Park Yoochun Sets Up Official China Weibo Account and Releases $75 Photobook

The only comfort in this shamelessness is that even the media isn’t covering it with usual glossiness. Disgraced and returned like a zombie South Korean singer-actor Park Yoo Chun has taken his talents to Thailand, Japan, and now China during his “comeback” tour after announcing his retirement from showbiz following a drug use arrest. This week he opened his official Weibo account and used it to announce that his new photo book will be released soon and all you have to do is pay US $75 to be the proud owner of a copy. I may do it and use as firewood tinder, too bad it’s not made out of Charmin material then it could be a toilet paper substitute.


Park Yoochun Sets Up Official China Weibo Account and Releases $75 Photobook — 20 Comments

  1. US $75 for a photobook is crazy expensive. All pictures can be searched online. Who will spend that money for a waste of paper?

    • No, being judgemental is part of a human’s nature. It’s mot shameless. Every body judges. Don’t tell me you don’t.

  2. Wish media would stop giving him any attention. I had a bit of a shock when your blog loaded for me. I’ll just have to take a break from the blog until his news is gone from the main page.

  3. As once a fan, my only fault in him is his straight-out drug lying. What he did with this personal life, who am I to judge just because I don’t like it. Plus the girls didn’t turned out so innocent either.

    I’m done with him. People need to ignore him. If his long time fans still chose to support him, stop criticizing his supporters.

  4. $75 for photobook??? By doing this, I feel that he needs money and desperately using his fans, LMAO… Unfortunately, there are still oppalogist who will defend him and spend money for his trashes.

  5. My colleague who worked with on a JYJ project many years ago always thought Micky was the nicest one as he had an ever ready smile for crew on ground, was polite to the common folks, while the other two (one professional but cold. The other a total ass) were not exactly the nicest people to work with. Then later came the footage and news that he physically hit a fan… cue few years later.. toilet yoochun happened… last year the drugs and the whole hwang hanna scandal back and forth cussing. She and I are in agreement that when he left SM together with the other two and started cjes with the man who went to jail for extorting kwon sang woo, that’s the start of downhill for him. Cos mixing with the wrong crowd, making an insane amount money being part of JYJ, finding success in dramas. It all probably got to him that he probably thinks he could commit murder and likely get away with it. If he was still in SM, their strict governance will likely pave a different path. Also in SM, when you stay long enough the artistes are given director status (boa, tvxq). Sometimes it really makes you wonder if idols are smart enough or really cut out to become free agents. He is a case where given too much became his ultimate downfall.

    • SM are manipulative and has taken advantage for their artist from the start. JYY has paved the way for many new artists to have a fairer deal in their contracts. So patrionizing a corporation is just so wrong.

      I am not a fan of PYC but people make mistakes. Some people aren’t that mentally and emotionally strong that they resort into something not so good.It’s not tolerable but better than him committing suicide. At least he is alive, he still have a change to correct his mistakes.

      Re. PYC hitting a fan, I think that is a strong a accusation. If that is not true I hope someone can file a case against you for such malicious accusation.

      • What the hell are you talking about? Its mainstream headline news. JYJ did a public apology after. Go to youtube, key in jyj yoochun hits fan. Go see the footage yourself. Geez… if you dont know anything and dont even bother to spend 1 minute justifying truth to someone’s “accusation” then tell your laziness not to threaten anyone.

      • I think you need to watch the youtube video yourself. Saesangs don’t have the right to do anything they want. If I would be slapped I’d probably kick in return. Good thing he only slapped her. If your defence is the gender of the fan hit, geez just because you are a woman you have the right to hit any man.

      • Hey, I thought you said, people make mistakes. What is with your “I hope someone can file a case against you for such malicious accusation”?

      • Wow. “Good thing he only slapped her”.
        Seems like you are expecting something more than that. Please think twice before commenting on anything to do with violence.

  6. man, I grew up with TVXQ, I’ve been a fan since 2006. This makes me so sad. I really feel he’s mentally not “all there”. He needs help. I wonder if he’s still in touch with JJ part of JYJ. They seem to have all drifted apart. 🙁

  7. $75USD for a photobook?! Wow. I think you have to be a very devoted fan to spend that kind of money. It’s a lot to ask of someone, especially now with the global economy decline and massive unemployment, not to mention food prices increase along with other necessities. It really feels like he is exploiting his fans. Oh well, to each his own. I’m not going to waste my hard earned money on him.

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