The World of the Married Child Actors Jeon Jin Seo and Jung Jeon Won Criticized by Netizens for Underage Smoking, Drinking, and Cursing in SNS Posts

Another week another controversy but rather than say its much ado about nothing I do hope something positive comes from this. jTBC Fri-Sat night record breaking hit drama The World of the Married remains sky high in ratings during last weekend’s penultimate airing, with the final ahead this coming week. It’s unfortunate timing that both child (teen) actors in the drama are embroiled in scandals of their own making. The bigger one is Jung Jeon Won who plays the friend of the son of the lead couple, he was found to have posted pictures on his SNS showing him with his friends drinking at a BBQ joint and also smoking. He’s only 16 years old so yeah, not good my boy, he was also found to have made derogatory and sexual remarks to another poster’s mom. Young actor Jeon Jin Seo who plays the son of Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon was found to have made SNS posts cursing a lot with his friends. Both actors have apologized through their agencies but the damage is done, K-netz have long memories and now they will have to work harder to overcome these young lapses in judgment.


The World of the Married Child Actors Jeon Jin Seo and Jung Jeon Won Criticized by Netizens for Underage Smoking, Drinking, and Cursing in SNS Posts — 14 Comments

  1. JJW is done and he is only an extra. JJS has more screentime and he has potential in acting, maybe he will get another chance.

  2. I hope he learns from this mistake and never repeat such acts. The K-netz are not forgiving at all. Too bad he really had much potential as an actor

    • @ Amy
      I used to think that way too but look at all the celebrities that are getting a slap on the wrist for even worse offenses. Ex. Mr. sunshine main lead actor and prosecutor princess main lead actor doing shady things and look all the celebs that were caught evading taxes. They get chew out online but then they all return basically unscathed. Korea is more lenient than you think. Yes there’s still certain taboos but it’s limited in scope.

      These two young male actors did what most teens do but since they have some fame (not saying what they did is proper but their career doesn’t deserve to be halted) their deeds are broadcast to the world. I don’t think much damage will happen to their careers tbh and it shouldn’t.

      —The cursing one is going overboard, yes one shouldn’t curse, but cursing doesn’t harm anyone. Who hasn’t cursed? Is everyone a white lotus? Seriously LOL —-people need to get upset at bigger issues.

      • @Laura Yeah I hope so they shd be given a chance.. Almost every teenager is doing it nowadays

  3. Kids swear. I think netizens must be saint and dont know anything
    And regarding other one. Bad parenting simple but no meed to crucify him

  4. This Jeon Jin Seo has all what it takes to be a top hallyu actor in the future. He got the looks, charm and acting chops. Hope Korean people will forgive andd forget this mistake.

  5. Are you kidding me? The whole country is smoking and drinking, it’s their national sport and it’s practically a passage to manhood/adulthood and you expect them not to do it?
    Like, really? This is so hypocritical, I bet the most vocal netizents are the heaviest smokers and drinkers.

  6. I bet no harm is going to happen to JJS as he is a male actor so everything can be forgiven as he is just a CHILD. But had it been a female star of his age doing same actions imagine the amount of derogatory words would have been used for her.

  7. No complaints here about the smoking and drinking. Even here in the states teens smoke and drink at an early age. I also agree with another poster here, Korea’s heavy drinking and smoking culture is so known throughout the world, of course finding a teen out doing is stuff will happen. Just disappointing is the sexual remarks. We can’t have other Jung Joong Young and his minions.

    • Asians culture is not like american or west where teens become parents at age of 14. Bcoz parents spoil their kids.

      • Parenting depends on the parents and their relationship with their child. Asian or not. There are many 14 year olds who aren’t spoiled in the West. Asians have spoiled kids as well.

      • Yes but sure our kids are not going fckng around and have some sense of shame and moral values which americans and west lacks. Sorry i am not sorry for speaking truth!

  8. Isn’t alcohol is part of their culture? Every K-drama I seen is majority with alcohol involved. So do you think something like this will not tell the younger generation alcohol is part of their life? I wonder if they do a survey about drink alcohol how many household that is drink verse not drink. Teens, who are not cursing and starting exploring cigarette and find out about sex 😛 Well my suggestion is when they recruit people specially teens on the entertainment industry all of the agents have to tell them that the requirement to be famous have to be “Saint” (no drinking, cursing, smoking, feeling suicidal, intending to rape, etc.) otherwise will not be hire. When they hired they need to be sign and seal like a contract, if in the future they breach this contract they need to get penalty or bring them to court.

  9. I never liked the idea of under-ages smoking and drinking whether famous or not. children must be teached, not bashed by knetz – not every child who smokes or drinks is an actor/actress to quit the action because it threatens their future career by Knetz –
    I bet they won’t quit. they just learn how to cover up to not be caught next time.

    these children are resembling how they are failing in raising a child and by bashing two of young actors they try to say this is not whats happening there. well unfortunatly it is. Im always bothered by knetz. they are exactly doing whatever they call a scandal or bash actors/actresses/idols for (and many of those acts are not even illegal! like divorcing and smoking)
    they smoke,drink,se*,… and they act like they dont. its like they cant accept what theyve become.
    actors/actresses in other countries divorce,smoke,cheat and no harm done to their business. they prfctly seperte career and personal life. and they dont bash their super stars for donig what any other adult might do.
    I just think ppl in korea ARE acting like west countries, but they just wanna deny it by blaming their actors for doing the same, its like “hushhh no one knows!”
    leave them alone. we all know!

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