain.. and soul.

      • @heccpanda u r free to assume anything lol. I make comments here for fun. My life is amazing but i have nothing to prove to fan of someone who stan woozie.
        U need ti get a lifr pathetic fantard of woozie. And yes it is fact. She was least talented in miss A jyp pushed her on faces of everyone and olayed her inage when she was earning 10000 usd per cf lolm but played that she is beating likes of kim tae hee and girls generation members who were nations girl group jyp pushed her n forced her
        U r a blind fan who leads a miserable life bcoz her lifw tevolved aeound this untalented girl get a grip loser. I have strong opinions. And i live an amazing life. Dormesnr matters what woozie tard think

      • And i live ana amzing life . Finny i m self made but woozie she needed jyp daddy to push her over talenyemmted members
        And she doesnt give crap about u
        Ur olastic monster favr move on
        And nope she doesnt carry any project. She need to be flowrrpot in lee byung hun movie or gy movie to nemget hits when she did a movie on hee own it aold less than half million tickets. Her megahit drama wwys averaged 7% lmaook
        . She is non bankable media play queen
        So suck it up 2 cent whre

      • Omg u r soo much hating on her…..I think u really need to calm down ..Its really sad to see how much hatred u r spreading about her… SHE DOESN’T DESERVE IT …I was not really a kdrama fan but because of Suzy I just wrapped into it….The first time I saw her acting in While you were sleeping and I was like wow she so amazing…her acting on point plus she was sooo beautiful…I even didn’t knew about her….I U DON’T LIKE HER ACTING IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT EVERYONE WILL NOT LIKE…U R JUST ACTING PATHETIC…..SERIOUSLY …LIVE A GOOD LIFE INSTEAD OF SPREADING HATE…. BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE U WE HAVE ALREADY LOST MANY IDOLS…. DON’T WANT ANY…..

      • Stfu using someone deaths to get at me. Pathetic is u who trivialize deaths of other people to use it for your fave
        Ur fave cant act and is bad. How is it annoying? If she is public figure she gonna be judged. She sells her work to audience as well as products. Whrn she chose to be endorser she will be judged when she chose to be actress she will be judged.
        If ahe is bad then she is
        Movw on woozie fan and stop using death as ur way ti get back at me. It makes u looks beyond terrible
        And i have great life. But i m not going to sugarcoarlt my opjnion on woozie fantard

  6. I’ve never watched anything with the 2 leads but I will watch this one for Kim Seon Ho. Only be able to watch him once a week in 2 days 1 night is torture for me?

    • I totally forgotten he’s also in this drama, I loved him in his last drama, catch that ghost(I think that’s the title). He was so much fun esp that dancing scene.

  7. Suzy is very charismatic onscreen, can’t take my eyes off of her. That’s more than enought to be a star. Nam Joo Hyuk is easy on the eyes too haha. I like this writer, looking forward to a good summer drama.

    • Yes she certainly has that X factor that has gauranteed popular…she is magnetic whenever she appears and you definately cant stop looking at her. ?

      • Suzy fans can talk about popularity whe she has been surapssed by many actresses. Moveone with times

  8. Suzy always got y’all pressed, but she stays winning being PHR’s darling and getting top-notch projects one after the other. This will do well just as her previous have done well as well. Much better than KES currently overhyped yet udner-performing drama. And much better than some actress fans here where their faves only bring in 1% lmao.

    • Dont talk like that. We never know, really. Before kes’ latest drama airing, we thought it would get 20%. But it got dropped. When jung haein’s drama airing, we thought it would break tvn rating but it ended ip at 1%.

      Dont assume anything yet let suzy prove it later 🙂

      • Jung Hae In’s drama was thought to break TvN’s rating @@? I didn’t know he has such star power since TvN’s record is over 20%. His last 2 dramas were not rating hits even with A-list female leads.

      • At least, it would be the talk in town like his 2 previous dramas with noonas. He’s popular. More popular then this NJH. So no wonder ppl would think he would break any tvn record. But then.. yeah, the repetitive roles.. so boring. It proved that visual alone couldn’t save the drama.

    • Stop bringing up KYJ here. Suzy’s acting skill is miles level than KYJ’s. So, you better accept and swallow the bitter pill, bitch!

    • Lol @Marie, the nerve of that girl to still drag Suzy after what happened with her fave. I guess karma will catch up to her again. ?

      • Rofl neeed new id. my fave playd centeral roles n will keep getting roles. Unlike woozie who is showpiece lmaoo

    • I always feel lost and obfuscated when people talk about ratings and what not.

      I feel like every actor is going to have at least one drama/movie that is going to be a huge dud in ratings or box office lol

      I think it’s better if we just focus on quality of story/acting/other logistics because low/high ratings doesn’t necessary translate to good/bad drama

  9. Kang hana and kim sunho as 2nd leads????????????????

    If only i were the casting director… sigh.

    Im gonna give this one a try. I have no problem with suzy or njh when i can watch jsy.
    I dont have a problem with a drama as long as the story is good and the chemistry is on point. Acting? Better with good acting but we know these two’s reputations. Never mind.

    But im wondering, without popular actor to back her, will suzy bring the high rating????? But since she is under an actor agency just like njh, they probably got the best script. So viewers will stay for a good story.

    • What’s considered high ratings? High budget VB is only at single digits, and the writer’s last drama WYWS is also at single digits. Suzy cannot bring high ratings. High to me are Sky Castle, WoTM, IC, Romantic Doctor – all good dramas with well deserved ratings, excellent acting and relatively low budgets.

  10. well visually speaking they both look good. the visuals of drama is guaranteed.
    Ive seen NJH on screen before. he is easy to watch and has a lot of room improving his acting. young and talented.
    supporting roles definitly make carrying the drama easier for main lead. If the story is good Im ok with the cast. this is the first drama of suzy I wanna watch. Ive read so many ppl saying she cant act. Im not saying a word about acting unless I watch myself, but if so, better to watch a beautiful who cant act than watching someone neither beautiful/prettey/charismatic nor good at acting. I wish them luck for this project.

  11. this drama is definitely gonna be visually pretty. not sure how i feel about these 2 known to be wooden actors acting together though. lol. although i have to admit that nam joo hyuk did improve. and park hye ryun seems to be quite good at masking suzy’s flaws and making her characters likable. so I guess I shouldn’t worry.

  12. Guy’s please don’t behave like you’re the most talented person in the world…
    You should really need to know that every actor performs his seen as director want.
    So curse him not artists…

  13. This is gonna be a boom with actors and actress like Suzy,Nam joo hyuk, Kim seon,kang hanna….ALREADY CAN’T WAIT FOR ITS RELEASE…


    • Suzy who cant act to save her life? Yes it gonna be tragic book
      Stating fact isnt hating woozie fan??

    • Ben. You need to watch more K-dramas in order to tell who is good and who is bad. Shake it off with your Suzy stan. We only notice downward trend in Suzy’s drama ratings over the past 10 years.

      • And mary i keep reading let her give some time to improve. Ten years is less time?

  14. Everyone is talking about the actors so I will talk about the writer. I know people love her but I have only finished I Can Hear Your Voice. I only lasted 2 episodes in her last drama and have tried 3 times to finish Pinnochio. Yeah, I know everyone loved it. If she makes Suzy a woe-be-gone candy, I’m out. Sick to death of the down trodden k-drama gal.

  15. I hope Nam Joo Hyuk will do good in this new drama. Has became a fan after The Light In Your Eyes. Will look forward to this drama.

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