Kim Go Eun Shows Multiple Fashion Styles in June 2020 Edition of Elle Korea

The fail that is SBS fantasy romance drama The King: Eternal Monarch will have many iterations of dissection and analysis. But I feel it won’t have any impact on leading lady Kim Go Eun‘s acting career, this is one mis-casting that I feel just isn’t her fault. She was not right for Jung Tae Eul, much better as Luna, but ultimately there was neither romantic chemistry nor a believable romance to ground what is essentially a time-travel multi-verse romance that required a major leap of faith for every viewer. Let me make the very nuanced distinction here – I do not think Kim Go Eun is a bad actress, to the contrary I find her refreshing and quite talented, but I think her acting in TKEM is bad because she’s not suited for that role. So it’s bad casting I suppose, and one that is easy to overcome by picking the right role next. Not every role is right for every actor or actress out there I don’t care if your Marlon Brando, but really smart and savvy project selection is the hallmark of a K-star with longevity and I hope to see better from her next time. For the time being, I’m admiring her lovely Elle Taiwan photo spread for June 2020, so easy on the eyes with natural charm.


Kim Go Eun Shows Multiple Fashion Styles in June 2020 Edition of Elle Korea — 102 Comments

  1. She is so classy and beautiful. Also some fans r thinking they might be dating bcoz they have very good off screen friendship. I hope it is true. I ship them 😉 lmh looked so confortable with co-star in ages.

    • Lol I always feel the same after every drama of his…in fact for many actors it’s true..i guess just easy camaraderie offscreen and some publicity..that’s all

      • Maybe u r right but many r saying this time more than previous ones

    • No offense but I feel that behind-the-scene “sweetness” of LMH and KGE are kinda look forced probably for PR to counterattack the negative reviews about their “zero chemistry”.

      KGE looks more comfortable and having fun when she was filming Goblin with Gong Yoo and other casts.

    • What Koala meant she wasn’t right for that role. It can be any actress or any actors even the very best ones when they are not suited for a role even if they tried their best to act will still not be able to give justice for the role. And that is why she even mentioned Marlon Brando to prove her point. ? Koala’s analysis is fair and honest.

    • Exactly. She is not versatile for her some of her roles yet she is not pretty. Therefore she shouldn’t be lead actress. It’s an insult to audience. A versatile actress should have some decent look like Han Ji-Won & Kim Sun-A. Kim Go Eun looks so unattractive and her acting skills is lousy. Can’t understand why directors will choose her.

      • Honestly, that’s kind of rude. How would u feel if you were the one acting in TKEM right now as the lead female role and all you got was negative comments about how ugly and bad your acting is. Exactly. You wouldn’t really like it. Don’t judge people based on their looks. I think the acting is amazing. Don’t spread negativity if u don’t want it aimed at you.

      • It’s freedom of speech. I can disagree with the rest who think she is pretty and she can act. I won’t want to kid myself. To be actress, either you have to be visually attractive and able to act. But if you are not visually attractive, at least you must be versatile in your acting skills. Neither Kim Go Eun has both, the directors should be wiser next time when they choose actors or actresses.

      • That is so rude of you to say
        Put yourself in her shoes
        What if it was you tht the insult was meant for….aud yu feel comfortable
        It’s better to spread positivity and acknowledging pipoz effort than being negative about it
        Kip the negativity to yourself and spread positivity
        So what if shes not beautiful,or versatile
        Does it do you any harm or does it benefit you in any way
        It’s just entertainment

      • I seriously don’t understand the beauty standard or Korea which is Soo fucked up maybe people like you and many more out there.she is awesome the way she is and she is supercool in what she is doing ,you guys just want pale v shaped with nothing in their body, Seriously it’s the natural she is natural beauty and u should appreciate her instead u give hands for these kind of people to go and do surgery .
        I hope u don’t do this for your wife u know beauty doesn’t last forever it’s the internal beauty

      • uhmm… what’s your definition of good acting then? Idk about you, but this girl is an excellent actress. I first watched her in Goblin and I absolutely loved it, though there was no comparison with her acting yet, but then having watched her films and other two tv dramas, I wonder why she didn’t win the best actress award for her role in goblin. This girl gives life to the character! Her voice and even her smallest facial expressions are so on point. She might not have the korean Beauty standards, but her face is so refreshing and charming on screen. She is definitely the best actress in her generation and give her a bit more time, she’ll be a legend. ?

  2. She does look good in this spread. I don’t understand why people say she’s not pretty. Sure, she’s not SHK or JJH but she has that “he ne sais quio,” feel to her and perhaps that is why Chanel chose her to be their ambassador. I thinks she’s lovely. I agree with your analysis it won’t make a dent on her acting career as she a versatile actress and proven that. And you’re right about her just being miscasted. I love her in Tune in for Love with Jung Hae In and I thought among the leading men she’s acted with she had the most chemistry with him that it looked natural and even in their interviews. She seem to work well with all her co-actors and she is being shipped with her leading men. To think she’s kissed most of the good looking actors ?How to be you Kim Go Eun?

    • I agree she and Jung Hae In had an awesome chemistry on-screen. I was even lowkey shipping her with Hae In’s cameo character in Goblin?.

      • @astar you should check out their interviews they look so cute together or the bts of their Marie claire spread last year. Their looks compliment each other.

      • Thanks I will go and watch it .I find both of them baby faced and they look incredibly cute together. Just hope that they can star in a drama in the future.

    • She’s very pretty and fresh looking. But it’s that haught, exhausted look she projects (see last photo) that just doesnt do her justice. She does that when she acts, too. Like she is constantly exhausted and down. It’s why subconsciously I tend to skip her scenes because she somehow affects my emotional state in a negative way, just by watching her do that look. And ilthat distracts me from understanding the story of the drama she plays, not just this drama.

      Also, I agree that her role in the King is not for her. And it’s not her fault, really. The casting director should have tested and seen it. This drama is LMH’s, not hers, so they should have found someone that would compliment him as the King. And she did the opposite. That was one major mistake this drama made.

      Good luck to her on her next project. I hope this drama wont affect her much in the future.

      • I agree she did seem tried and over wrought at times especially when they asked her to cry so much. I actually told my friend that’s why in Goblin, Gong Yoo owned that drama. She complimented it and the rest of the cast were in complete harmony in the story, while in the king there is something that isn’t right especially in the romance area. I wasn’t convinced they were in love not til like Ep 12 I think. But that’s coz I just relaxed my POV after the first few episodes. I think the screenwriter herself casted her and LMH. The writer seemed to be the one who chooses but I’m not 100 percent sure.

  3. What a plain Jane. She is definitely not pretty and she can’t act well too. These days I think there is a trend to bring plain looking actresses to be the main leads because maybe audiences are tired of pretty actresses on screen?

    • @yolanda @samsam in your opinion she’s plain which is allowed since beauty is subjective. What is beautiful for us may not be the same for everyone else. I find that statement they tend to put plain looking girls as main leads because they’re tired of pretty actress? In which world do you live in? Even in the west the casting doesn’t always have to so anything with being so beautiful but has to a lot with their talent in acting that is why they’re called actors not supermodels or is a movie a beauty pageant. Over the years, and I’ve been watching kdramas, there have been successful dramas with actors and actress mrs with less than beauty pageant looks because they can act and there plenty of pretty actresses who can’t so even their looks won’t be enough to land them a lead role. A lot of people think KGE is pretty or she won’t be endorsing beauty products, like make up or skin care or Chanel wouldn’t that is an international fashion house wouldn’t take her as ambassador if she didn’t have what it takes and obviously isn’t nothing to do with fame or beauty as there more famous stars pop idols with more following than her. It has something to do with representation, reputation and how one can represent it. She’s been chose by Chanel to be their ambassador to represent South Korea right there with supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Naomi and even Lily Rose Depp. Go research what I mentioned coz these are not my opinion but based on facts.

      • Please… Kim Go Eun can act? If she acts well, there will be no criticism of her acting in Globin and KTEM. So many people criticize her acting and it’s true. It is really insulting to the audience when she is not pretty and worse, she can’t act. She got famous because she acted a very bold scene with full nudity in her first movie. These days people just want to be famous by dropping off their clothes in front of the screen.

      • @paige. Your comment got me laughing. What a beauty of this page. Anyone can change usernames and post and agree with themselves lol.

      • Well said! Considering all of Yolanda Yoon’s comments, it seems she simply dislikes her. She’s even coming off as somewhat envious. If KGE weren’t such a good actor, she wouldn’t be offered juicy roles.

    • Her, park sodam, kim dami and kim taeri are the ones being pushed right now. Only KTR is visually appealing. I miss the era where taehyeji, syj, hgi, hjm, hys etc ruled the screen and provided many visual pairings.

      • Well these girls can actually act. Its not their provlem the girls fitting beauty standards can only do flowerpot roles. Park so dam jessica scene had worldeide impact. Dami stole the show in ic. Kim go eun has proven her versatility even in king and kim tae ri has proven herself in movie as well as mr sunshine. If gangname beauties cant raise their levelz then problem lies with them

      • Wait for upcoming goddesses Kim Yoojung, Kim Sohyun and Han Sohee to cleanse your eyes. They will replicate taehyeji era with their beauty and aura

      • @Yura @Keiko Are y’all the same accounts who ctrl c and ctrl v all of the same comments? Lmao.

        Let me know when them like Han Sohee gets to go to Cannes or Berlinale, or Oscars for that matter and win global glory. Lollol.

      • Kim Dami has more talent in her already than all those said “classic beauties” could produce in all their years. Her acting is super natural, believable, her tone is pleasant and strong. I also think she is beautiful, unique and has strong screen charisma. Park Seo Joon usually pretty lucky with his female co-stars, but with Kim Dami he met his strongest acting partner.

    • Those pretty actresses, i mean most of them are made up. At least Kim Go Eun has the decency to preserve her natural looks despite the so-called standard beauty that is defined through undergoing surgery.

    • You must be very frustrated thinking how unfair it is that someone not as pretty as you got the role?…unfortunately in this cruel world the girls you call not pretty can get the role by being charming, kind-hearted and hard-working? ‘jokes aside’ don’t go wasting negativity on a person who otherwise does’nt know you, It frustrates not only you but those who love her acting,besides I got through the series because I love the plot and the characters,other people worked hard on it ya’know.

    • Dont tell this to koalas n her cult. It has risen to worldwide ranking 17 gew days back and only cloy must be ahead. It paid so much that they recovered budget and lmh got share from it. But ofc acc to koalas netflix list doesnt matter. She already declared it irrelevant few weeks back

      • COVID is the reason why its being watched on Netflix. Nothing to do at home but watch kdramas. I’ve only watched two episodes and quit. I check in here and there to see if it’s worth giving it another try and no, it’ll be a waste of my time. I’ll just wait to watch clips of it on youtube. I haven’t watched CLOY yet either. None of these dramas seem to interest me these days. I’ve been watching more cdramas while waiting for a Kdrama to catch my attention.

      • Rofl u can give excuses but lmh every drama getd reception pan asia and this one got d same. Pls do ur research about his dramas overseas success. Yhere is reason he gets high disttivution and a good pay from it. Bcoz it sells at highest rate and yearly ranking it is already upto 17. Which is massive for k drama. Only drama which wilk end with more viewers worldwide will be cloy or kingdom.
        Interntaional audiences loved it and there r no 2 ways about it
        People just love to disctedit its reception outside korea. Ĺmao. Ols carry on ur party

  4. Every article is repeating in empty perception calling a major global hit ”failed” Just saying dosen’t make it a fact just saying. Everything considered this is a hit on a larger scale. They have larger audience then your mind is willing to perceive

    • She is sruck in stone ages.infact few weeks back she said netlfix ranking top 10 list is irrelevant lmao. Well king has movied ti year end ranking 17. Which is huge feat. But her cult n she will never accept it

  5. I don’t think she’s the miscasted one. She’s good and credible as a cop, she has a good chemistry with KKN as Shin Jae or WDH as ES. The cop team’s scenes were fun to watch. I like her clothes as cop, casual and practical to run after bad guys.

    She had a good chemistry with her costars like Gong Yoo, Jung Hae In, Park Hae Jin, Seok Kang Joon.

    At the opposite, when you watch LMH’s dramas :
    My Love From the Stars >>>> The Legeng of the Blue Sea
    Healer >>>> City Hunter
    Goblin >>>> TKEM

    • Another conspiracy theorists or maybe it’s the blogger but dosen’t better.

      Healer flooped and on top of that was a rip off from CH
      Goblin was nowhere near TKEM outside of Korea. Goblin beats TKEm only in Korea and nowhere else period. ON wide scale TKEM–>Goblin easy.

      The only you got right on was My love from the stars- LOTBS both big hits but MLFTS had slight advantage due to arriving before the chinese ban

      City Hunter ———-> No Competition

      • I wasn’t talking about ratings but quality. In all this dramas, the acting, and the story were way better. It’s the worst drama for PMY, she never was convincing as a bodyguard.

    • It is ur opinion. Dont pass it as fact. City hunter was massive success both korea and iverseas and ita time slot had high advertising revenues in korea. Lmh landed first chinese endorsement deals after city hunter. City hunter > healer.
      I agree with mlfts bcoz jjh rocked the tole there. But even lmh haters know he stole the shoe from jjh in lotbs. But wait u will never credit him.
      U were waiting for years to discredit hin. Typical of u

    • Yup, oppa fangirls place the blame on her, but imo she’s had good chemistry with past co-stars aside from Gong Yoo. LMH is the one who’s never had good chemistry with his leading ladies aside from PMY, who is a chemistry queen. KGE is also doing a better job acting-wise in the 2nd half. I’d say he’s the one miscast.

      • No oppa fangirl is blaming her. Unless koalas is oppa fangirl . And second only oppa’s ex flowerpot r doing it
        Atleast kim go eun is rated but ur showpiece is not rated. She is used as decoration which no top actress will sign. Flowerpots r used till they hit thwir 30s. When she hit 30s jew flowerpots will teplace her and ur girl isnot going to centeral role. Only roles she get is flowerpot roles in lee byung hoon mvoie. A decoratice showpice with no value

    • I agree with you. I think they casted her well. However, unpopular opinion, I don’t like LMH’s acting.. it’s always the same. I feel like he wasn’t a good match. She’s expressive and he’s always just staring….

    • Yes I agree.. Every cop doesn’t have to be tall and well built and she is a GREAT actress… The King is a drama that has me hooked from the 1st episode since I’m a fan of both the lead actors and I will recommend to not pay attention to the negative reviews and just go for it. Anyone who likes magic and mystery romances will absolutely love this drama because it has soo much to offer…

  6. Out of topic, jongga Kimchee reposted my story on my Kimchee post with them tkem show and The alley London and the actress Nari checked out my story. Hehe. I know it’s kinda lame but I was happy since my happiness cost £5.30 from the alley and £1.99 jongga Kimchee. I’m the perfect product placement audience. and my contribution to the international viewers rooting for them ?so guys chill, we all different fave actors and dramas and points of view no one will ever win this argument. Go get some bubble tea from the Alley I’m gonna try the Dalgona coffee one and matcha next ? even after drama ends coz they actually taste good.

  7. Yeah, she’s not pretty and her acting is bad in The King, but that failure will not affect her career whatsoever. Thankfully this will likely be the last time she acts in a superficial KES drama. She’s more suited to and successful in Chungmuro anyways. Rather, it’s LMH who should take a deep look at his career path and stop taking these same chaebol roles in his 30s if he ever wants to be respected in his home country.

    • He is still more repsectef than idol jyp’s media olaygirl will ever be. She is flowerpot used for show. The replaceable flowerpot when she hit 30s. Nothing to add. Whereas lmh will keep landing roles as centre bcoz he brings profit. But ur girl cant. She is just a showpiece who is hood for nothing

      • @ady I just want to know who you mean by flowerpot? I’m not quite sure who you are referring to.

      • @Ady At least she hasn’t been acting for 17 YEARS unlike your fave who is still mediocre af despite it being his first and primary profession lmao. Poor eternal chaebol.And now his drama is complete failure with 5% low despite you claiming it would hit 20% and that all dramas with single-digit average are a result of the leads having NO STAR POWER. Karma is truly a btch lol.

      • Lmao what? Do you even know what you’re saying? Okay let’s say KGE is the flowerpot in this drama but why can’t your oppa make this 5% drama a hits? The way the king was written already makes me frust & the actor potrayal is even worst. I feel like there’s more charms in that villain’s character although still there were still something feels incomplete about LR but LJL nailed his portrayal for his character, better than this lmh oppa did. I’m so done w his chaebol & knight on the shining armor character too guys. I am more looking forward to someone like KKN & WDH with wide acting spectrum as actors. And as for KGE, it’s a shame for her to act with lmh in this sucks project because her versatility as an actress definitely deserves better for her to shine. Did she even get paid enough? The drama will definitely flop even worse without her. This oppa lmh already make me frust with the never ending modeling in drama. Gosh

      • Maria what karma ? Lmh will keeo getting fentre roles. His job was initials which he did and brought 30% profit but ur girl make sure drama make no profu. Always a useless flowerpot. Lmh has faith gangnam blues in ten years but ur flowerpot has none. She is uselss piece of showpiece

      • @blala learn to read. I meant maries fave suzy thr eternal flowerpot. Kim go eun cant bring orofit on her own. Lmh was the reason it brough 30% profit pre airing and initials. Its not aftors fauly if script failed second i wasnt callking kge glowerpot. Blind delusion fan

      • Plastic monster fan marie lmh star powrr id initals n bringing profit. There is reason he got paid 300kisd per ep bcoz he brought profit. Ur girl cant bring initials as profit. She has 0 star ppwer. She is wooden piece of plastic

    • @marie. You confuse me with your 2 consecutive posts. First you say LMH is miscasted, and then say KGE has good chemistry with her co stars except GY then you say she’s say she’s not pretty and has bad except you also said she did better in the second half. At least be consistent. If you don’t like LMH and KGE that is ok but your 2 posts kinda contradicts itself. Not hating on you but I’m not quite sure what you’re saying are you saying LMH is miscasted or KGE or you just don’t like both? I mean of course no one is asking you to like them or the Tkem I just think people should just stop saying anything even their dislike for actors putting them down doesn’t uplift the actors we like. Look at how Koala raised her argument. It’s very clear what she thinks of the casting and their and her assessment is reasonable and fair. She isn’t hating on the actors or the drama in fact she say praises them when they deserved it. What she gives in this article is constructive criticism not some disjointed argument. I also have to raise the fact that in social media, Instagram and Twitter following of the actors and they are trending in different countries and followers have increased so even if they may not have faired well in SK rating but maybe they have gained more fans.

      • @Kdramaaddict I said KGE acts better than LMH in the 2nd half. But that doesn’t mean she is good in this project lmao. Between the two, KGE is more believable in her role and has chemistry with other actors (KKN) unlike LMH who has none with anyone, which is why between the two, LMH is the miscast.
        Anyways, you didn’t need to write a whose essay lol. I don’t care for either of the leads, but it’s clear that those fans who blame the drama’s failure on KGE are delusional oppa fangirls.

    • Agree i think LMH must choose the different roles , sometimes i think he really “love” himself , and the fans whose always have opinions that”oppa its mine” blame KGE

  8. I think that she embodies feminism. It seems you had your leading woman character to be pretty or gorgeous all the time. But once you have a badge,investigating a case of crime or death, do you really would have a time to put on some glamour in your daily life? I think the love that exist between the two lead characters is more likely nurturing your affection because you live and became a man devoted to meet someone you’re indebted to. Uhmm.. you lost a father right before your eyes and almost got killed and was saved by mistakenly the woman in the ID picture (actually saved by his own self) But based on the latest episode, she started putting on beauty products. And maybe some time at the later part she’ll wear that of a queen. THE QUEEN! In a nutshell, there are a lot of room where love grows, don’t put it in a box that woman should only get a hot guy because of her looks or social status. That’s discrimination right there peoples. It’s a no no.

  9. Am a New Yorker who is not of Asian descent
    I think you’re too hard on our star’s looks. She’s a great actress who has taken on gritty movie roles opposite some great actors and actresses. and she looks natural and real In this country, by only looking at classical American beauties, you wouldn’t have given our best actress. Meryl Streep, a chance. Nor would you have liked our best singers like Barbra Streisanf, Idina Menzel and Lady Gaga a chance. So sorry, think talent. The character here represents an extraordinary young woman who represents every woman. Lee Gon falls in love with a real person, not a goddess. If they wanted him to fall in love with a glamor girl, he would have fallen for the slick prime minister.

    I am not sure what the Korean standard of beauty is, but I’ve watched dramas like Perfume and movies like 200 Pound Beauty and I am sorry that the before leading actresses don’t get more work because they’re so talented. So please give the women with interesting expressive faces who can inhabit their characters a chance I

  10. I likes her very much. Not pretty isn’t the word for her.she is pretty in her own way. She is very plain and natural simple. That is why i loves her.she just the way she is. To me she act well in any movies she in.

  11. Kim Go Eun’s acting sparks no joy and I wonder how come she can be lead actress? Moreover her looks is really unattractive. She definitely cannot act romantic movies or series because her facial expression unable to produce any sparks and chemistry with the actors. Maybe solely criminal, suspense horror shows will be more suitable for her. Kim Eun-sook keeps choosing her as main lead in her series which is more towards romance theme is a real mistake. She should just choose actresses like Kim Tae-Ri, Park Min Young, Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji-Won.

    • i agree with all actresses that youve mentioned Except Park Min young. Hahahha. Kim go Eun is far beautiful and better actress than this PSed actress who tried to look cutesy and pretty the time. I cringe whenever I see her photo on Instagramm. so trying hard.

  12. Omg love her so much. She’s a natural beauty. Never a tried hard to please anyone. She’s just herself. Beauty is not all about being so gorgeous and pictures perfect that’s why she stand out in her own unique ways. More love for Kim Go Eun.

  13. Am probably the only one who sees beauty in another light because those Korean godesses that people praise and love so much are not that appealing to me. The one people called ugly and are miscast are what I call gorgeous because they look more natural and beautiful. So you do you Kim Go Eun. Beautiful girl fighting.

  14. Why this comment section full with toxic comments tho,you guys really live ur life full with negativities. You guys depressed or something? Come on get a life instead of complaining on other people’s looks and downgraded them. Just want to say your words might kill someone,so be careful.

  15. Honestly, her films are good…but I’m always disappointed in her drama roles which kinda downgrade to her previous portfolio.

    Her character in Goblin is the worst so far. The character is so annoying. She always whined and full of aegyo.

  16. She has her own natural beauty, beauty its not only sexy , with big eyes , sexy lips , sharp nose its so old fashion, natural beuty u just show who you are no need to follows the beauty standards from the society and i wonder some of the person whose said she not preety , are u preety enough to judge someone , and for her act u can see her other movie like Chinatown, monsters, canola ,she act very good , for TKEM drama i think LMH its playsafe he always act the sameway ,and ofcourse the fans girls whose have opinions “oppa its mine” will blame KGE no matter what.KGE u deserves better.

  17. No matter what you all said about Kim go eun, I still believe she is good at acting as the Queen of the kingdom of COREA… ☺️No doubt about that, as it is written all over the face of King of kingdom of COREA..I believe they will be married for eternity .

  18. I agree OldAmericanLady (LOLing at your name). I’m from the West Coast (via Seattle, So Cal, and Portland) and I’ve been an avid Kdrama fan since 2005. LMH is a pretty boy who got lucky with BOF and CH, but so many of his dramas since then have sucked. His acting is just so wooden.

  19. I think she would have been RIGHT for the role, had the director and even the makeup/wardrobe department had clearer idea on what needs to be portrayed. She could have been a bad-ass but well-dressed cop, you know 😀

  20. Yes the drama is not for her because the way her character was written is really incomplete. She deserves better. Why? Even if JTE character was given to other actress wouldn’t guarantee the ratings. The way she expressed her emotions, portraying her role as a detective and her natural sassy attitude as JTE is already more than perfect BUT it’s clearly the writer’s fault for not being able to show the audience the root of their romance. LMH? He’s pretty good too but something is lacking about him. The chemistry between KGE with WDH & KKN are much more better than the lead cast together. I do not understand the King either. He only had her ID card & suddenly went around being clingy around her that looks too cringey for me. JTE is actually a very interesting character until the romance part. I mean, after later episode it starting to get better but I can’t deny myself that I just cannot stop thinking about their beginning. I prefer to see the prime minister tho. I love her feminism & how she went against all those disgusting male politician looking down on woman’s capability leading a country. But I’m disappointed with the writer how KSR suddenly went from a very good PM to a villain that doesn’t do justice for her character. These 2 actress deserves better because the script is already sucks. I mean it’s a great concept with so much potential but it’s definitely lacking in a lot of aspects that none of the cast should get blamed. But anyway the king can better I think.

  21. I’ve been keeping my eyes on Kim Go Eun since her first project, “A Muse”. I find her so refreshing.
    I was happy that she got to work on such big production dramas like Goblin. I haven’t watched The King, there were a lot of negative review concerning her acting… I’m a bit disappointed for her, I thought that she would do better. She will certainly do in her next project !

    • She acted wonderfully… U should watch the drama bcoz it’s really good ,u should check the ratings by imdb it’s 8.7 bcoz the drama is wonderful and they give the ratings according to worth of the drama I don’t know if any kdrama got such a good rating and it’s always in top 10 in most countries… IDK why Koreans are criticizing about it. But it’s really fabbb!!!!

  22. so funny about his blogger! better not to blog at all if you’ll just criticize this lady in your own×
    way. KimGoEun is beyond beautiful inside and outside compared to other actress. and TheKing Eternal monarrch is such a masterpiece. Such a pitty for you .

  23. She’s great as an actress when she cries u will get carried away & she’s charismatic…idk abt those criticisms.

  24. I don’t understand why people are criticizing Kim go eun… She is fabulous actress and she acted so wonderfully.. It’s just that the low IQ people couldn’t understand the true talent.. It just shows that haters are envious of her ???

  25. u should check the ratings by imdb it’s 8.7 bcoz the drama is wonderful and they give the ratings according to worth of the drama I don’t know if any kdrama got such a good rating and it’s always in top 10 in most countries… IDK why Koreans are criticizing about it. But it’s really fabbb!!!!

  26. Excuse me. . .who are you to say that Kim Go Eun is not a versatile actress? For sure you knew nothing about her previous works .Just stop seeing TKEM if you have nothing good to say afterall, those actors are really trying their best to give us some entertainment.

    • Kim Go Eun is indeed not a versatile actress. She acts poorly in Globin and King. If she acted well, there will be fewer criticism of her. But so many people already feedback that her acting is very lacking especially in dramas. She should go back to acting class. No looks, no acting skills, it is shameful. Versatile actresses are people like Kim Hye-soo, Gong Hyo-jin, Son Ye Jin, Ha Ji-won.

      • ??? shes one of the main reasons the rating of TKEm is 5.0.
        i agree with all the things that you have mentioned.

      • Those people you mentioned are veteran actors who have been acting for years 15 or more years so you cannot put her in that same league. But she is a versatile actress as her list of movies and dramas are not the same genre. If she acted poor in Goblin she wouldn’t have been nominated for best actress category. She is not one of the reason of low rating and I agree with Marie there are fans looking for a scapegoat. She has gotten awards and her co actors and directors would praise her for her acting. Although we as audience see things differently than they do. No looks? Try saying that to Chanel, Kahi and other brands that appointed her. These brands look for people who has what it takes to be their model. There are far more famous kpop stars than her because she is beautiful. To you she may not be but I would rather trust the taste Chanel and even Lancôme she also did an add for them. And I also trust the director’s comments and other veteran actors she’s worked with and how well they praise her talent and her attitude on set. You can google it. There are so many things written and said about her that praises her even as a person. So there maybe haters, but there are people like myself who finds her beautiful and talented. A lot of comments about her are dripping with hatred and unreasonable negative words that masquerade as “their expert opinion,” on beauty and acting.

  27. I am m from Malaysia. I loved watching Korean movies and dramas. Though Kim Go Eun acting is quite okay, I do find she often lacks chemistry with the leads. Her eyes, I cannot see any chemistry and interactions with her co-actors. I think she can only act limited roles. These days I will tend to avoid any dramas with her in it because I’m not inspired by her roles in the dramas.

  28. As a western viewer on Netflix.
    I find that she is a heckuva talented actress. More of her.
    TKEM series definitely had so much potential unfulfilled. The writing and editing are weak. The main actor has been disappointing along with the PM actress role.
    The other actors have been good however the villain and main actress kim go eun have been enticing. They draw you in however the writing and editing has been weak. She’s a global superstar in the making.

    • Even i dislike the actress & the actor, i never say she or he not pretty, not hv good looking face or ugly (in more bad direct word) coz i feels that we need to respect others…no one choose to born for not pretty or not handsome or even we always point out word, UGLY…you see, our tongue do not have bone but is sufficient enough to lead someone to suffer & caused death. This is what cyber bullying is called but they always make the statement that “It’s freedom speech”.

  29. Yes, i completely agree. It’s that lousy exhausted look she has that turns me off. Honestly im just curious about how the story ends. The chemistry between the two leads is..debatable. sometimes i see it..most of the time i dont. It’s rude to call her ugly, she is not as pretty as the other actresses we usually see but she is kind of..charming in her own way. She can act yes, i prefer to think that the role is not suited for her. In my head, i prefer suzy for the role.

  30. All you haters and complainers are sour and upset. Most of you probably can’t figure out how your own bias had work done on their face body and mind yet gotten nowhere close at to her career achivements. Kim Go Eun just being her natural self, got where she is right now through her talent and hard work. Not by looking like a bimbo airhead beauty. Her Artistry is seen, recognized and appreciated by the number of projects being offered to her. So many known actors, even actresses and writers want to work with her. So who are all you sore losers to talk crap about her. Everyone of her costars received nomination and/or award for their project. No one can lie about this – ALL FACTS. Yet you guys go on here blabbling like fools. Just for your information, TKEM has been on the Netflix TOP 10 most watch drama for the year. the only Kdrama on the list. Top rank at #1-5 drama in over 10 countries including SK,Singapore Malaysia,Thailand and more. These are facts and not bias opinions of sore loser fan base who keep spreading hate. and by the way the beauty balm stick that KimGoEun rep was sold out within two weeks of launch . The manufacturer have back orders from all over Asia including USA . That’s the power of Kim Go Eun. Just accept it and stop hating.

  31. I think your beauty standards are so low that you can’t understand what true beauty is. The person whom you are talking about is the best actress out there. Honestly I have never been this interested in a k-actress life but seeing you comment this bullshit I can’t keep myself away from writing this. A versatile actress doesn’t need to look beautiful she needs to act and her acting is on the next level. And yes directors or screenwriters choses her more than once, be it Jung Ji woo or star writer kim eun sook. People have started to acknowledge her acting and her beauty but some people just can’t change their mentality.

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