Lee Min Ho Posts The King: Eternal Monarch Set Spoilery Running Pics on Instagram

The good – Lee Min Ho running like the wind on the set of The King: Eternal Monarch. He’s totally alive in a way that his performance is totally not in that drama. I miss this Lee Min Ho, he needs to play a tsundere character again with anger problems, maybe Gu Jun Pyo grown up with amnesia and he needs to re-learn all his life lessons again lol. The bad – these pictures posted by Lee Min Ho on his Instagram account show white draped chairs in the Kingdom of Corea palace so it may be a wedding scene. I hope not, this drama is really not about Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul living happily ever after, there are parallel worlds and multiple timelines to fix before everything gets sucked into a black void ala The Langoliers. Let’s get people back to where each is supposed to be instead of switching dopplegangers by the clown car full. Until then, happy, running free Lee Min Ho is total love.


Lee Min Ho Posts The King: Eternal Monarch Set Spoilery Running Pics on Instagram — 21 Comments

  1. He looks happy here. Good that he is not affected by tkem rating. Feel pity for him. Remembered the day during The Real film of KSH when people slandering him. But one flop drama or movie I think will not affect an established A lister. Fighting!

  2. Wonder why do you keep blaming him for director’s work who asked him to act that way? He did gangnam blues faith, city hunter espefially gb which was harcore thriller and stole the show. And his insta following has boosted by millions from popularity of drama. Appealing to new gen of k drama fans worldwide with king ranking in top 20 worldwide netflix rankings for year end. He is doing what he has been given. And he looks really cheerful and happy. What do u want him to do? Cry? He will keep getting big projects because drama recovered budget and profit.. And stop acting like a concerned fan. You made gay comments to insult him during heirs day and now act all woke and fan.

  3. I read a good theory that tae Eul is actually a corean because her mom died of cancer and Luna also has cancer. So Tae Eul and Luna were also switched lol

    So if true, it’s a convenient way for Yi Gon to live happily ever after with Tae Eul.

  4. Lmh co star now in The Eternal Monach is a very good actress . And she is not fake where her looks are concerned . She is very confident in her own skin . I actually would love to see him opposite Bae Suzi ….now that would be something out of this world . They were together for 2 yrs + before he entered his miltary.
    Imagine the chemistry between them .
    Bae Suzi has this in her . Whoever she co stars with the chemistry is really good . VAGABOND …chemistry between the 2 actors was explosive and UNCONTROLABLY FOND ..omg that was even more real .
    So imagine LMH n her .
    If it happens then it will be a re uniting of 2 souks ???????

  5. He seemed very carefree and handsome a sight for sore eyes ?. I saw the bts of the show he likes to play around with his co star and that neck kiss behind the scene and so many of fans ship him and KGE and have different versions of the video some with fan fiction. I wish him all the best in his career. I wish to see him in a melodrama.

  6. I don’t think that is a wedding setting.And if it were ,he wouldn’t be giving such a big spoiler.It looks like the room in the palace where they give briefiengs to the press.When Lee Gon gave the new year speech,the chairs were drapped in grey with gold ribbons.And I don’t really get why there can’t be a wedding at the end? You clearly missed the point of the entire story,because it is about Lee Gon and Tae Eul.Once he travels to the past to undo all Lee Lim’s evil plan,we will be back to them meeting in Gangnam Square.That,I can guarantee.That portal will open again.

    I guess the unpopular concept of ‘fate ‘ is clearly not understood and how it works.They will meet again and again,no matter what changes time brings.Different time,different background,the same outcome,always.

    • I agree with you. It is evident and Ms. Koala made it extra clear that she felt the female lead was wrongly casted. Anyway this is the only drama I’m following despite trying out four other ones. Sad it’s ending soon.

      • Yes,I can understand this pairing doesn’t work for everyone.And it is also true that the writter failed to build up properly their chemistry in the first 6 ep or so,coupled with bad editing and bad directing.But to miss the point of the entire drama ,no,I can’t understand.The writter went to great lenghts to build up the concept.She must have spent a considerable amount of time to come up with all the symbolism from different sources.Fate is the prevalent concept here ,regardless of our views and feelings on it.And we should at least be able to understand how it works even if we don’t like it.Balance and fate are connected in this drama. Lee Lim wants to ‘writte’ his own destiny guided by his greed for power. He is changing the destiny of those around him as well.And the result is balance lost and worlds falling apart.On the other hand,for the balance to be restored,Lee Gon has to follow HIS destiny.And his is connected to Tae Eul’s.

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