Script Reading Stills for tvN Drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji

I love the English title for this drama, it’s totally what everyone needs to say out loud once a day during these trying times. It’s Okay to Not be Okay (formerly I’m Psycho But It’s Okay) kicked off filming last month in April and recently released script reading stills of the cast gathered together including Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se, and Moon Gyu Young. Unlike the currently airing K-drama Soul Repairer which is primarily about psychiatry, Okay is set in a psych hospital but deals more with the human struggle when having or being around people with psychological conditions. Normally this drama would be hyped up since it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s first drama post-military but I like the lower key vibe around it, let’s keep expectations measured and be surprised either way.


Script Reading Stills for tvN Drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji — 36 Comments

  1. I saw the set/location pictures, it looks so pretty, reminds of a storybook or fairy tale, it makes sense because the female lead is an children book author I believe?

    I like the new name of the show too!

    • It’s not, only on Saturdays they are airing on the same day but different hours. Convenient store has no competitors for like a month for its time slot

      • Wow. Good for JCW and KYJ. Hope their drama will be a success so the bashers will not have anything to say about their previous flop dramas.

  2. I admit I’m not as excited as I’m supposed to be for KSH’s return to TV. It’s been 5 years, but this one is very low key. In a way that’s great. I hope it’s as good as It’s okay, that’s love. If it is, then we’re in for a treat!

    Fingers crossed for Kim Soo Hyun. It’s been way too long as his cameos were way too good for this to fail on us.

  3. Very conflicted about this one – love Seo Ye Ji, seriously love the theme/content – TOTALLY uninterested in the male lead. I generally avoid his work like the plague, but I may have to try this one out and see if I can tolerate his presence if SYJ and the content can make him bearable.

    • Why do u not intrest in him tho ? He’s actually one of a few hallyu stars whom CAN act for gid sake and always tried to challenged himself in different role

      • I find his “acting” unengaging, unconvincing, unappealing and hence uninteresting. Except, oddly enough, in cameos.

      • @Gdisgodisgood let him be. We just ignore the negativity. The drama target audience are korean people not him.

  4. so Lets see what KSH does.
    I support.
    and I usually dislike long titles but I luv the meaning behind this one.

  5. He is so handsome . I remember when i saw him for d first time in mlfts and he was super cute❤❤❤❤

  6. Thank you A Koala’s Playground for featuring this. We’re all excited for this upcoming drama of KSH. Wishing and praying for its success. We will be here to support all his projects!

  7. Thank you A Koala’s Playground for featuring this. We’re all excited for this upcoming drama of KSH. Wishing and praying for its success. We will be here to support all his projects!

  8. I love the new English title of the Drama, very nice. “It’s OK to not be OK” is the tagline of a campaign here to promote open discussion about mental health and destigmatize asking for help. Well done, Drama team!

  9. I adore both Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji…after what happened with his pre military film Real…its good that he is keeping things low key on this one. Too much publicity is not needed. The drama, acting, script should speak for itself. Let the quality of finished work draw attention.

    • Yeah and I think the fact that he’s move agency play a part of a lil publicity for him tho . He’s actually got a load new cf post military but never mediaplay over it .

      • Ita btw the same cousin’s agency that was responsible for Real debacle. I hope they got it together and are being cautious now.

      • His cousin is just one of the executives at the new agency, responsible for talent recruitment. The CEO is Kim Mi Hye, producer of the film Extreme Job. An ex CEO from Keyeast also recently joined the agency. While his cousin got a lot of flak for Real, many people don’t know that he’s been working with KSH since Will it Snow for Christmas and been giving him advice on projects all these years. So it can be said he’s partly responsible for him choosing projects such as Moon Embracing the Sun, You from Another Star, which were all hits.

  10. I am okay if it’s not being much hyped up bcoz I hv seen how the most hyped dramas turn out recently. I am looking forward to watch this. Best wishes to the team

    • I think this drama will be lowkey and surprise us with a good story line . Considering writr past works such as jealousy incarnate

  11. Just be good… i trust you Kim Soo Hyun. Just, be a good drama. As long as it’ll get the good reviews, good rating and awards, i feel relieved.. lmao. Kidding.

    I just hope, most of the people will ppve this drama.

    Kim Soo Hyun, fighting!!!!

    • Yeah hope so . Really mim on drama screen … been fall in love with him since dream high wich is in 2011
      Love his face and acting too and the way he always challenge himself in different role
      I remember he once said that he wanted to become a real actor not just a stars and his role model is ryu seung ryong ( a very versatile actor ) . Aah I love this guy passion for acting tho .. too bad he only comes up once in a while

      • On a bright side, it shows that he really cares of the scripts that he might received. Unlike some hype-up actors who will choose the same type of character and script quality.

  12. I love the lack of hype for this drama,whuch encourage the audience to discover the drama for themselves, instead of letting the media to oversell it.

      • Too much hype can lead to big disappointments later, such as the case of TKEM. If his acting is good, I am sure it will bring in new audience while keeping them, episode after episode.

  13. When will June is coming? At least they should provide us a teaser. Missing kim soo hyun on my screen. And seoyeji is such underrated actress. Her acting is natural actually.

  14. This is already on my to-watch list because Kim Soo-hyun d-u-h. The guy is brilliant and I’d watch anything with him in it. Even if the story sucks, at least I know that he will deliver acting-wise. He is just that good.

    But then, I saw the script reading video, and I am sold on the bromance. The Moon brothers ooze with chemistry even with just reading their lines. I want to watch more Kim Soo-hyun and Oh Jung-se interactions. I hope the drama will have lots of them.

    Now, I am so looking forward to this.

  15. just finished rewatching dream high last night and i was reminded on how well he could act and on a shallower notes, how handsome he is. totally hype for the upcoming drama. all the best ksh!!

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