Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for Police Chasing Psychopath K-drama Mouse

K-actor Lee Seung Gi must love the chase from his last drama Vagabond because he’s putting his action hat back on again for his next drama. He’s confirmed for the 2021 airing K-drama Mouse which discusses a world where DNA testing has isolated a psychopath gene and opens the question about whether a mother still wants to give birth to a child knowing he/she can be a psychopath. Lee Seung Gi plays an inexperienced newbie police officer who has a life changing encounter with an active psychopath terrorizing South Korea. Reportedly Choi Jin Hyuk is also in discussions for this drama and it’ll be a reunion for Gumiho daddy and his half Gumiho son from Gu Family Book. The drama is from the screenwriter of Black and God’s Gift: 14 Days and is scheduled for the first half of next year so plenty of time to find an awesome leading lady pretty please drama gods.


Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for Police Chasing Psychopath K-drama Mouse — 54 Comments

  1. The same 20 ML and FL actors/actresses are getting casted in all projects back and forth main while not passing the ball to others.. I think Kdramaland is a exclusively closed party for few. I say it’s a monoploy and very hard to break into for outisders who are outside of the few familiar who have been circling from Drama to drama. I will definitely watch this one as I like LSG but he did a drama few months ago and before that he did another one a year ago while Choi Jin Hyuk is in current airing drama.

    I forgot to mention Ji Chang-wook he did melting softly and few months later not even a year his back again with Convenience store

    • Agree with you on this one Jonas. Brilliant observation. There are tons of other underrated actors but the casting pool seems to have shrunk. Tough COVID times call for desperate measures for advertisers and investors who are not willing to invest in ML and FL who don’t bring in the ratings revenue and ads.

      • @Catherine, you misunderstood, @jonas was not saying that Lee Seung Gi is twenty but that the same twenty actors/actresses get cast all the time when they could choose from hundreds of them…

    • Well it is not that he did Vagabond recently. It was a pre-produced drama shot in 2018 but their was a delay in airing. So technically he is doing a project after 2 years. What is wrong with that??. There have been enough recent dramas where new mls are given a chance.It is just that they don’t make enough buzz or come to our attention. But it is true to some extent that pds nowadays are being too careful while casting new faces due to dwindling tv ratings.

    • Well deosnt every actor or actress have one drama atleast every 2 years?
      Why is that monopoly?they are just doing their job.

    • Ask new gen k drama act to bring distribution and high end revenue. These actors drama might not work in rtaing but they make profut even when budget is high. These guys started doing that in 20s. Not their fault new gen actors r incapable of that

      • Exactly..LSG’s first main lead drama peaked at 47.1 pc when he was only 22 years old.Even the leading lady was of the same age. They were kind of rookie at that time. Same goes with other stars of his generation who could garner massive ratings at a young age. It is not like they were born with a golden spoon. They are in this position because of their works throughout their career.

      • Astar take king. It might not worked in korea but it had 30% profit ore airing and 50 advertisers on board. Lmh got high salary arfron distrivution bcoz he brought the distrivutors on board it recovered budget. New gen actors need to do it only kyung soo or any bts member in futire looks capable to bring overseas distribution imo. If taehyung or jin takes acting seriously

      • I doubt if KTH and Jin can do what LMH can do as an “ACTOR”. They don’t have the charisma as a leading man. Further, they are idols. So, their careers are short-term only. So, good luck if K-entertainment will accept and take them seriously as actors.

      • Taehyung has charisma. He has not donr proper role and hwarang was crap direction. Jin hss acting degree. They cqn bring profit on par with ajy hallyu superstar bcoz netflix and iverseas distributors will happily buy it

      • Taehyung is already frnds with act9rs and directors. And anyways their career has already shown longevity bcoz bts in 8th year has increased kn sales and touring. They have great solo career ahead especially taehyung whose fambars bought most albums. Nts r going no Where anytime soon as they have yet to hit their peaks. Taehyung is solo superstar in making and his c9nnceti9ns in industry will get him roles. He has worldwide appeal for producers

      • I just thought I would put this out there, but Lee Seung Gi started as an Idol too… not saying that all idols can act, just that maybe we shouldn’t discount them just because they started out as an idol.

      • I hope Yoona will be his screen partner in this drama…How i wish it will really happen.

    • Young actors Eg Jang Ki Yong, etc do have their fair chance but unfortunately they didn’t do well rating wise. Other than PBG that I can think off-hand, not many have made a name for themselves.

      You need the right script, right timing, a matching FL and some luck. Unfortunately the 92-95 generation didn’t make it big at a young age unlike the 86-88 generation.

      I do look forward to see some young actors other than the same MLs.

    • I love him in king 2 hearts with Ha Jiwon. That drama was well written. Great bromance. Amazing delivery of the cast. That was one of my fave dramas that got me to this site coz Koala used to recap episodes of it.

  2. Male casting looking solid at the moment if Choi Jin Hyuk is onboard but 6 months is a long time in K-drama land. Would prefer the writer focusing on the police officer and psychopath relationship as central theme as insurance if female lead casting/chemistry goes awry. In my humble opinion, there is no need to shoehorn a romance in as side plot. Reminds me of Hello Monster/I Remember You psychopath drama complicated male casting issues. It changed male leads 2 times before SIG settled on the role after Lee Jin Wook and Lee Sang Yoon turned it down. If Choi Jin Hyuk turns down the psychopath role, I hope it would go to Siggy. It would be a hoot to see 2 of my fave 87 liners headlining the show plus seeing SIG as the complete psychopath is the perfect springboard from his The Smile Has Left Your Eyes role.

    • I agree with you on the romance part. I pray that there will be no unnecessary loveline which ruins the story. I still shudder at the lost potential that is Hwarang.

      • @Midnight Mistress, why? What happened in Hwarang. I see the drama poster in Netflix but never seem to want to watch for some reasons. The romance shoo-in failed spectacularly too in Memories of Alhambra. It ruins the great performance of Binnie. Individually and separately I like Binnie and Park Shin Hye but the OTP was just completely miscast. No spark, no fire. I just hate lame dead fish OTPs.

    • @Mary Kay
      im wondering why youre not suggesting suzy?. i knew it. you are an anti suzy pretending to be a fan
      saw your post in JJH related article. pathetic. Fan of Kim Yoo Jung?

    • Opens the question about wether a mother wants to give birth if the baby can be a psychopath?

      I’m not sure how they plan to show that in the drama. Sounds heavy and controversial.

    • I’m a fan of Suzy though. It is just like I want to pair her with leading men other than LSG. It will be boring if she will be paired with LSG for the 3rd time. Duh!

  3. I like LSG in his every role..But when will he settle down to take some office related role. ?? He has yet to step in the shoes of a chabeol .. But already played a cop in his drama before military. Anyways will support him as usual.
    My choice for fl will be Han Hyo Joo. She has been away from dramaland for so much time. I mean one drama in the last 10 years??.
    She looks awesome in badass roles kicking @sses. Both are of the same age as well and have worked previously.
    Hope this turns out to be much better than Vagabond.

      • I know that she plays a spy in it. But it is an American series. I m waiting for her comeback in k-dramaland.

    • She’s got a film supposedly this summer to shoot. (No official confirmation for anyone yet but so far they are hoping to start in July, so I’m assuming it’s good to go for now.) Depending on when they start the drama, she could possibly be a candidate. She’s got the acting and action chops for sure. And they worked well together in their last joint project. And her fans would love to see her back in dramaland.

  4. song hye kyo maybe?
    since JJH is coming back at 2021 it would be nice to have these two
    extraordinary ladies back at once.

  5. Oh boy, I guess he fell in love with action/thriller eh. I was kinda hoping for a more lighted drama from him like MGIAG and K2H. But will still wish him all the best 🙂 Hope she gets a veteran female lead and great supporting cast.

    • True that.
      It would be really great if he could take a romcom or a lighthearted drama everynow and then.
      How.long has it been,well let’s just hope that this one will smash the rating!

    • oh no, kdrama is lacking good action dramas and actors who bring best of action scenes. JCW rocks thriller but he is taking role in romcoms recently and I really wish he goes back to serious plots, he so very suits better in that roles (not exactly action cause he said it affects his health) and same for LMH. PSJ is also good in taking off his shirt and punching but he keeps getting different roles and I cant say what role he takes – I hope he considers some actions for his future projects again -. Im happy LSG is taking actions ^_____^

  6. CJH is not really a good news, he collects bad dramas like Rugal and Last Empress, he was really not good. There were news about him and a zombie drama…

      • Last Empress had good ratings but for me it was really a bad show. The story was a big mess…

      • CJH is always overshadowed. Might be starting a fan war but meh, I’ll say it anyway: the guy lacks charm and presence. He’s really not male lead material whatsoever. Not sure why he’s getting casted considering he’s not exactly popular either. Oh wells.

      • Lol. I agree. SSK had more character development in his role and his character drew more the viewers in more than CJH’s character.

  7. what is the definition of a good female lead? Good= your favorite or somebody that you like? it’s subjective. lol

  8. For a second there I thought the title of this post was LSG confirmed for Police to chasing psychopath fans away! Hahahah!

  9. Is there even a love line in this drama? This drama does not sound like a rom-com. I prefer an actress who can truly act, not just a pretty face running around and selling PPL’s.

  10. Oh no, I wish this man would stop ‘acting’. When he is cast I don’t even give the drama a try. I’m sorry to say but he can’t act, he is not handsome-he looks like a chimp and his music is boring. He has some skill in variety. I wish he would stick to that. Give some real and unknown actors a chance please.

    • lmao funny enough he has several drama with the highest ratings and his drama ratings always top the timeslot it is in and has won acting awards lmao.

    • Omoooo look at this person calling names to one of the most talented actor singer and entertainer. Most of his drama’s have high ratings and it’s your loss not watching his dramas not his and he is the most handsome and charismatic actor in korea

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