PD for The King: Eternal Monarch Apologizes for Warship Mixup in Episode 6 Battle Scene Along with Bad CGI and Design

Even Naver is covering The King: Eternal Monarch which 6-episodes in is mired in The King: Eternal Controversy. The third week’s airing has created the third wave of South Korean viewer gripes about the drama – (1) the Japanese warships depicted in the long naval standoff scene between the Kingdom of Korea and Japan, turns out the Japanese naval ships are actually Korean naval ship designs so this is the second time the production confused Korean/Japanese designs after earlier using Japanese temple designs for the Kingdom of Korea classic temples during the opening sequence, (2) the terrible CGI during the horse ride through the gap between the parallel universe where Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun clearly look like they were in front of green screen and cut into the scene, and (3) Lee Min Ho’s King wearing a too-small for his head crown that is just another sign that the production is not paying attention to visual details.

The Naver article then goes into a detailed critique of the PD team of The King: Eternal Monarch, saying that all these mistakes, oversights, and errors come from the PD not being comfortable directing this drama. PD Baek was formerly the second string PD in the dramas Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and this is the first time he’s been the lead PD but here he’s not behind the camera that much and it’s PD Jung who is handling the day to day directing on the first string team and PD Baek is handling the editing and post-production.

Turns out PD Baek created the direction vision for this grand fantasy visual drama but he didn’t handle the day to day direction so it was PD Jung and other supporting PDs handling the directing but they were not involved in the conceptual design and don’t know how to properly capture what PD Baek envisioned and that’s where all the mistakes are happening. Currently The King has been filming since September 2019 and the final episode script hasn’t been written yet so the production is expecting the filming to continue all the way to the final broadcast week of the drama.

Everyone should just focus on Lee Min Ho reading the script, that’s a really visually calming tableau for sure.


PD for The King: Eternal Monarch Apologizes for Warship Mixup in Episode 6 Battle Scene Along with Bad CGI and Design — 43 Comments

  1. No wonder. While watching the episodes me and my sister kept commenting that the direction is lacking. It was so frustating to watch…the lack of any nuance in the scenes. Such a colossal waste of money and people’s efforts.

    • What I like most about the drama is the premise and the lead couple obviously as for the drama entirely I thing it could improve some aspects but as overall I think it’s wonderful drama that has good storyline. It keeps you guessing which is interesting aspect of mystery so in that essence it’s a good drama in my honest opinion

  2. Who pays attention to a naval ship in a fantasy parallel world. Some people have got alot of time on their hands I see. But aside from that I have enjoyed this drama greatly so far. Can’t to see what the 7-8 episodes hold for us. It has promosing potential due to the interesting premise of the drama itself.

    Friday seems like long shoot away from us. I haven’t normally enjoyed other KES works but I love this one

    • They seem to have very sharp eyes and i guess to notice that you gotta be sharp while the scene of the ships were even very short. I am also loving this drama it’s gorgeous. I am so into LMH and KGE currently

    • My exact sentiment. As awhole I love the drama I think it’s brave and somewhat ventures into new concepts of parallel worlds and time-travel and other fantasy elements such the magic flute. I am watching it and will finish it. I rarely watch shows while they are airing only when they finish airing but for this one I couldn’t hold myself back I had to dig in deep from early on due to excitement and I wanted to see what it had to offer but I found myself loving it.

      As long as they keep the same quality I am all for it and they have my full blessings

  3. Apparently they r changing the diting team and editing will be dine by mr sunshine director i read. Bcoz maby dcenes never connect
    And jeez people find every fault it is fiction not historic drama

      • I dont know how to copy paste here. I try to copy but it never works

    • That can’t be. Lee eung bok already signed for directing the adaptation of webtoon sweet home. Had he directed this show it would have been 10× better

      • Well it was mentioned in article yesterday that hey r not happy with editing team. Someone is goi g to loom after it now

      • Who would be happy with this kind of final product. They should have hired a more experienced director rather than someone who is leading for the first time. They did had the budget . They just got lazy finding the director

      • Yeah actors n script writer can do yheir oart but in the end director job is too look after whole thing and better editing. Money was never the issue. Writers idea has not been exevuted well but maybe with editing change hings might change

      • It’s not like kes a doing an excellent job here as well. She wrote the characters very badly, but unlike Goblin this time Lee eung bok is not here to save the day

  4. I don’t have any problem with the directing and editing besides the CGI. The portal between worlds is an interesting concept, so I didn’t mind it. As for the naval battle, it’s difficult to do even with a high budget like in western war films. Covid probably prevented them from outsourcing the CGI. I hope they don’t get too disheartened by the ratings. This is Kim Eunsook’s most ambitious and interesting drama yet concept-wise, and I love it so far. It’s rare to find unpredictable fantasy (or science fiction) dramas nowadays. I hope they don’t lose their vision just to please the viewers.

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. the title of this drama should have been “We apologize”. is this the 2nd time or the 3rd time that they are apologizing. This is a flawed and hyped drama tahts why its ratings are bombing

  6. It’s quite understandable from the PD’s side. Can’t wait for weekend episodes. It really keeps you coming. I was lowkey hate watching it but than it got me. It was quite pleasant watch. I was not a KGE fan but I found her in this drama will check out some of her previous works

  7. No wonder so many scenes felt out of place and awkward. Even the ost instrumental is weirdly place in certain scenes.

    Wow, I thought the show was entirely pre-produced. They’ve been filming for over 9 months? That must be a record. That’s so long. They had all this time and decided to give us this half-baked product. The CGI of the pathway between the worlds are pathetic. They should had delayed the premiere date if they knew that they had problems that still need fixing.

    So disappointing wasting the cast talents, for sure the actors contributed somewhat to the mess but for the most part it’s all on the writer(s) and the directors and the production team.

  8. Why are there people creating such a website only to comment witgout allowing the writers interpretation to finish… CLOY in when Seo Jun flew like supergirl and still alive in a a cyclone is worst than what graphics have shown in the King… Can we just watch the series. CLOY has been applauded despite graphics problem so for koakasplayground.com, Nobody knows the whole history or so so kind of battlexhip but Im pretty sure that THE KING has the right to prove till the end.

    • CLOY been opened over the absurd concept right from the get go. When the synopsis was first released, almost everyone ridiculed it. I guess that’s why viewers were more accepting.

      But for TKEM, is different because this is Kim Eun Sook’s drama and the production team behind with big budget. They did well with Goblin and Mr. Sunshine, thus the expectation is higher.

    • ppl are free to comment their opinion.
      even if the drama does well at the end it doesnt mean audience have to ignore the errors for that sake.
      released episodes are lacking much already.

  9. I think the netizens are being too harsh for such minute details. The director clearly apologized that due to COVID 19 spread they couldn’t do it properly. How could they spot such a small detail.Those eagle eye netizens.!!.But for the king’s crown part I think they committed a huge mistake.I read somewhere that the Crown belonged to Silla dynasty era which was even before the Goreo period. Whereas the robe which LMH wore resembled a Joseon King’s dress. Netizens were kind of upset with the mix-up. We all have seen that kings in sageuk belonging to Joseon era usually donned a black dome type crown and Lee Gon is supposedly a descendant of Lee dynasty of Joseon . So it was caught quickly.
    Anyways I hope with the change of directors there will be less fillers and editing will improve.

      • I just read it in the director’s statement that due to travel restrictions they couldn’t go overseas for reference filming hence the error.But he also said that he should have paid more attention.
        I got confused when read some comments saying it is a publicity stunt to grab attention.. But these are all baseless theories and we all know the nature of netizens.
        Even I m not that much enjoying the drama but feel that few things can be overlooked .And there are still chances for it to improve. As it is a big budget show thus even after 8-9 months of shooting they still have episodes left to finish shooting.I really feel bad for the cast and crew cause they have been working so hard but still their work is not being well received.I guess people are getting more picky due to the hype .

      • yes but netizens nitpicking this drama already. I dont think they overlook the smallest of mistakes from now on.
        they dont stand much chance to bring the hit we all expected out of this but I hope the story does better in coming episodes to chill netizens at least.

  10. People are overthinking a drama way too much lol.

    It’s not my cup of tea, but I’m sure it’ll be successful ratings wise regardless of poor directing,
    controversies, etc. If the pointless, plotless Heirs could get popular, so can this show. There’s always LMH fans and new kdrama fans holding up these kinds of dramas (and I was a hardcore one during Heirs so I would know!)

    • the heirs was aired back at 2013. Long time ago. if hits of back then were aired these days they probably wouldnt be hits anymore. yet if and what doesnt count and heirs was hit of its time. heirs being a hit doesnt mean all KES-LMH dramas should be hit. at this point im just hoping this drama doesnt end to a disaster. today audience cant be fooled. if there was no need and people were OVERthinknig why would the pd bother to apologize?
      just because it is a kdrama it doesnt mean they can question ppls percipiences and vision by what they bring up to screen.they should be more careful. already heard of enough apolagies for this drama. LMH should stay away from KES unless she stops writting cheesy stories like this.

      • LMH is a hallyu star first and foremost and this type of drama is what sells overseas. I see him continuing doing this type of drama as fans are enjoying it and his looks are more important than anything.

  11. I have watched every drama of Lee Min Ho. Everytime his charming acting mesmerised me. It is so fascinating to be captivated in his fatally emotional act, so smooth you forget your surroundings and live in the world he wants to portray. Truly beautiful in every way possible. I do not know if I am what you may count as a fan, what I do know is that very few can touch the heart and Lee Min Ho does exactly that. I for one admire how he acts to his utmost and what beautiful moments they are to be lost in the space he takes his viewers. The new drama called The King Eternal Monarch is a truly wondrous story by far. I was so very enchanted by how the story was laid out and how much work was put into every little detail, Lee Gon was such a captivating character that what a sight it was to see Lee Min Ho play his role and mold him to perfection. As always a beautiful, heartwarming and such sophisticated acting.

  12. I already said this from the start, the PD is weak. But how many times they need to apologize? I felt bad for the PD. Can they just leave them alone? Even the rating not that high, so why media bother criticize every parts of this drama?

    • no one put a knife to his neck to take a project he cant afford. I dont pity him at all. all the money,all the time he had and is this all he can represent?
      its not just his fault. story is lacking 2. chemistry is lacking 3
      none are off the hook.

    • PD is not doing the job well so should be replaced. Simple. No pity on this loser. This is a high budget drama.

  13. Amidst the pandemic and gloomy global economy, I can say that seeing the face of LEE MINHO is enough to calm me down and somehow take a break from these negativities. So grateful for, at least, I can see his refreshing face to soothe my weary soul. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see more of TKEM ???

  14. I like this drama because of the storyline that is almost unheard of which also shines light onto our eternity as the multidimensional beings that we are. That’s the depth of the concept behind this drama.
    It is alright that things could look different than they are in one universe and not in the other and or as they are in our reality because of the concept of parallel universes.
    Please people just appreciate the fun that this drama is giving us as it is intended because it is a very beautiful storyline. It just like in a dream where somebody can turn into a flower which is something that can never be seen in real life. It is imagination at its best. I support the work of the staff of this show even for the gigantic size of the horse because it looks magnificent and so beautiful to watch. That’s what differentiate it from all the other horses. Please let it be. That is thinking outside of the box. Really, nothing seems to be perfectly in white and black or what they appear to be even in our universe.
    Btw, I’m wondering if there is another Lee Dong in our universe since there are two of the other characters, one in each universe. I can’t wait for the next episode. I’m also happy to see some positive changes of emotion showing between the two main leads.

  15. This whole drama so far has been a misfire for me. I don’t feel any chemistry between the leads, I’m not invested in any of the characters, and the way the plotline is directed not great. Kind of disappointed by wasted potential and hoping it gets better.

  16. It’s like this drama was thrown together and they wanted to rely on the pretty main cast, fantasy element and the star writer in the credits to hard carry the drama. I also think this is one of those cursed productions that has had problems since the beginning and we are seeing the results.

    It’s a watchable show but it’s kind of a mess especially for how hyped it was.

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